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Does Belgium play a key role in my “Data Thriller Series” of the Spring 2016 Radioactive Cloud that No Media Outlet Dared Touch Upon?

“SPECULATIVE WONDERING-OUT-LOUD”  — [Edited on May 2, 2017] In no way am I accusing anyone of anything, though if there’s truth to my hypothesis, some high-up officials across Europe would certainly deserve to be arrested.  That there is an actual … Continue reading

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– Just for the Record – (EURDEP, 3 months La Belgique, Deutschland, Östenreich, Poland, Czech Republic, Iceland…)

April 29, 2017 – Colorado Rockies, 8200 feet altitude Cold, windy & a sprinkling of snow on the ground… Some sound tracks for the European radiation data further below…: DATA Monitor Location: BE35500 – BRAINE L’ALLEUD (Belgium) Data Prior to … Continue reading

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Austria Waves Its Magic Wand… : Evidence of Belgian Radioactive Cloud vanishes from EURDEP: “Nothing Happened at NTP-Europe in Fleurus, Belgium”

ATTN:   FANC (the Belgian supposedly independent oversight agency, “Federal Agency for Nuclear Control“, whom I’m jokingly giving the middle finger, because they deserve it;)   & Dimitri Wega This is just an addition to yesterday’s musings… The data for … Continue reading

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It took the IAEA over 4 months to post this Halden Report (a Ramble MIX, with lots more EURDEP graphed radiation data)

This is a “emptying the draft folder” attempt: bunch of data I recently graphed (I pluck most of it of EURDEP (via ), and the string ’em together in 3 months per line, and then the next wifi opportunity, … Continue reading

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FR2044 -BA0KRS924MA_33_SIT_GM, (EURDEP, near Bordeaux, France, since end 2010)

  It’s a monitor just north of Bordeaux, France, near that ugly nuclear waste production facility, Blayais NPP.  Beautiful region, though… visited there with my family way back in the 1980s.   Small lakes, rivers, small picturesque towns, great food, forested, … Continue reading

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Iodine-131 upticks are back? (EURDEP, Eastern Czech Republic, Cs137/I131, 6 months)

Ostrava – Syllabova, (eastern) Czech Republic, Cs-137 & I-131, 6 months (3 months per line, most recent at end), my annotations added: In this specific I-131 record, 2 upticks stand out: that of mid-February 2017, and that of the past … Continue reading

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Amay, Belgium; ETC. (EURDEP, 3 months & some snippets from its past)

There are many others that show irregularities in the past 10+ days, such as this monitor @ Bitola, Macedonia, 3 months: Or these: Camborne, UK, 3 months: Talavera La Real, Spain, 3months: and that very “phenomenon” of data gaps amidst … Continue reading

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