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Some people have been reporting some correlation between things visible on the public cameras pointed at the Fukushima-Daiichi disaster site and what refer to as ‘fallout patterns’ downwind on monitors in the US and Europe.

Added: HoTaters left a list of additional links under @ http://enenews.com/nuclear-investigator-worry-about-underground-explosions-at-fukushima-new-data-shows-molten-fuel-is-dropping-lower-each-day-melting-deeper-into-ground-under-plant-disaster-is-far-worse-than/comment-page-1#comment-828056

SOURCES for such TEPCO-provided Fukushima live streaming and archival footage (most first-hand sources require Adobe Flash player) include:

If there’s others, please leave a brief description with link in comments.  Tx.

I have not investigated this (yet?), but thought I should at least pass this vein of investigation along to y’all, just in case you didn’t know yet about that angle and feel inclined to take up the monumental task of viewing hours and hours of video, make event notes with exact times (note the time zone!), and then follow wind patterns and check monitors for signs of fallout reaching ground level…  Share what you find.

Long listed in Nuclear News list of links, among those are http://majiasblog.blogspot.com/ and the folks at Radlab.  Radlab (http://caferadlab.com/forum-18.html) and ENEnews (http://enenews.com/forum-fukushima-webcam-discussion-thread-new-april-2016) also has a page where observations are shared and discussed.

(Beware of trolls, though.  Disruption/diversion/frustrate campaigns appear to be ongoing.)

For an example of recent fallout events possibly having their origin at the Fukushima catstrophe site, I refer to Radlab @ http://caferadlab.com/thread-1912-post-3667.html#pid3667


For near-real-time online public monitors, I mainly use these (See Radiation Monitors for more):

For wind patterns at different heights:

Some additional sources to explore:


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3 Responses to Tepcams

  1. MVB says:

    From the added link:

    March 22, 2017 at 2:25 am · Reply

    Fire at the plant?


    Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish fog from smoke. Some of this steam/smoke had a lot of opacity, so it didn’t look like fog to me. How can we tell, when this is happening thousands of miles away?

    The music Nuckelchen uses is half the fun when watching his vids. After all, this situation is so bizarre it seems surreal.

    Having trouble finding the one where it’s clear the steam is coming from cracks in the ground. Others here saw it & can corroborate what the vid(s) showed. If I can still write to Nuckelchen, I’ll ask for a direct link.

    “Hell’s Kitchen,” think this is it:

    Some of the steam (above) appears to be coming directly fr. the plant & not from offshore.
    This last one shows as close as we may come to the original video. See camera on lower left.

    It gets really odd starting at about 4:15, and see what looks like ground-level smoke at 5:23.

    Wish I could do a better job finding the one he captured where it was really obvious steam was coming out of the ground.

    Looks like dark ground level smoke after 4:15. Bottom of the frame.

    Here’s another really odd one:

    Not Nuckelchen’s, but interesting:

    That’s all that can be found right nipow. Some really good ones just aren’t readily found right now.

    HT Here he is

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