11 Sv/hr: Highest Radiation Level Detected from contaminated WATER Inside Containment Vessel Fukushima-Daiichi’s Reactor 1

NEVER FORGET that deception is the modus operandi of the nuclear industry.  The situation is undoubtedly far worse than makes it into the newspapers.

“It is true that part of fuel rod[s] may have been deformed or melting. But it is not a situation where [the] core reactor, the substantial part of [the] reactor, is melting down.”

Ichiro Fujisaki, then Japan’s ambassador in Washington, DC, on NBC’s Meet the Press March 12, 2011, when several spent fuel fires and 3 total meltdowns where already in full swing…

You can continue to believe the ‘experts’ and the industry’s entrenched military-machine-pushing ‘politicians’, the very ones caught lying, who got away with it…, but I don’t recommend it.

I remain of the opinion that something must radically change, hence I still Call for a “Reverse Manhattan Project” to Contain & Pacify the Radiation-Spewing Full-On Still-Fissioning ‘China Syndrome’ Ongoing Nuclear Catastrophe at Fukushima-Daiichi, Japan.  But what do I know…?  ;-/  Feel free to take everything I post for entertainment, as per my disclaimer.

For “blogpost soundtrack”, from the late 1980s, shared once before:

Strange, though:  Still years away from the Tokyo Olympics, and even with major PR firms involved, the news from Fukushima somehow doesn’t know how to get better, eh…?  

!-> Japan Times, March 22, 2017: @  http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/03/22/national/robot-probe-finds-lethal-11-sieverts-water-near-bottom-fukushima-reactor-1-vessel/


So much for ‘believing’…

See also this regarding Reactor 2: Feb. 4, 2017: 530 SIEVERT/hr, Highest Radiation Since 3/11 @Fukushima-Daiichi’s Reactor 2

And that with a (so far still-) failed ice wall, and some 400 tons of contaminated water STILL flushing out into the Pacific Ocean every day…  Haven’t heard much about Strontium-90 in awhile either.  Remember? (Sept 20, 2014): Strontium-90 skyrocketing in Fukushima’s On-Site Groundwater. German meltdown model that predicted this suggests worst is yet to come.

Hm… Where-oh-where could those missing cores have gone…? 

600 tons – poof – gone ‘missing’?  Like (June 26, 2016)  RT: Fukushima Still Fissioning, How did they get to “600 Tonnes of Nuclear Fuel Missing”?,…) 

Down?  A la (May 29, 2015)  Land of the Sinking Sun… ?   Could any of the cores still be fissioning, or going through phases with fission flare-ups, deep underground?  A la (Nov. 20, 2015) Debunking the ‘Impossibility’ of Ongoing Criticalities at Fukushima-Daiichi  Up?  Sprinkling the Northern Hemisphere with no end in sight?   I don’t know.  Various thoughts have crossed my mind.  Have fun exploring them:  I just updated my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.  (tons of graphed radiation data, mostly from Europe)

Back to entertainment it is, I guess… “;-)”

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  • Cesium-137 & I-131 @ Årland, Norway, 6 months:


Note that the reason the “data is out of range for I-131” is because the LLD (same as MDC) is significantly higher.  Also note that the Cs-137 was rising well before the spike that included I-131 in October.  What happened in the 3rd week of December, and where, which never made the news…?



How many major leaks at how many locations are overlapping?  Or is there a fissioning ‘spewing source’ somewhere (oh where-oh-where could this be?) that keeps supplying trace amounts…?


  • On “The Grey State”, etc.:

From the same (Christian fundamentalist-sounding) channel (“Watchman of the Harvest”), this one, shared before, has some equally ‘entertaining stuff’ in it too:

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See also (repeated as well, and more interesting, although the author (Juri Lina) can get a bit anti-jewish sounding at times, imo):

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Hasta La Vista, folks…  Nature photos are next.

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