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March 1, 2017

I pluck ’em off the sites (mostly EURDEP), and process ’em later (making .gif screenshots of 3 months (or 4 or 5 sometimes in case of long data gaps) per line) – It takes time, but when my next wifi opportunity arises (like while doing laundry at a laundromat with wifi…), I get the chance to share the snippets.  Very limited but it could all be part of solving the mystery:

  • Hradec Kralov – Piletice, Czech Republic: Cs-134 & I-131


Repeating the last 3 months, but with the details of high values in September 2016 shown (note the adjusted y-axis values!).


–> Were those some kind of radioisotope-specific calibrations?  What was that?  A major release, detected, reported, not validated, not a word written about??   It coincides with the Sept 1 disturbances and data gaps found on various monitors.  They’re officially all “not validated”, but they’re quite high and last for 3 weeks, followed by a month data gap…  Another one (of many) worth looking into more.  The next such similar uptick I thought was just a calibration, but who knows…:


A look at another Czech monitor, just gamma:

  • Olomouc-Sjub, Czech Republic:

Starting with a 2011 flashback:  a spike within 1 week, a typical fallout pattern, of the erratic kind with lower than normal values, a data gap, with longer data gaps following much later…  2011-2012:




Starting in late 2014, till the end of Feb. 2017:

olomouc_sujb_czechrepublic_3mo_feb28_2015olomouc_sujb_czechrepublic_3mo_may28_2015olomouc_sujb_czechrepublic_3mo_aug28_2015olomouc_sujb_czechrepublic_3mo_nov28_2015olomouc_sujb_czechrepublic_3mo_feb28_2016olomouc_sujb_czechrepublic_3mo_may28_2016olomouc_sujb_czechrepublic_3mo_aug28_2016 olomouc_sujb_czechrepublic_3mo_nov28_2016 olomouc_sujb_czechrepublic_3mo_feb28_2017

  • Kajaani, Finland: I-131 & Cs-137:





  • Komotini, Greece:


-> Remember: these mystery detection amidst spikes and many data gaps are nothing new.  You can find plenty of examples even from before 2011.  The spike flanked by data gaps here coincides with a Ruthenium-103 detection in January 2016 by Norway.  Included in (May 4, 2016) HIGHEST SINCE 2011: Cesium-137, Ruthenium-103, Tellurium-132 (early 2016)  Below: “The April event” is quite pronounced here as well.

komotini_greece_3mo_may28_2016komotini_greece_3mo_aug28_2016 komotini_greece_3mo_nov28_2016komotini_greece_3mo_feb28_2017

  • TN0KRS921MA_84_SIT_GM, in the Rhone Valley of SouthEastern France:

Starting out with a flashback to 2011: uptick within 48 hour, short data gaps 5 days after start of Fukushima-Daiichi catastrophe:


The first 6 months:  spikes after over a month, major data-gapping begins here in June 2011:


That just to give an idea of the time frames we need to look at when investigating radiation releases about which the “authorities” don’t feel like giving details.  Same monitor from Jan 28, 2016 till Feb 28, 2017:


Did something happen in France?  It could be interesting scrutinizing France a bit more for the first 4 months of 2016…  Both the early March 2016 weirdness and the onset of “the April Event” are omitted entirely at this monitor.


Another major data gap follows a few weeks after a spike with baseline adjustment, omitting late September 2016 into mid-November 2016:


That’s it again. 

Vlogger/Blogger Arclight2011 thinks the Iodine-131 came from a Hungarian medical isotope plant.  (There are many more, though, including in France, Switzerland, and both at Fleuris and Mol in Belgium various medical isotopes are manufactured, but that aside.)  It’s a possibility, but I am not confident to point at any particular source yet.  I don’t even know which continent the source is on…

It would take a lot of time to go over all things pointed out in the video and elaborate on where I may agree or disagree.  Not feasible without internet at home, for now…

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3 Responses to Snippets from Data Land…

  1. The sad part is that this will all seem so trivial once one of those gigawatt boilers in India or China blow up. In the mean time, I’m still scratching my head about these mystery releases before the current one (well documented by you months ago, Michael). I’m on the fence about Arclight’s Hungarian plant suspicions, but mostly because we have no idea what kind of releases these places are capable of. I’m disinclined to believe they would intentionally produce that much I-131 at once – there’s absolutely no need for it. They produce tiny mg-sized batches a week, not one-tonne bubbling vats of this stuff that could accidentally be released. Still, they’re never going to have to explain themselves to the public, so Arclight may be right.

    Why do I feel like a rat chasing its own tail every time this happens? And when do I get my reward cheese?

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