Imagine… It is Spring 2011… A blogger who looks at radiation monitors for signs of abnormalities looks at a monitor in Southern France…  And notices 2 short data gap.  He doesn’t know the first one is an omitted spike from the mystery nuclear accident of 2010. (Daya NPP in China (??), or who knows where…); The second one is the initial fast-moving radioactive Xenon-133 circling the globe, also omitted.  If the Fukushima-Daiichi triple meltdown had been more successfully covered up, it would seem as if nothing had happened, at least as seen from this gamma monitoring station…


6 weeks later a small uptick then in the 7th week a major data gap.  Odd. “Did something happen in France?“, he might have asked…


Couple months later, he sees a similar pattern: couple upticks, and a major data gap…  And looking at data from other monitors across Europe he gets the impression it’s NOT the nearest nuclear power plant.  It might be coming from the US or even further away.


That would have been “the situation” if that one had been kept a secret: Obviously ‘something’ happened, but what and where?

Fast forward to almost-spring 2017…:


In a nutshell: It’s TOO WELL-RIGGED to figure it out!

So… Practically no one heard about the Telurium-132 detection @ Spitzbergen, Norway in early December 2016, but everyone knows about the tiny traces of Iodine-131 in late January 2017…

Oh mystery. “Nobody knows” what happened. 

Some folks know.  And they know that if they speak up thís late after yet another covered-up major radiological incident, they might look ‘really bad’…  So why speak up?  And then deal with evacuations, the economic and social turmoil???  The blame games, the added stress… ?  God… One can almost have sympathy for their messed-up choices to conceal the facts….

THAT is why I insist on some reasonable kind of ‘amnesty for nuclear insiders who come forward with details of what is actually going down…’  A ‘truth and reconciliation’ approach, perhaps,  to help bring a peaceful ending to a horribly misguided nuclear era…

See also (Sept 12, 2016Calling for a “Reverse Manhattan Project” to Contain & Pacify the Radiation-Spewing Full-On Still-Fissioning ‘China Syndrome’ Ongoing Nuclear Catastrophe at Fukushima-Daiichi, Japan. and my reflections under (May 29, 2015) Kevin Blanch: This is a Fucking War!

We can dream…

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