On them ‘US Regime Change Uncertainties’… (Ramble Mix)

Disclaimer These are NOTES, not conclusions.  I’m merely “pondering out loud” while admitting being rather confused.  Even when this blog is returned to public visibility, it doesn’t mean I vouch what I thought at the time of writing.  I’m merely concerned and not clear yet about what is ‘the truth of the matter’.  It FEELS different than under the neoliberal regimes of the past few decades (of which I wasn’t a fan EITHER.)

Friday January 13, 2017 – These days I drink my coffee black.

Posted privately during the silent grey period

Ah… to hell with cynical commentaries on the cruel joke of the veneer of democracy “our” (shoved down our minds) misguided deceptive killing machine of empire comes wrapped in…   Looks like forces are gathering to get us kids to color within the lines again… 

Relatively, A HEAT WAVE, with above-freezing almost every day:


Added: An example of how quickly the forecasts shift, 24 hours later: likelyhood of snow for Sunday has increased:



Etc.   And then when the storm actually hits, we’re lucky if we get an inch…  (At least in this high dessert, the passes, peaks and ski resorts get plenty.)

On a véry happy side-note:  the snow is coming with fresh bobcat tracks lately! :-D 


Mreow!  – Image of bobcat: Wikipedia Commons

——- ——- ——


Before the bombing commences“, blog in ‘radio silence‘…


…First my “site identity” just said that I had terminated this blog “for personal reasons”, then it stated that it was due to “US ‘regime change’ uncertainties”, then that I was “in retreat”, and now it says nothing/


In this blog post, I’m taking some notes for future reference on what I meant by these ‘uncertainties’…

 (It goes without saying, but:  Given the fact I no problem admitting that I’m actually quite confused about what to make of Trump & Co (vacillating all the way from horror that he may be a Bolchevik in disguise, or corporate totallitarian populist, like some kind of Nazi or Fascist, who will unleash a reign of repression against everyone who wants nature and all people and kin to be treated with respect…,maybe even a nuclear war with China by way of sucking up to Israel in an anti-Iran rampage… …  …to wondering if they’re pulling of an unbelievably crafty deception to overthrow the lying violent neoliberal world order… ???)), this is merely a glimpse into “my mind”, and may have no bearing on reality whatsoever.  Also “subject to change without notice.”   See also my DISCLAIMER.)   

People who’re all-out excited or all-out horrified about the Trump electoral college victory amaze me.  My first gut reaction was, “Oh God, this could get véry ungly véry fast”, but… still… as far as I can tell, the picture is NOT that obvious.   I’m not alone in my confusion, although for some it is for reasons I’m only delving into because it seems to be part of the puzzle to understand the approaching Trump Regime… 

One thing is also not to be forgotten: The GOP establishment selected Donald Trump as the presidential candidate, and the establishment, mainstream media included, was ‘somehow’ unable to stop his rise to power…  That tells me, circus show aside, that this more than likely is going exactly as intended… 


And thát is part of why I’m concerned… ’cause then it’s also likely that supposed “radical leftists” (of the highly organized but contrived stripe, from seemingly ordinary left-leaning progressives to self-described communist, to anarchists, etc. … [I’m referring to de facto “political special forces”, basically] with men and women who are well-trained in swaying large numbers of impressionable (usually younger) people towards certain behavior, as well as away from certain inquiries…) that these will create an antagonistic dynamic so powerful that enough people show up, to, by consequence, create the cover for those agitators and swayed masses to end up doing really stupid stuff… possibly during Trumps inauguration or in the first few weeks thereafter. And that with equally indoctrinated (but conditioned differently) people on the so-called Alt Right ready to react to that… 

If it suits the agenda, violence will be part of the spectacle.  If the plan includes a nation-wide wave of extreme repression… then the “Left-wing” violence will be amp’ed up to extreme levels, so as to make “the response” look ‘provoked’, ‘called far’, ‘necessary’, etc.  

Added:  Global Research touched on the very same matter with this article, http://www.globalresearch.ca/color-revolution-against-donald-trump/5569300, from which the next two videos.


The Revolution Business, 2011 – Consultants are helping people countries like Ukraine and Egypt build a foundation of knowledge in order to start revolutions:

NO PEACEFUL TRANSITION  #DisruptJ20: Call for a bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, 2017: “On Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President of the United States. We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies.[…]”:

Now, the so-called right-wing appears better organized this time, and far better armed to bout.  The very same outlets (Infowars, Mark Dice, Lisa Haven, Dabhoo77, etc. etc.) that don’t question anything about Trump are now doing their part in actively creating this “popular uprising” narrative. 

An example (with the PsyOp operative Mike Adams of Natural News doing most of the framing here.


And again… flashing cross hairs over the President Elect…  wtf.

If you clicked through that and watched the video, as well as the video referred to by Mike Adams (see “Former KGB Agent Explains Why My Blog Is Pointless. (1985 Video)”), then I hope you see the irony of his little rant related to what is “all part of the plan”…  Everything on the left is part of an evil plot, but the supposed Alt-Right is entirely independent and just well-intentioned patriots trying to stop a commie coup… (Right…?)  The lefty alternative media is totally infiltrated, the right-wing one, not?  Democrats evil, Republicans saviors…  These Trump-pushers are not one bit less delusional than the riled up so-called Lefties.

From the video with Mike Adams above, about 9 minutes in:   “This is exactly the playbook… it’s a blue print … for the globalists… they’ve been following it for decades… […] and now Trump has thrown a wrench into the machine. … And they cannot allow that to happen.  Because they almost had it.  if they could just have Clinton elected, they could have continued this… to stage… to stage all the way through stage 3, crisis, and then stage 4, normalization…. where we would be basically a totalitarian, socialist or communist regime, fascist regime really, run by the political elite with subservient obedient masses who worship Hillary Clinton as a goddess…  we were so close to that happening   By the way they would have gone through and arrested and executed most of the independent media journalists at some point in Clinton’s first term.  That’s all part of the plan.  You can read about it, that’s exactly what they do. … ” 

Although I distrust this self-described über-confident “Health Ranger”‘s ‘Natural News‘ site because of various deceptive and outright erroneous elements in his coverage of Fukushima nuclear disaster, and wonder if (suspect that) it’s one of the many ‘controlled opposition’ outlets (many have suggested the same), nevertheless I found Mike’s whole rant (posted Jan. 10, 2017, click above link or screenshot for YouTube video) actually worth listening to, partly for exactly that reason:  The more intelligent, or at least more intelligent-sounding, commentaries on current events are generally found away from the mainstream, written by alleged ‘independent journalists’ of the ‘alternative media’, where various pieces of history are mentioned to put certain developments in perspective…, such as touching on bits of suppressed history, like the Bolshevik genocide, yet omit other things.  Apart from some unfortunate missing nuances (such as throwing socialism, communism and fascism all under the same bus of evil totalitarianism), almost everything he says about the radical Left sounded spot-on, especially the warning about the DisruptJ20 tone:  “Every time the radical left starts to talk like this, they are about to try an assault on the system…

But what he and all similar narrative-pushers are ALL apparently failing to see is that the so-called “patriotic” far-right-wing / pretend-Republicans they’re very actively propagandizing for is very much PART of creating the very dynamic that LEADS this polarized nation towards ‘crisis’ that will just-the-same demand to be ‘normalized’. 

No word about that there’s no guarantees when the new establishment turns repressive (of course framed as self-defense against communist extremists in this case) that those who were useful in launching the regime will be spared, and certainly no guarantees that this new government will not turn fascist / totalitarian itself.  

What the criteria might be for ‘assuring your own safety’ is anyone’s guess.  That’s what makes this approaching trump regime so scary.  It can go ANY direction.  But who can possibly be so certain that a cabinet of billionaires, oil and Goldman Sachs folks, full of pro-Zionist-Israel military generals, at the controls of a vast surveillance system, nuclear-armed and with the world’s most powerful military at its disposal… on the eve of major financial upheaval… is somehow going to safeguard civil liberties, protect the environment, prevent international tensions from spiraling into wanton destruction, AND create more as well as more meaningful dignified employment, promoting harmony and health???   

Oh, right… as long as the flag’s folded nicely…  Nothing else matters…


The gist is this: (since the days of Andrew Jackson probably, and certainly not since Woodrow Wilson “accidentally ruined the country” by approving the federal reserve…) in my view, No one gets to be president of these United States of America UNLESS it fits in the long-term plans of ‘the shadow government’.  Maybe there’s competition in the landscape of shadow governments suddenly.  I doubt it, but it’s not impossible.   But, unless extremely powerful blackmail was used, I think no one gets to be a major presidential front-running candidate unless one is on board with one or another track of specific military, economic, psyop and monetary policies that is supposed to be followed. 

As far as I sense, this ‘shadow government’ goes a lot further than what can be found about the ‘Deep State’ in mainstream media.  It has esoteric occult depths, where few dare to thread, and fewer can see clearly…


I suspect the ENTIRE media show, including (or perhaps even ESPECIALLY) the majority of so-called alternative outlets, function as a distraction, and much worse: they mend the opinion of millions, though many (perhaps most) people within these “media” organizations are not aware of how far the deception (he one they’re under and/or pushing) goes and are simply going through the mind-controlled motions with the best of intentions, I fathom. 

Many actors, especially in the so-called alternative media landscape (take your pick from the PropOrNot list) may not be aware to which degree they have been mislead and may actually be acting as-if-genuine.  But the key players that get tens of thousands of views within less than a week…  They’re fake.   They’re means towards an end that they say nothing of… it could even be exactly the opposite of what they seem to espouse.


As an independent blogger, on my own, on the edge of a rugged wilderness no less (kinda symbolic at this point…) without a reliable support network, in an alienating community where denial, make-belief, and facebook usage remain rampant and often come wrapped in New Age ideology, or “spiritual” beliefs of whatever stripe…  it is too daunting to aim to communicate perceptions about ‘the situation’.  And given the relative isolation, to some degree just the given context, to some degree self-imposed in response, it’s too time consuming to sort the bullshit from the gems in the media landscape. 

a9cddf5641f86f1294a335ceb9c6f731.jpgTeaming up with others has lost its appeal after seeing increasingly more clearly how far the ‘consensus trance’ actually goes, how so many lack even curiosity, as well as discovering how deceptive ‘change agents’ can be.  Discerning those who are genuine, serious, caring, respectful of boundaries, careful, humble and álso of an uncompromising warrior orientation is a rather tall order in this era of universal deceit…

Nowadays, especially in the past few months, my research has suggested that “the rabbit hole goes WAY deeper” than I was so far willing to go.  It makes the ongoing Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe just a spec of dust in a all-encompassing sand storm.   Staring my own brainwashing in its blinding eyes leads into territory I don’t believe I can bring up anymore without facing dangerous hostility, as well as predictable ridicule and various negative labels. 

The alternative media landscape, where no one seems to ever bring up that sometimes you have to remain silent to remain alive, creates a very false sense of safety.  They don’t touch on some aspects.   They appear fearless, as if protected… perhaps because they are.   History has shown that some madness may get enforced from the barrel of a gun…


The information I would have to delve into to explain my changing views would not be accepted by many, perhaps most of my audience, as well as friends.   So, I’m not going there. 

This blogpost aims to remain just a superficial ramble of sorts.

First some more ‘entertainment’ (ignore the title):

This anti-democratic elite cabal is suspected by many (and documented by a few researchers) to be steered by an extremely secretive and cunning cult, operating through various freemasonic / illuminati lodges, councils and related secret society operatives, all of which combined constitutes a de-facto NWO. 

Given this machinery’s apparent refusal to completely abolish nuclear weapons, habit of covering up most nuclear accidents, and still push for more nuclear reactors, and support horribly destructive wars and unlawful ‘regime changes’, my overall impression of this cabal is negative.  Because of past actions, often in stark contrast to far more inspiring speeches by top officials, I consider this NWO a secretive, deceptive, destructive, anti-enlightenment ‘dark force’ influence.  I’ll change my views if I come across evidence that warrants that.

More introductory snippets…

seclorumAs it states on the federal reserve’s One Dollar bill: ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’, often translated as “New World Order” (NWO) would be better translated as ‘New Worldly Order’, or “Order of the New Age”, gives a better clue about their intentions.   Latin Seclorum, as in ‘secular’, originally in opposition to the despotic “The Church (of Rome)”, but increasingly apparently just as much in juxtaposition of ‘divine’ or spiritual. Or as in “generations/age”.  See also the dictionary insert, above.

I consider it impossible to make sense of the Trump (s)election without delving into perspectives far broader than the left-versus-right stupidity mainstream and so-called alternative outlets are framing the recent alleged political shift in.  And I say ‘alleged shift’, because as far as I can tell the road to what’s ahead has been paved in executive orders (EO’s) for decades. 

Trump’s sneer at CNN today (“You’re fake news!” see all over the place, like here (links to compilation of clips @ Infowars, a source I consider ‘controlled opposition’, although Alex may be serving as such not entirely intentionally) was actually right-on:  CNN IS ‘fake news’, and has been, like ALL mainstream media since at least the 1930s, with various shades of grey all along.

The history books I grew up with was/is full of propaganda, mainly through omissions and biased perspectives, all because the victors (of WW2 especially) wrote the history that suits them, to the point they could get away with it.  And in the few cases where scrutiny would too easily debunk certain claims, they’ll even pass laws to make very specific opinions or mere expressions of doubt literally illegal (such as questioning the exact Jewish death toll of the Nazi concentration camps.  “Go figure…”  Like the anthropogenic signal in climate change.  Questioning verboten / אָסוּר ). 

Regarding CNN, Obama even made a joke about it at his last “and perhaps THE last” White House Correspondence Dinner :

That entertainment angle aside, you have to look at the history of masonic scheming, including the Lodges’ roles in fomenting both horrendous world wars and several ‘revolutions’ (French, Belgian, Russian,…), and especially how that all ties in to the banking world, as well as the regime of post-WW2 Palestine, audaciously labeled ‘Israel’ (Land of G-d), as if this schemed artificial imposition of a nation-state were somehow more ‘holy’ than… than Belgium, for that matter. 

(To me Zionism appears ‘racist’ for favoring one religion over all others in an area historically inhabited by many faiths and people, but the ADL gives it this spin: http://www.adl.org/israel-international/israel-middle-east/content/AG/inaccuracy-zionism-is-racism.html)

Now… kinda have to look at this can of worms because of Trump’s close ties to far-right Israel.  The announced plan to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, and make it Israel’s official capital, may not be a minor detail in their scheme.  It could signify the triumph of the forces of deception over ultimate truth and as such, by extension, over the potential of every human being to become who one was born to be:  free and independent, and by the merit of this creating the conditions in which one and all can realize one’s true nature, and find one’s unique expression of this divine spark, and thus reaching increasing levels of enlightenment, ultimately culminating in Christhood / Buddhahood.  Most so-called Christian churches I’ve been exposed to, including the Catholic sect I’m most familiar with, spew dogma that is ultimately disempowering, very unlikely resembling what Issi/Jesus taught.  

THáT potential, true divine ‘sovereignty’, when realized in an embodied manner (not merely intellectual cognitive or in a make-belief dreamy way) appears to be the target of the Occult Shadow Government / NWO / Illuminati’s sinister war.  

The core key reason that genuine truly effective spiritual teachings would be targeted is simple: spiritually realized people, those who attain ‘mastery”, cannot be controlled.  They can be killed physically, but not controlled.  And here’s why that matters to the so-called elite in power:  You can’t run a de facto slave plantation with masters as subjects. 

Hence the efforts to corrupt spiritual paths through 1) the dominion of organized religions that disseminate a mixture of helpful as well as disempowering dogma, 2) various sects and cults that have flaws (illogical contradictions that demand blind faith, etc.) built into their teachings and devotional practices (including promoted docility and wrong views surrounding the architecture and semiotics of modern fiat currencies);   3) the promotion of a “humanistic” atheistic worldview that outright denies our human potential.  The end result is primarily ‘heightening confusion’, and guiding those who go seek clarity to spent a lot of time wasting their life on dead end misguided paths. Some, perhaps all, of the myriad spiritual outlined paths, traditions and teachings may be helpful to a point, but it appears that most, perhaps even all at this point, end up being self-sabotaging for attaining enlightenment.

The sinister cabal’s goal appears to be returning the global political landscape of humanity on Earth to a more blatant form of feudal dynamics, overseen by an invisible cabal, pitting people against each other, making sure the grand majority of ‘we the people’ remains or becomes mentally and/or physically incapable of coming to grips with the situation.   Without a clear understanding of the various aspects of the imposed situation, confused about spirituality and ignorant about history, as well as thus lacking relevant focus points to direct attention towards, meaningful rebellion becomes impossible.

Strong beliefs about a better spiritual reality in some not-here-and-now distant or approaching future result in “linear-time-trapping” one’s spirituality.  Conventional linear-time interpretations of a prophesied ‘second coming’ (a Christ-like figure, or a “Maitreya” (the Tibetan-Buddhist equivalent), or what not) defer responsibility for one’s awakening to someone else (a “Messiah”), and into a make-belief future. 

It’s possibly the same for the Luciferian doctrine, but I still don’t feel like I have a handle on that path.   Lots to read up on and ponder over… http://www.whale.to/c/luciferian_doctrine.html

“The Trump Regime”, as I dubbed it early on when having a look at his first wave of cabinet picks, could turn out may ways.  Good outcomes are possible too, very good ones even. 

But the cabinet picks (especially when considering the D.C. motto of “personnel is policy”) and various past statements by Mr. Trump have caused me to assess ‘the situation’ as consisting of such a wide spectrum of possibilities that it includes a few *totalitarian nightmare scenarios*, all of which have generally been considered implausible to occur in the USA.  I’m thinking of severe repression, something so far only radicalized activists have endured (since WW2) under programs like COINTELPRO ((such as members of the American Indian Movement (AIM), the Black Panther Party, Puerto Rico independistas, Earth First!, etc.).

There’s one dynamic in particular that appears to be in the early stages of moving forward.  It would include taking the contrived so-called left wing versus so-called right wing polarization to its inevitable repressive consequences.

And them “repressive consequences”…  Well, it all depends on how far they’ll take it.  Trump’s aligned with Zionist Israel, wants to expand the military, would not shy away from military confrontations with anyone, including Iran, North Korea or China, etc…  That wall “to keep the Mexicans out” may just as well serve to keep Americans IN.  Populist sentiment can be turned towards whatever goal, but the main objective may just be to have a civil war and reduce the US population.  That’s why he likes more people to have guns: so we can kill each other with them.  The country’s so divided that all talk of “for all Americans” is hollow bs.  Maybe for all, but a large number will need to be killed for there to be actual ‘unity’.  Which camp would they kill?  Anyone who’s not on board with their agenda, that’s who.  So, that could very well be me too, ’cause I may be white, I’m not Jewish/semitic, I dislike the US empire, and have expressed left-leaning and anarchist opinions.  Add to that the fact that I live in an area where the spiritual centers are increasingly Jewish-controlled… and you know what time it is:  If you’re not willing to be a slave, to play a part in THEIR plan, which is certainly not “God’s plan”, then death is what they’ll have in mind.   It’s possible it will get that bad: massacres, provoked clashes, widespread violence and stupid “spiritual” folks playing their part to keep people delusional and confused enough to remain incapable of getting organized.   We’ll find out soon enough.  But for the time being, my blog will remain invisible to the public… until I have a better grasp on where this regime is heading…

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