Fallout Patterns Stretch for MONTHS+ (A EURDEP Data Ramble-Mix)

Meanwhile… the hunt for the source of the latest radioactive clouds over Europe and elsewhere continues.  Speculation all over the map, from Norway to Russia to Japan and everything beyond.  (See some links via ENEnews Feb 25, 2017, “Officials warn mysterious radioactive cloud is spreading — Authorities ‘baffled’ over release… “Could indicate leak from nuclear plant” — Particles “very radioactive”” and other posts and comments from around that time.

Some Graphs from EURDEP (and by now I hope it goes without saying, but check EURDEP’s disclaimer and keep in mind that not all data has been validated; and my disclaimer: I do not claim expertise, nor authority over these complex and often slightly confusing matters.)


They say “Iodine-131 detected across Europe”, adding “most likely a Pharmaceutical source”, dropping some “hints”… [but are they???]   “Arctic Norway, Poland, Eastern Europe”… and dumbfounded we all start looking at the month of January, wondering, WHERE?  Thát uptick in mid-January, was thát ít?

Here’s where I’m inclined to take it.  I’ll illustrate the gist with a scribbled-on 5 months radiation graph from a monitor in Croatia:


See, if a nuclear accident is not right in your backyard, the fallout that travels further is the stuff that makes it all the way up into the upper troposphere, where it is transported by the jet stream.  It can fly around the planet many times before affecting ground-based monitors.  Weeks, even a month or two can go by before the bulk of a large release hits the ground.  And the rest can take years.

So you can have a radioactive cloud fly overhead, many times, for weeks on end, with monitors and air samples taken at ground level not or barely showing anything unusual.  Then suddenly -poof!- some tiny traces appear.  Oh mystery…  The nuclear establishment can pretty much tell us anything by that point.  A “venting of a research reactor”, “some pharmaceutical plant probably”, maybe a small clandestine nuke test,…  Whatever.  

Because of how they’ve lied for decades, you pretty much have to assume that they might be lying again, blowing smoke, deceiving us, in some way or another.  The folks with access to all the detailed data from planes, satellites, all the dispersion models, etc… they know.  It’s borderline absurd how they’re playing dumb.  They would know within days at the very most EXACTLY where this came from.

But anyhow… subverting democracy one lie at a time has been their modus operandi all along.  And until they include transparency and integrity into their priorities little will change.  And so I find myself in another spate of pondering over heavily redacted data… AS IF it were possible to figure it out…  Join me in this ‘fun waste-of-time journey…’

Remember last year, early March 2016, the Fins measured this crazy spike of Cesium-137 in Helsinki.  Monitors all over Europe were showing disturbances -…up-wind too, how odd…- data gaps all over the map, Cesium upticks in Czech Republic and far-northern Finland…?   Remember?

How could you remember, unless you followed my blog.. ;-(  The media focused on the Helsinki part ONLY, and ignored all the rest.  It made me doubtful about the way they explained the spike away with: “some very localized package in their garage”.  End of story.  The entire surrounding mystery of widespread upticks across Europe…? Like it never happened.   Go through it, check the data in this and preceding and linked-to posts @ March 9, 2016 Helsinki Cesium-137 Mystery solved, But Greater Mystery of widespread Radiation upticks Remains…

And then a month and a half went by.  And KABOOM:  The largest Te-132 measurement since Chernobyl 1986 is detected in Northern Germany, much higher than detected in Europe after Fukushima’s catastrophe began in spring 2011.  All kinds of spikes, data gaps, and curious detections, even including (oh mystery.. where could thát be coming from…???)  Cobalt-60, followed in its wake.  NOT ONE mainstream media outlet bothered to blink an eye.  Just a dead stare, like reality no longer matters. … Something…

(The resulting disillusionment has been part of why I turn my blog off sometimes, for the hell of it, makes no damn difference anyways.  As far as I’ve been able to ascertain, the situation is thát dystopian.  Please, anyone, prove me wrong…   /   So, until that shift occurs, the situation is just freak’n sad: apparently journalists and politicians don’t mind sucking up to the nuclear cartel’s dictates.   “Nothing happened.”   “Okay, no story then.”   The free world… destroyed.  I’m slow at adjusting, I guess…, ’cause every now and then that still bothers me…)

I’ll illustrate my little theory with a couple graphs (most of it shown before in various blog posts)

Here’s the past year at Salaspils, Latvia, where the fallout pattern showed up most clearly in spring 2016, but little showed up this winter.  As Helsinki pulled off their Garage nothing-to-see-here hokus-spokus, this monitor shows (March 4, 2016) what I call a “baseline adjustment”.  It gets adjusted again in mid-April when an apparent “fallout pattern” begins to show extremely unusual upticks.  Here’s the past year in 3-month segments:





A minor uptick in mid-December, but the rest were minor ripples and data gaps.  (Not sure if the uptick in early February 2017 is a baseline adjustment, due to snow melt, or due to radioactive cloud effects.)

Now, a little more inland @ Jelgava, Latvia the monitor barely noticed this major event in April 2016, but just  recently it did, almost as if they switched the decay energies these two (clearly awesome) monitors are attuned to…  The same past year for that one:





This time the major spiking with extra-high gamma values occurred in early January 2017, immediately followed by a data gap during, again, the very period that supposed “pharmaceutical leak” occurred / was detected.   

ARE YOU SURE thát’s all there is to this???  [sarc.] 

Shame on me if I’m wrong, but I think they’re lying.  My impression is that this has been blowing around, maybe since October 2016, or earlier.  IF, big if of course, this is coming from Fukushima-Daiichi’s Cauldrons of Hell, then it would imply a significant fission-flare up.  (Another possibility is that they’re setting off explosives, perhaps even mini-nukes, deep underground to rip the molten blobs apart to stop the fission flare-ups.  I mean, -and of course I’m just rambling, pondering, wondering out loud, but…- entertain a worst-case scenario, and then try to stick to their (pretty narrow) paradigm for coming up with “a solution”… try it.  Not that many flow charts of options, if you can follow my wondering… )

Anyhow, as far  as “the nuclear scoop” we’re being served, I think they know better and are working from a sophisticated deception playbook.  Works for most.  Doesn’t work for me.  Must be lovely in that mainstream bubble… 

Some more data to stare at…  ;-)

Far northern coast of France, (The French give their monitors sci-fi “robot names”…)  Coastal Normandy, starting in Feb. 2016, 1 year, 3 months per line:


–> Shortly after the Helsinki whatever-that-was, there’s data gaps in the second half of March 2016.  As “The April Event” is in full swing, little shows here, but when the bulk of the fallout comes kissing Europe’s soil, the French get to guess how the data gap ought to be interpreted…   

/   continued…  More ‘disturbances follow later in May and June, as is apparently how it goes with planetary-traveling fallout:



So… At the very end of November SOMETHING is obviously ‘up’ (well, it’s made its way down, in fact).  WHEN it went up… and FROM WHERE it took off… thát is a lot harder to figure out with ONLY (and redacted at that) ground-based monitors…


A look back at Fukushima, just for context.  That something MAJOR happened in 2010 has been pointed out here a-plenty.  It might be why some Pacific die-offs started “strangely before” the Fukushima catastrophe.  This French monitor is still in mostly data-gaps mode when Fukushima strikes.  I guess they re-calibrated and started “afresh” by March 17, 2011:



And then… How long before “the bulk of the fallout cloud” actually reached ground level?   This next one actually shows 4 months, with one event-less month skipped:  It took 2.5 months at this monitoring location.  That’s on the coast.  Inland it often takes less, due to air layers mixing more.  And what do we get to see?  Almost nothing:


It goes on like that for months…


And eventually baseline shifts and data gaps become ‘standard’ for awhile…


That just to illustrate my hunch:  You have to look at the fallout patterns over multiple months for the short term, and multiple years for the lingering effects.  We’re likely dealing with a mixture of both, ánd quite possibly dealing with a leaking source that has no end in sight just yet, and that may even be experiencing “the impossible“.


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