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Just Chill’n

…with some deer:

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Let it Snow!

Crestone, Colorado – Wedn. Dec. 14, 2016 Been unusually warm so far this December, with not yet much snow, even higher up… ‘Real winter’ is forecast to start soon. ;-)

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38th Parallel

Moffat, Southern Colorado – Dec. 12, 2016 As I live at this latitude, every time I drive north I get to see a map of Korea… Some other locations along this latitude: Full Moon rising over the Northern Sangre … Continue reading

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Hungary (3 monitors, 3 months, Eurdep)

(Just thought it “interesting” how down-drops and upticks can be so seemingly correlated.  But I won’t get into it… as it’s been done before (effects of Beta emitters on gamma monitors, etc…), and “those in charge of oversight and safety” … Continue reading

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