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Riga, Latvia (EURDEP, 6 months) + wondering about Halden, Norway

Adding to the observations of the past 10 days.  Apparent ‘fallout patterns’ can be seen on selected monitors in Europe.  Another example from checking EURDEP (via their disclaimer @ ) on March 31, 2017: Riga, Latvia @ Rupniecibas Street, past … Continue reading

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Artificial Beta Uptick @ Braakman, The Netherlands (EURDEP, 15 months)

It’s pretty insignificant, but because its unusualness perhaps at least worth the mention. Location of this most recent T-BETA-ART uptick: T-BETA-ART and T-ALFA-NAT (“natural” alpha emitters just means that those detected ALSO occur in nature) @ Braakman, The Netherlands:  Graphed … Continue reading

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EURDEP radiation data snippets (Domodossola, Italy; Kriva Palanka, Macedonia; Consthum, Luxembourg – 6 months / Lossiemouth, Scotland, 12 months / Kaltenengers, Germany, 21 months)

Crestone, Colorado – March 30, 2017 The I-131 uptick in Kajaani, Finland (see previous post) around March 5th, 2017 coincided with other ‘events’ in the radiological landscape, such as data gaps, that hint of ongoing cover-ups.   Nothing new.    Just more … Continue reading

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Kajaani, Finland, I-131 & Cs-137 via EURDEP, 6 months

3 months per line, as checked on March 29, 2017: The I-131 uptick at the end of October 2016 and the beginning of November are most likely from the Radioactive Iodine Leak Reported At Norwegian Nuclear Research Reactor, which also left … Continue reading

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Radnet Update 3.29.2017

March 29, 2017 On March 23, the ENTIRE US EPA Radnet [was] Shut Down.  Data flow has been returned to all but 10.  From what I’ve checked, some left a data gap, some returned without data lost, and some show some … Continue reading

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Much-Needed Spring Snows (Couple Photos, Etc.)

March 28, 2017 The second half of “winter” [“what winter?”] was so dry and warm, I wouldn’t mind if it kept snowing until May, like two years ago. Sunday morning (March 26, 2017) was a nice surprise of about 4 … Continue reading

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EURDEP (4 monitors, 3 months)

Just a couple I looked at yesterday and put together overnight.  Together with the graphs in the past week, it definitely gives the impression that something’s up.  What that is…? Tell me…

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