Fagagna, Italy (EURDEP, 78 months)

March 24, 2017 – Finally some moisture: 

3″ fresh snow overnight, almost all melted away already

Near Crestone,  Southern Colorado, 8200 ft.

This monitor, feeding into the European Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP – See Online Radiation Monitors), came online in late September 2010, when fallout from a mystery nuclear accident was not over yet…  Reports of various past (some most likely major) radiological releases never saw the news light of day, but s are obvious in many pre-2011 multi-year data).  One of several possibilities is “The Chinese Meltdown at Daya Bay NPP in May 2010” , but that, too, is merely speculation given how the data is heavily redacted…


The onset of the Fukushima-Daiichi disaster on March 11, 2011 is visible the days after, but it takes “awhile” for all the fallout from 2011 to reach the ground, as is apparent from the following years on most monitors.  I think it’s quite possible but that the data gaps in following years are related to those spewing reactors.


Good example of a “baseline adjustment”:


I changed the peak value from 200 to 220 nSv/hr:


[Looks like I accidentally skipped a month here… ;-/ ]


Helsinki’s Cesium spike (“leaking package in garage mystery solved“), and then the widespread Spring 2016 event (see links in June 4, 2016’s Anatomy of a Serbian Data Gap + RT: Fukushima Still Fissioning!):


And the last 4 months:Fagagna_Italy_4mo_March23_2017

For what it’s worth, if anything

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