Luxembourg’s Radiation Monitors Taken Offline…

It appears that way…

After reducing its network to just 2 monitors a few months ago, now, for what is currently over a week, there are no public radiation monitors left in Luxembourg, just north of France’s Cattenom NPP:


Some were turned of earlier, many this past autumn.  Example:


The last two to be taken offline were Consthum and the capital city of Luxembourg.

  • Past 3 months for Consthum, Luxembourg:


  • Past year for Luxembourg, Luxembourg  (data gaps highlighted)


Scrutinizing the times that nearly all monitors in the region of the Cattenom NNP in France were turned off shows massive data gaps on most monitors surrounding that nuclear waste production facility:


Only one monitor remained online in that area most of the time.  It’s a bit further from the NPP.  Here’s its past year:


There may be better ones. It’s just one I looked at.

No conclusions.

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