Artificial Beta Uptick @ Braakman, The Netherlands (EURDEP, 15 months)

It’s pretty insignificant, but because its unusualness perhaps at least worth the mention.

Location of this most recent T-BETA-ART uptick:


  • T-BETA-ART and T-ALFA-NAT (“natural” alpha emitters just means that those detected ALSO occur in nature) @ Braakman, The Netherlands:  Graphed for the past 15 months (the T-BETA-ART uptick above the MDC of 3 Bq/m^3 at the very end); Also note the data gaps in October 2016):


For T-BETA-ART and T-ALFA_NAT to spike together suggests (to me, non-expert armchair commentator – see my DISCLAIMER) that the alpha-emitters are what would be called “enhanced natural”: radioisotopes that also occur naturally, but are coming from an artificial source in this case, at least partially.

It’s not a major spike (just barely registered, and left ‘non-validated (NV)’), but it is unusual for T-BETA-ART to surpass that 3 Bq/m^3 threshold at all… so…: perhaps it further suggests that the ‘fallout patterns’ seen on monitors across Europe are indeed thát; FALLOUT patterns.  This does not mean the origin of the spewing source(s) is in Europe, though, as jet stream winds can carry radioactive clouds across the entire hemisphere within days.



You can toy around with possible origins:,71.02,269/loc=3.700,51.300

For what it’s worth….

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2 Responses to Artificial Beta Uptick @ Braakman, The Netherlands (EURDEP, 15 months)

  1. Steve Callaghan says:

    Hi MVB,just saw a report on Veterans Today with ref to arms depot explosions in Ukraine saying at least one Nuke popped off,peace and thanks for the local photos-nice place, cheers Steve

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