Nuclear Blog Posts (“Archive”) UPDATED

In the top-banner (or in the ‘Menu’ on a smart phone) is the tab ‘Nuclear’, with the sub-tabs:

So it is that third one, which hadn’t been touched since last June (2016), that’s finally been updated.  It makes it easier to find older but still relevant posts, or to skip unrelated posts, if you would ever want to knock yourself out and check the hundreds of nuclear-related posts.

This blog is really just one giant data-splattered SIGH.

There are so many observations that point to an ongoing sophisticated cover-up that entails academia, the press and government complicity.

For instance… I only know of 4 times that short-lived Tellurium-132 was detected in Europe:

– After Chernobyl in 1996
– After Fukushima in 2011 (Iceland, Poland,…)
– April 2016 (Germany, 100x higher than in 2011)
– December 2016 (Norway)

And yet, we can only guess after what’s going on…  ;-/    A couple stories make it into the mainstream press every now and then, going without the in-depth follow-up investigations they begged.

How bad was (and is?) the situation at Halden’s research reactor, really?  Why do disturbances on monitors start so much sooner than the reported beginning of that incident?  How badly has Fukushima-Daiichi spiraled further out of control?  Have they figured out yet where the Iodine-131 keeps coming from?  Why were radiation monitors shut off during the Brussels Bombings?   How many serious nuclear incidents has France successfully covered-up?  On and on… More questions than answers…

I could keep doing this, and perhaps I will…


… and perhaps it’s not entirely a waste of time to strive towards a sane society.

But there sure are few signs that those in positions of editorial, executive and investigative positions of power are on board with this dream…


Nothing I haven’t said before.  So…

— Good luck to us all. —

—— —— ——

Some background music I checked out while I inched my way through updating the Nuclear Blog Post Archive…

Lux Moderna:



and some more Von Thronstahl:

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