Signs of Fallout Still Striking Western Europe…

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Note: If you like complete silence on the ongoing radiological situation better, then I suggest you move away from this blog, navigate to a mainstream news service, and enjoy the show they’re putting on thére.  For all others, some 3 months EURDEP graphs.

The not-always-officially-validated data was plucked off

For exact locations of monitors, see the coordinates under the monitor name.

Oh look: Luxembourg brought 2 monitors back online, clarifying the duration of the data gap:

  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 3 months:


Wonder what they were trying to hide?  How about this as a hint:

  • NO0KRS922MA_10_SIT_GM, Northern France, one of the Nogent NPP perimeter monitors:


That’s a beauty.

Other monitors around the same NPP show very little.  Though if you know what lower-than-normal values suggest…, there’s additional signs in the same period. Example:


Surely a very unusual amount of isolated “glitch dot” spikes in Belgium too lately, eh?  Another small one:

  • Kallo, Belgium (near Doel NPP), 3 months:


The data that Italian monitors spit out remains a winner, though.  How does one even interpret that sh*t?

  • Brennero, Italy, 3 months:


And from just outside of Europe:

  • Nidge, Turkey, 3 months:


  • Qaqortoq, Southern Greenland, 6 months, for the data gaps:



— entertaining the curious with radiation data since 2011… —


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