Tellurium-132 Detected in Arctic Norway (EURDEP, Dec. 3-4, 2016)

There’s a good chance that we’re dealing with multiple releases, making tracking the suspected “one source” near-impossible, especially given only having access to heavily redacted public data….  But this specific detection could be part of figuring out where a major release of artificial radionuclides originated from this winter 2016-2017.  Tellurium-132’s  is a major short-lived artificial FISSION PRODUCT, with a half-life of only 3.2 days, making it a tell-tale sign of a leaking ACTIVE reactor. 

Hat tipped to A.W. in the UK for finding this one:


Because Norway doesn’t ‘validate’ their data, the fact that it is listed as ‘NV’ (not validated) means nothing, except for deniability on their part.

Te-132…  Last detection I know of occurred in the midst of the spiking that surrounded “the April Event (2016)”:

For a flashback to that, see April 26, 2016: TELLURIUM-132 Detected in Northern Germany!) Other clues occurred around that time and in the following month as well.  (For a flashback to some highlight of that mystery nuclear incident/accident see July 22, 2016Fukushima-Daiichi having FISSION Flare-Ups? Saudi Arabia Test a Nuclear Bomb? A Major Nuclear Meltdown Cover-Up Somewhere? Which one is it???” and the links listed in June 4, 2016 Anatomy of a Serbian Data Gap + RT: Fukushima Still Fissioning!

Very clearly, there was a major nuclear incident / accident, massive release, or even a Fukushima catastrophe deterioration or nuclear bomb test somewhere.  No media outlet has dared to touch upon it…  (That too tells us something:  I-131 detection a month after the fact make it into the world’s major news outlets, yet telltale signs of a massive accident don’t…)

Then as well as now, this detection is a significant clue that the detected gamma (as well as alpha and beta) spikes around the same time were most likely not of natural origin.

Now… This latest Dec 3. – 4, 2016 Te-132 detection in Spitzbergen‘s otherwise pristine air (except for odd upticks in Pb-210) correlates with some spikes and disturbances found in mainland Europe that week.   I will be revisiting those and running some wind queries.

For the few fellow researchers still wondering about the Iodine-131 upticks in January, this could be related, so it’s worth revisiting…

Surface winds (click ‘Earth’ and navigate for higher air layers, etc.):,93.82,546/loc=15.400,78.200


Looking at the jet stream Dec. 3, 1200 UTC (2016):,76.67,546/loc=15.400,78.200 makes me think this is NOT coming from Japan, but perhaps more likely from Europe (anywhere), and this is after 1 cycle around the northern Hemisphere with fast-moving winds.   Turned a bit (annotated screenshot):,91.07,546:loc=15.400,78.200.gif

near-surface winds were very quiet, coming mostly from the south:


It may be possible to at least exclude a few possibilities.   (Possibilities include major issues somewhere in France…)

Couple week- and month graphs that come to mind:


Alright, the above was my quick post intro.  Now let’s see if anything more can be found out about where this may have come from.

Just a couple random queries.  Starting with a look where the wind was blowing in from at Ozd, Hungary, as that’s one of the most obvious ‘fallout patterns’:


Looking at other abnormalities that week, a pattern on the SouthWestern coast of Turkey stands out, also for coming BEFORE the Hungarian pattern, but following the beginning of the NorthWestern French data gap shown above… (though in Latvia, as shown in the previous set of posts, the disturbances appear to have an even earlier beginning, as as they spike later on):


The ‘validated’ onset on Nov. 29, 2016 @ around 7:00 UTC…

Even preceded by a major spike @ Aydin, Turkey @ Nov. 26, 2016 around 1800 UTC


(I know one could keep going that way, but somewhere something happened that lead to Te-132 reaching Spitsbergen, Norway by the end of Dec. 3 or early Dec 4, 2016…  So everything unusual in the 2 weeks before might be part of the effects of whatever happened…

That last one comes with an interesting wind pattern, with western European air blowing west to the Atlantic and curving back, both to the north and south to blow east,47.88,825/loc=27.800,37.800

And so forth…

So… given the fallout blows around and only settles when there’s precipitation…  The long-term patterns…  It’s been said before, but maybe that incident at the Norwegian research reactor was far more serious than admitted to… (Oct. 25, 2016 – Radioactive Iodine Leak Reported At Norwegian Nuclear Research Reactor)

But when browsing through the preceding blogposts, ‘something’ was happening throughout October… So…

I guess I’m going to have to leave it at this:  I don’t know…  I do think it is possible, with a lot of patience and a little luck, to find out where a radioactive cloud came from, but it’s proving to be beyond my capabilities once more. ;-/

——— ——— ———

[Last updated: March 4, 2017 15:30 Mountain Time (Colorado)]
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