And the Beat Goes On… Undoubtedly so for millennia to come…

(For now,…) I’m giving up on the search for the most likely source of the Iodine-131 detections across Europe in January 2017, the detection of Tellurium-132 in early December in the Arctic, the upticks of artificial Alpha- and Beta-radiation emitters in The Netherlands and Italy in December 2016, the upticks of Cesium-137 over Finland, etc… Various documentations can be found in the archives of January, February and early March 2017, and possibly releated data in tons of blogposts in 2016.  Maybe it goes all the way back to 2011…  I don’t know.

The graphed data and rambles illustrate once again that the official public radiation monitoring networks are  rigged when it matters most.  Widespread gaps hide spikes – we don’t know how high the worst spikes likely went,  what would be shown without the “baseline shifts” and other seemingly automatic data processing shifts which suggests algorithms are in charge; the danger-hiding lower-than-normal values,…  all these and more obscure the fallout realities that accompany the nuclear industry.

Something major went down this winter, that much can be said.  After “the April Event” (2016), it’s at least the second MAJOR nuclear release in less than a year.  AUthorities play dumb.  The distracted masses are too busy…   Where did the radioactive clouds come from this time? How many nuclear facilities are contributing to the confusing signals?  What happened where and at which times…?   Even with several people offering up many days of scrutinizing boring data… some wild guesses and speculation aside, no one in the general public can figure it out, it seems.  Not yet.   (Drop me a link in comments with your research if you figured it out.)
After over two months of “blog silence”, my “back by popular request” brief return to data crunching was what it was…  I suppose the effects of whatever it was have at least been documented a little better than in the mainstream press.  And it has only further underscored ‘the situation’:  When it matters, we’re on our own.   The government is aligned with criminal enterprises.  They lie.  They withhold information.  They distort and spew easily-digestible bullshit…
 Avenues to change the dire situation appear to have evaporated…  
Same old, same old…
Perhaps until the next whiff… 
Hasta La Vista – Peace out.

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3 Responses to And the Beat Goes On… Undoubtedly so for millennia to come…

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  2. I know, it is like a combination of a mystery & banging your head against a brick wall. As long as the media of courtiers ignores the issue & the retinue of scientists are silent on the matter then achieving anything like awareness or a path to a solution is impossible. They should just never have been built in the first place & there is not a lot we can do about that now. It’s good of you to keep track of the data and publish analysts of the ongoing event, but I know that it drives you nuts. I would suggest that in order to keep being helpful and ensure there is a discoverable public record of these matters, then whenever there isn’t any repeat of the ‘press coverage/denial/ignore’ pattern all that is needed is a quarterly short summary to say “it’s still going on, it’s still being ignored, here are a few data highlights” the rest of the time continue working on that radiation shielded colony & archive down near Antarctica :D Did you ever read On the Beach by Nevil Shute?

    • MVB says:

      Tx. I’m leaning toward a regular update, even just “this month in radiation data land” sorta thing, with some Standard Deviation highlights and 3-month graphs. It has driven me nuts, but at same time, I kinda enjoy the detective work too. It only gets maddening when I find and compile very tell-tale signs of something major having happened, and not one journalist with serious exposure delves into it.

      Don’t know On the Beach. Will look it up

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