Iodine-131 Detections @ CERN, Switzerland show “something’s up” for the last 3 years… What could it be…?

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Downwind, Planet Earth, Spring Equinox 2017

To quote a question from, who just announced what I announce a couple times a year (that I’m DONE writing about Fukushima – hehe):


I don’t know why either, but in this moment… for no particular reason, I think of Iodine-131 data from Switzerland:

From December 2005 till March 2011 (6+ years), there were FIVE I-131 detections at the radioisotope-specific monitor near CERN, Switzerland (just to pick one):  That’s less than 1 per year on average.

Then there was the onset of Fukushima-Daiichi’s ongoing nuclear catastrophe: monitoring was interrupted for weeks (’cause omission is a major part of the data game…)  and came back online March 26, 2011, showing a spike in 11 data points, gone after May 9th.  In the US, the EPA declared the situation ‘over’ and returned to “routine sampling” (aka “almost no testing”).   Here the quiet only lasted till August 2011.  Twelve validated detections of Iodine-131 from August 2011 till the end of 2012.  Some of it (in 2011) was quickly blamed on a Hungarian pharmaceutical leak, but as I’ve quoted just a few weeks ago (Snippets of Hungarian data, EURDEP, 15 months), the folks at the lab were convinced the detections across Europe included a secondary source, because they were too high to have come from them.  The matter was swept under the rug, like it didn’t matter…

  Back to the above-quoted I-131 data from a monitor near CERN:  A quiet lull… and then the MDC spikes in late 2013, and again in 2014. That very well might mean that THEY KNEW something was up and they did some quick tests (shorter sampling period, as well as the presence of various other radioisotopes can raise the Minimum Detectable Concentration).    Zoom-in of last few years:


Since August 2014, in just two and a half years, there have already been TWENTY FOUR I-131 detections.

Is thát part of why the mainstream media no longer “goes there”, since it is has perhaps become slightly more difficult to continue to ignore questions, claims and inquiries of bloggers who have been extremely alarmed for all this time?

I don’t know.  I just wonder.  What’s going on?

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  1. I don’t like I-131 at all… makes my skin all itchy.

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