EURDEP radiation data snippets (Domodossola, Italy; Kriva Palanka, Macedonia; Consthum, Luxembourg – 6 months / Lossiemouth, Scotland, 12 months / Kaltenengers, Germany, 21 months)

Crestone, Colorado – March 30, 2017

The I-131 uptick in Kajaani, Finland (see previous post) around March 5th, 2017 coincided with other ‘events’ in the radiological landscape, such as data gaps, that hint of ongoing cover-ups.   Nothing new.    Just more data ‘for the record’:

  • Domodossola, Italy, 6 months:


  • Kriva Palanka, Macedonia, 6 months:


  • Consthum, Luxembourg, 6 months:


  •  Lossiemouth, Scotland, 12 months:


  • Kaltenengers, Germany: This monitor’s record appears to have begun in August 2015 – 21 months: (final spike goes up to around 5200 nSv/hr in 2 data points)


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