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Does Belgium play a key role in my “Data Thriller Series” of the Spring 2016 Radioactive Cloud that No Media Outlet Dared Touch Upon?

“SPECULATIVE WONDERING-OUT-LOUD”  — [Edited on May 2, 2017] In no way am I accusing anyone of anything, though if there’s truth to my hypothesis, some high-up officials across Europe would certainly deserve to be arrested.  That there is an actual … Continue reading

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– Just for the Record – (EURDEP, 3 months La Belgique, Deutschland, Östenreich, Poland, Czech Republic, Iceland…)

April 29, 2017 – Colorado Rockies, 8200 feet altitude Cold, windy & a sprinkling of snow on the ground… Some sound tracks for the European radiation data further below…: DATA Monitor Location: BE35500 – BRAINE L’ALLEUD (Belgium) Data Prior to … Continue reading

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Austria Waves Its Magic Wand… : Evidence of Belgian Radioactive Cloud vanishes from EURDEP: “Nothing Happened at NTP-Europe in Fleurus, Belgium”

ATTN:   FANC (the Belgian supposedly independent oversight agency, “Federal Agency for Nuclear Control“, whom I’m jokingly giving the middle finger, because they deserve it;)   & Dimitri Wega This is just an addition to yesterday’s musings… The data for … Continue reading

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DISCLAIMER  April 27, 2017 Fleurus, Belgium, near the city of Charleroi is home to NTP, a major radioisotope producer:   It has permission from the so-called authorities to release a lot of radioactive byproducts into the air.  Whether or not … Continue reading

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Just Music

As if I were a music station… And the beat goes on…

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Locked My Car Keys Inside My Car… (EURDEP, 3 months)

And while I waited for very kind folks with the tools to swiftly break into my car, I sat at a bar waiting… which included a brief relapse into radiation monitoring land.  hence these few graphs: The EURDEP data was … Continue reading

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Transmissions Echoing Away…

Crestone, Southern Colorado – April 14, 2017 (Just a couple videos) … …….. ………….. Deep breath… Ahh…. ;-) ——————————- ………….. …….. … . . .

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