ENTIRE US EPA Radnet Shut Down

March 26, 2017

For the moment at least, apparently the US government has suspended sharing radiation monitoring data with the public…

!-> h/t NETC @ https://www.netc.com/inactive-epa.php


NOTE: When you read this, the “data gap” may already have ended.  Check it for yourself:

Online Radiation Monitors -> US -> EPA -> these two work well:

Weird… Véry unusual to see them ALL gone…   Already over 2 days…   No apparent on-ramp to a spike being data-gapped away.    Hm… Nationwide maintenance… (?) that would have been scheduled ahead of time… so without one word in the press… unlikely.  Anticipation of radioactive fallout about to affect the entire Northern Hemisphere?  Guess we’ll need to look at EURDEP (via http://eurdepweb.jrc.ec.europa.eu/EurdepMap/Disclaimer.aspx ) the next few days to look for signs of something coming down…

Couple examples with the onset of the network outage marked:

A year ago, most went “fallout blind” in the sense that they shut down Beta radiation monitoring (a much better indicator for artificial radiactive pollution than gamma radiation); See (May 26, 2016: Entire Western North America now “Fallout Blind” and May 20th US Radiation Monitoring Network Becoming “FALLOUT BLIND”)

I did not notice a significant uptick on my Geiger Counter’s 24 average this morning.  Went up just a few CPM due to precipitation, completely normal.  I’ll check it more closely this next week.   Reports may be added @ ENEnews’ FORUM: Post Your Radiation Monitoring Data Here.

No idea what’s up…

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