Belgian Nuclear Security Compromised through G4S ? (w/ radiation data from Ciney, Belgium (EURDEP, 9 months))

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(It will take some time for folks to wake up to the emerging reality, but the United States as an experiment in  quasi-democracy has essentially been suspended…) – Nov. 25, 2016

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Three parts to this post:  First Ciney, Belgium external outdoor gamma radiation data (via EURDEP), and then two Flemish daily news pieces (from ‘De Morgen’), related to the Belgian nuclear power scene… with extremely troubling details that recently surfaced.

  • Ciney, Belgium:

No idea if there’s a connection with events nearby, but the monitor @ Ciney is just a 23 mile  (37 km) drive from the micro-cracked Tihange NPP.   I already noted the disturbances of late in a few previous posts.  Here’s the past week, with the relatively very significant spike on Nov. 20th, and with the all-too-typical omission (Data Gap, highlighted below) after what looks like the on-ramp to a spike, which we’re not allowed to see how high it went:


  • Ciney, Belgium, 9 months:




  • In other news from my native home country, the slow-motion nuclear disaster called ‘Belgium’…

Via the daily Flemish newspaper De Morgen: @  (in Dutch) screenshot excerpt translated below:


I would translate this as follows [with my inserts for clarification]:

“What Electrabel is doing is beyond shameless.”  FANC admonishes Electrabel Top in letter.  [Photo: Philippe Van Troeye, CEO of Electrabel]

In two separate letters to the CEO of Electrabel and of Engie, the head of the FANC [= Belgian nuclear watch dog, headed by Jan Bens, former director of the Doel NPP] expressed concern about “troubling results” that surfaced in regards to the safety of nuclear power plants and the lax manner which which Electrabel handles the situation.  This was reported in the Belgian French language daily La Libre today.”  

The article then goes into the discovery that a mere fire at the facility carries the risk of escalating into a full-blown nuclear disaster, and such.   Lovely.  That’s “safe nuclear power” for ya… 

Why this even more troubling than at many other nuclear facilities is the fact that Belgium’s NPPs are located in one of the densest population regions of Europe, making large-scale evacuations nearly impossible.  See also my post from 2014 @  Nuclear Power Company ELECTRABEL chooses to gamble… Belgium and surroundings

Another article, from last week, is striking for a very troubling aspect:  (Nov. 15, 2016): (in Dutch, but translation here below).  More details @ De Tijd, but one line is found in all of ’em, with going into details: “[…] De audit wees vooral op het feit dat een onderaannemer van het Amerikaanse bedrijf dat de toegangsbadges beheert, over alle nieuwe veiligheidsplannen van de sites beschikt, en dat “zonder het medeweten van Electrabel”. […] ”  Roughly translates to:

“The audit particularly pointed out that a contractor of the American company that manages the access badges obtained all new security plans of the site, and this occurred without the knowledge of Electrabel.”

Which American company is that?  G4S. 

PR aside, some describe them as such:

http-www-waronwant-orgg4sThey run nuclear security now too…

Same situation in the US, via US News, June 13, 2016:


Feel free to connect some dots with stuff found in the ramble, (Oct. 26, 2016) A Mix of Fact & Fiction: EURDEP graphed radiation data, Daesh, the Brussels Bombings, LDH, ETC.

Are we watching a globalized amoral shadowy mafia utterly erode what was left of democracy and the free press…?   Same troubling circus has been going on for years.  Why?   Radioactive clouds drift across the planet and no one knows where they come from…  On and on this has been going…   Away from some obscure data exchange platforms and nearly irrelevant marginal blogs, most never even makes the news.  No one in any position of power lifts a finger, why?   Because they know there may be an invisible button above their fingers…?

Quite the blackmailing power the NWO Shadow Government now has over nuclear nations and all of us downwinders, eh?

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2 Responses to Belgian Nuclear Security Compromised through G4S ? (w/ radiation data from Ciney, Belgium (EURDEP, 9 months))

  1. Steve Callaghan says:

    Wow,upon reflection unsurprising and breathtaking at the same time! Mortality is tenuous,stay safe.

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