Monte Vista Crane Festival this weekend

March 7, 2017


!-> All about the event and surrounding activities, see


The Crane Festival is this weekend, just south of Monte Vista, Colorado (west of Alamosa).

To avoid the crowds, I decided to swing by early, as I knew they’re back, because I’ve seen and heard them overhead.  Like clockwork, such an amazing migratory bird…

Today made me want to return this weekend for one of the guided tours.  (I’ll see if it fits with the work flow.)  I would want to get there very early to witness their rumored-to-be-magnificent sunrise take-offs.

Anyhow, couple photos (taken with my light-weight pocket cheapo Nikon Coolpix S5200):


If you hang around a bit (or walk rather than drive the refuge tour), you’re bound to see some of their mating dances:


Up to 20,000 will be passing through the area this month…



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One Response to Monte Vista Crane Festival this weekend

  1. That looks amazing, quite a relaxing festival I imagine :D

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