Baby Steps Towards A Multi-National Bolshevik World Order (Duginism, Trump & Putin’s Love Affair with Zionist Israel,…) – Another Ramble MIX)

This is a self-censorship GLITCH.  And these are NOTES, not conclusions.  Back then, in those bygone days it was allowed ánd safe still, I was merely “pondering out loud” while admitting being rather confused.  These notes were meant as bread crumbs to what may eventually lead me to get a better grasp on the international and geopolitical situation, dynamic, and likely roadmap.  [This blogpost was published privately and made public in 2018 Left as-was for entertainment purposes only…]








End of January 2017…

Another crazy month comes to an end…


Screenshot from below-posted video


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“It is important to provoke all forms of instability and separatism within the borders of the United States. It is possible to make use of the political forces of Afro-American racists.”

~ Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin, Russian political scientist, nicknamed “Putin’s brain”, Head of the Department of Sociology of International Relations of Moscow State University, leading organizer of the National Bolshevik Party, National Bolshevik Front, and Eurasia Party, fan of Donald Trump.

Sources: https://catcher in the lie ; ;

Before I return to ponder ‘the Trump Regime’, first more on this Russian ‘political philosopher’, Dugin, and his views… as I think it’s relevant









–> Mr. Dugin claims that Western society moved from archaic to modern, with the peak of modernism, summed up by having reason and will, being characterized by individualism.  And then the West evolved (or degenerated) from modernism into postmodernism, in which the subject self-destructs towards the loss of his subjectiveness.   “[…] under postmodernity, the entire program of enlightenment is subject to decomposition. […] It is a huge postmodern program, which seems from an archaic, religious standpoint to be pure and absolute satanism, you know, without nuances. And in fact, it is a kind of Anti-Christ society that the west is building. […]”

What is meant by Russians somehow “lacking reason and will” is explained in the first half of this video by Michael Millerman, a Canadian whose parents left the Soviet Union, who studies anti-liberalism and Dugin in particular:







(h/t )

So, if I got this, basically it means that rationality and science aren’t being applied to everything in Russian society.  There’s still room for spirituality, esoteric knowledge, intuition, superstitions,…  The West has applied scientific rationality to all aspects of life, including religion, making the latter fall to the wayside.  Putin’s Russia is resisting that, so the narrative goes…  The video is worth watching for all the other stuff in it.

Western liberal democracy is opposed by most Russians because it has tried to export itself, through ideological propaganda wars, often violently, imposing its values upon all.

Then (in the first video) Dugin lays out the choice for Russia:

“So, that we [Russia] are not headed there [in reference to ‘postmodernism’] , on the one hand, is good. But to not go there is not necessarily the same as to go in the opposite direction. But the rational choice remains not to go nowhere, but to go somewhere–  either into modernity, and then into postmodernity– into the abyss–as the liberal suggests, the consecutivist modernist (and indeed, on this path now stand the Russian people, who are subconsciously extinguishing the flames of modernization) OR, we transition into a conservative revolution”

-> Could a Trump version of this be… that the so-called forgotten people of rural working class America are subconsciously extinguishing the flames of post-modernism and trying to transition into a conservative revolution which calls on mainly “archaic” values of family, nationalistic patriotism, dogmatic organized religion, racism, xenophobia, territoriality, while promoting a nostalgia for the time rugged gun-toting individualism and innovation drove America into its modern heydays?  That period of transitioning from an archaic agrarian society to a modern industrial one, which was marked by gross injustices, slavery, vigilante justice, genocidal conquest into Native American territories, massive environmental destruction, but without all that came later (laws to protect the environment, human rights, compromise politics, emancipation of minorities & women, etc.).  I suppose that’s the whole idea behind “Make America Great Again” in a nutshell: Revel in a past (some point in the 19th century perhaps) that once benefited a white middle class and elite, glorify a very narrow understanding of that piece of history, and subsequently (to make it not sound utterly insane:)  ignore everything that was wrong with that society.  Dang.  Is that what he’s doing? 

Dugin continued (re. the transition into a conservative revolution): “But then we’d have to go all the way and say that the entire program of enlightenment, and not just its postmodernistic outgrowths–ALL of it–is fundamentally and profoundly mistaken, as the true conservative believes. Everything in religion is in fact good, and we must move back toward our traditional system of values, consciously, consecutively and intelligently, …having thrown to the dogs the program of modernity.

Having also disposed of all the endless cliches about development and technology, about democracy, admitting that all of it is terribly mistaken. This is just as radical, if not more radical, than the idea of modernization.  We, then, are kind of stuck in no-man’s land: we are being pulled toward doom, but if the west is headed toward disaster by its own will, then we are being swept into the same abyss by the whirlpool that it has created. […]”

-> I would call that a cop-out: Russia blaming “the west” and its “post-modernity” for similar challenges, but the west is somehow doing it all voluntarily and Russia is somehow a victim of the west’s influence.   And talk of “our” values fails to acknowledge that we live in a society full of people with both shared ánd different, even contradictory, values.

But what is clear is that Putin’s Russia has become closer to resembling a more Tsarist political system, including closeness to the Russian Orthodox Church and its values, [at least in theory as far as values goes, ’cause they do possess nuclear missiles, not exactly a Christian values thing…] possibly similar to how the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church teamed up for purposes of conquest and imperial repression.

That’s what I’m seeing shaping up in Trump’s first week in office: one executive order after an another, as if he’s an emperor and representative democracy has effectively been discarded, while he plays the religious card.  Probably why he picked Pence as VP to begin with.


Dugin further claims that in Russia postmodernism is merely ‘an imitation’ of that which appears in other societies where modernity started, ran its course, and was superseded by a new epoch, and that Russia is actually only now approaching the first stages of modernity.

Then he also says something very strange:

“Russia effectively demolished the tenets of tradition, without building in their stead the structures of modernity.”

I suppose he’s referring to the time when the Bolsheviks defeated Tsarist Russia and began the experiment in totalitarian collectivism that shortly after became known as the Soviet Union.  Starting with the assassination of or removal into gulags of dissident intellectuals, priests, critical journalists, etc., the Soviet Communists eventually even literally physically demolished thousands of churches, the tenets of tradition were indeed eradicated.  It’s not like they somehow forgot to build the “structures of modernity”.  They build a military-industrial police state in which individual voices were kept down through harsh repression if the voiced deviated too far from the party line.  At least that’s my impression from reading about the Soviet Union.

Honestly, I think the way Dugin is framing Soviet history is appealing, but basically misguided revisionist nonsense.  It’s too flat, it lacks critiques of the Bolsheviks, fails to mention the freemasonic lodges that supported the Bolshevik revolution, the financial support from Wall Street bankers.  Why the omissions?    I’ll continue with the above videos, but I stumbled upon this perspective, from   I still don’t know what to make of this Khazaria theory (See the alternative media outlet, Veterans Today, on “the Khazarian Mafia”, for some basics), but, if it’s not part of a divide-and-conquer show, maybe some of these right-winger folks are onto something (?)…:

https-ukrainiancrusade-blogspot-com201411alexandr-dugin-is-weapon-of-zionism-htmlAdd some of this and it can make one wonder…:






And this one from 2016…:




Add some Middle East politics to the confusing mix…:





Alright, sorry for some of these videos contained some of the same clips, but that probably suffices to sketch some aspects rarely explored on mainstream TV, at least not in compilations like that.   You get the idea.

Back to Dugin…

Individualism (with reason and will) is of all times, including of course Tsarist Russia.  The Communists’ repression became so extreme that the Soviet Union could not survive, they could not even get its industry to function properly without (mostly carried out in secret) American support, including military assistance during WW2.

(Documentation that backs this up can be found in the references of the books ‘Under the Sign of the Scorpion’ and ‘Architects of Deception’ by Juri Lina, which delves into the role freemasonic lodges played in 20th century history; and perhaps bits and pieces in ‘Wall Street and the Bolsheviks’ by Antony C. Sutton [ which I haven’t read yet].  Most academics ignore that vein of exploration, probably because of the very successful PsyOps that attached an air of unscientific stigma to all inquiries into the Illuminati and other freemasonic politicized lodges.  Dugin remains suspiciously silent about all of this too…)

According to Dugin, the people of the former Soviet Union / or at least current-day Russia, “were never able to form the “subject,” that which is filled with reason and will, and, more importantly, which acts upon that reason and that will.  Of course there were elements of this in the Bolsheviks; in Peter the Great; in the Old Believers, who, indeed, in the midst of a Christian, conformist society, exercised their reason and will by proclaiming, “We believe such and such…” Of course, they were oppressed for this, burned, punished, but they nevertheless stood their ground.  And it is this ability to base your judgement upon your own reason and will, that in Russian culture is practically non-existent. […]”

->  To me that sound like total hogwash.  Bullshit.  Sure, there were elements of ‘reason and will’ in the Bolsheviks, “but they were not oppressed for this”?  They were the oppressors!!  They were basically terrorists and the attempts to stop them from toppling the government failed.  Thus the Bolsheviks, the leading core of which was some 85% Jewish, with all key leaders members of freemasonic lodges, very quickly became far more oppressive than those, mostly Christians, aligned with the last Tsar.  The reference to Peter the Great… not sure how to read that, ’cause his men weren’t exactly “burned and punished” for expanding and modernizing Russia either. In this context it seems equally weird

But anyhow…  I’m not a historian and never been to Russia.  And I don’t care which genetic pool key players in the elite come from.  Unless, of course,… it IS a factor.

Now, IF Trump actually subscribes to a similar worldview as Netanyahu, Putin and Dugin…, then a major aspect of his presidency will be social engineering, but of the reverse kind:  How do you shift an overall culture away from a liberal democratic free and chaotic postmodern world towards one where you end up with a conservative dictatorial repressive orderly archaic-almost-modern one?

Welcome to the approaching new form of some kind of  ‘Soviet Union’, a full-fledged totalitarian police state, but with an indoctrinating (and intentionally partly confusing) mixture of right wing fascist elements ánd labor-supportive left-wing sounding elements, wrapped in engineered nationalistic patriotic cultures of large regions (“America”, “Eurasia”,…)…  Add some EMPs to get us back to the pre-electronics age if so desired…

Some more snippets…



The circled linked-to YouTube video that delves into some Jewish beliefs some more…:




and also (excerpt #2):


Crazy stuff… ;-/  It puts the Saturday Night Live (SNL) sketches in a different, light, doesn’t it?  Like they’re getting something, but if they really ‘got it’, they wouldn’t be trying to make Americans laugh with it…

http-www-slate-comarticlesnews_and_politicsforeigners201411vladimir_putin_chabad_what_s_behind_the_russian_president_s_close_relationship-html“…a branch of Judaism based in part on a rejection of modern society…”

To close…

Via Catcher in the lie, this on ‘Duginism’:  “Russian ideological subversion did not end with the fall of the USSR – it merely changed its approach. Aleksandr Dugin’s “neo-Eurasian” ideology is now targeting impressionable minds of the far-Right in particular – but also certain corners of the far-Left” –>  @


That’s it for today’s mega-info-crunching…

The future that’s shaping up quickly…

If I let my imagination run wild…

It’s going to be horrendous, but so slow-motion and confusion no meaningful restance will even have a chance to take root.  Trump knows it doesn’t matter that people have guns, as long as they’re confused.    Give it some time, but I could see it by the time he’s in his second term:   Migrant farm workers will be deported, explained otherwise but meant to create an agricultural crisis that will force “postmodern people” back into the fields purely to be able to survive.  The important work will thus be done by desperate domestic workers.  Various desperate situations will be engineered (or result from brain drain, manufactured or somehow ‘encouraged’ epidemics, or (less likely – people are too sedated) civil war) through major disruptions in the highly efficient current food & goods distribution networks; regional famines may be forced upon certain regions; artists, especially from the music/performance world will be hunted down if they fail to create more “uplifted conservative-values-reinforcing” art, examples of postmodernist art will be destroyed; LGBTQ rights will be erased and violent bigotry ignored;  print, radio and TV media will become state-controlled (and perhaps more centralized) again and outlets deemed “fake news” or “degenerate/deplorable” shut down;  dissident intellectuals, journalists and bloggers will be further marginalized.  If they/we find ways to become meaningful, rather than a marginal side-show of utter irrelevance, then I suppose we would be assassinated, deported, drugged into submission and/or used as forced slave labor.  Officially it will just be accidents, suicides, sudden illness and unexplained disappearances.  People unaware of the realities beyond the available media will be essentially clueless.  The rebels trying to reach out will be perceived as winged nuts, people who forgot to take their meds, maybe spies or infiltrators, ‘bad hombres’ for sure,… . The southern border will resemble a medieval walled fortress; democratic institutions and most forms of ‘checks on the balance of power’ will be demolished;…  How Canada will be absorbed into the NaDu (National-Duginist) Empire of Trumpism & Putinism, uniting North America, Eurasia and possibly the former Commonwealth, is yet to be seen. The operation known as ‘Brexit’ might be part the preparations.  The fooled team pulling of this ‘cultural revolution of sorts’ will genuinely believe they are “making America great again”…

“…Eurasia had always been at war with Oceania…”

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One Response to Baby Steps Towards A Multi-National Bolshevik World Order (Duginism, Trump & Putin’s Love Affair with Zionist Israel,…) – Another Ramble MIX)

  1. MVB says:

    I was sent this counterpoint: Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia

    Point well taken. There does remain indeed that sliver of hope, amidst pushing nuclear power, comparing Lenin to Jesus, opposing the take-down of statues of genocidal commies, sucking up to Israel and the Saudis, etc. Hard to think that’s all “facade”. But perhaps much of it is more strategic than meets the eye, playing on factors that cannot be easily dismissed within Russia, just like Trump is smart to surround himself with military brass and playing on the results of decades of “patriotic” brainwashing…

    Putin’s New Promise: ‘I Will Defeat The Illuminati’

    Hard to tell. Hence I call it notes, not conclusions…

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