fwewee (The Netherlands’ Trump didn’t win)

Alright, so Rutte won the Dutch election.  A Wilders win wouldn’t have surprised me, but I suppose things aren’t as bad just yet…

In the big picture, likely leading to a more sound governance, with continued open doors to EU partners in Belgium, Germany and beyond.  As much as I dislike aspects of the EU, still better than the dive into the antagonistic and isolationist alternative… imo.

From a Belgian source I check, “Foreign politicians call victory for Rutte a victory for Europe” (in Dutch):



Anyhow…  Not that I’m a big fan of entrenched eurocrats…

Kind of like how a win for Hillary could have seemed like “maybe better”…  (Especially in hindsight…)


See previous blog post for some interesting correlations between Wilders and Trump; and scroll back a few months for various snippets on Trump.  (Like how some Israelis consider Putin and Trump “Biblically mandated” to build the third Temple in Jerusalem… Some seriousely weird sh*t’s going down…)

Empire stays the course.  Just a small notch nicer?

No illusions…

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