Much-Needed Spring Snows (Couple Photos, Etc.)

March 28, 2017

The second half of “winter” [“what winter?”] was so dry and warm, I wouldn’t mind if it kept snowing until May, like two years ago.

Sunday morning (March 26, 2017) was a nice surprise of about 4 inches:


Watching the fog lift, as the snow melts away quickly:



Measurements from my MedCom Inspector Alert Geiger Counter (in vertical position, inside, by a window facing North-West, altitude 8,200 feet, 38th parallel, Southern Colorado) have been normal, and much lower than values seen in previous years, these days generally around 58 CPM (55-65 range) on 1 & 24 hour averages (fluctuating between 0.120 µSv/hr and 270 µSv/hr).  Haven’t noticed anything unusual the last few days.


And a couple from today (March 27, 2017):


More snow on the way! ;-)


And then there’s this (copy of one found in the Crestone-Moffat area) flyer… without a name or contact… some kind of “April Fools joke” (though so disgusting the joke’s lost on me), rumored (and recognizable) to have been authored by a retired professor, whom I’ve mentioned once before…


I’ll be taking his ponderings with more than just a grain of salt from now on.    ‘Oh the irony, though…‘  Reminds me of that famous quote by that mofo Lenin: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Well… I suppose it is one of the few benefits of living in a “free-range insane asylum”: some of my fellow residents’ behavior truly helps me feel “pretty sane after all“…   “;-)” “It’s all relative…”

Though the sinister mind control & electronic harassment research and PsyWar is real (see also July 2016’s Mind Control (a couple links)), the potential for just ‘spinning out’, especially when researching this mentally intense disturbing topic, in an energy vortex of sorts, cannot be underestimated either.   I’ve spun out on it myself.  No harm done.  It gets into another realm when (supposed-to-be-anonymous-I-guess) plastering public spaces with stuff like the above-shown….  That’s just my opinion.

Natural beauty aside, this is most definitely the most at-times-socially-awkward-and-challenging place I’ve ever lived in.  (For the worst cases, the details of which I won’t even delve into (such as psychos possibly afflicted with malignant narcissism,) it does truly get better when you find clarity about “when thís line is crossed ever again, I’ll call law enforcement”, getting the restraining order paperwork ready, sounding a warning, and getting armed to kill the potential assailant swiftly…


… Ah the peace at last.*  Lovely.)

From Sedona, AZ:

Meanwhile in the land of federal madness…


Cañon City, CO.  The blurry part read, “#OurPresident”

Craziness…     [And the windy season’s not even here yet! hehe]

——– ————- ———

* No one has been harmed in last year’s preparations to use legal and lethal force if needed.  All is well.
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