Couple more EURDEPs


I wouldn’t make such a blanket statement. 

All depends on the behavior of the neighbor…

March 10, 2017

The last batch (hopefully for some time) of EURDEP radiation graphs.  Most data was plucked off on March 9, 2017, and strung together overnight.

If detections of Cobalt-60, Niobium-95 and/or Antimony-124 were to occur, do wake me up, though, ’cause that might peek my interest in digging a little extra into wind patterns again. 

My impression from pondering over the multi-month graphs is that when the Iodine-131 was detected across Europe, that that might have been the tail end of a fallout pattern, of which that Telurium-132 detection some 6 weeks earlier December 3-4, 2016 may have been closer to its beginning.  (See bunch of previous blog posts)

Anyhow, a few more graphs for the few caring souls for whom objective reality has not yet been demoted to the postmodern trash can…

First some with 3 months of gamma, then a few with 6 months, in no particular order:

  • Brize Norton, UK, 3 months:


  • Kefalonia, Greece, 3 months:


  • Corfu, Greece, 3 months:


  • Kaltenengers, Germany, 3 months:


  • Waldhäuser, Germany, 6 months:


  • Kicevo, Macedonia, 6 months:


  • Patra, Greece, 6 months:


———  ——— ———-

Too bad Sola, Norway (where Co-60 was detected in May 2016 in the tail of the fallout patterns that followed “the April Event” (which came with a Te-132 detection that surpassed levels detected in Europe after Fukushima)) stopped sharing its lovely data two months ago…

  • The past year+ of Cs-137 & Co-60 @ Sola, Norway:


An uptick of Cs-137 that also contained Co-60, part of the completely-ignored-by-all-media ‘April Event’‘s data thriller mystery…:


And its last data, as of checking on March 10, 2017…:


January, February, now March…   Hvorfor stillheten, Norge?

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