“Told You So!”

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”   – Joseph Stalin

 (Note:  This blogpost was written in early July 2016 in the assumption I won a bet with friends in Belgium (that Hillary would win), and was scheduled to appear 1 minute after midnight (’cause that’s what time it has been for awhile now…) on Nov. 9, 2016, the day after the US Presidential Election show… (When the final count is unlikely to be in yet.)   Of course if my prediction turns out wrong, this will look pretty silly. ;-)  )

Wedn. Nov. 2, 2016 – I decided to publish it a week early instead:  For your entertainment.  ;-)  Rest of blogpost left-as-was:


May I present to you: [drumroll]  President Hillary Rodham Clinton!  …so boldly deceptive and cold-bloodedly hawkish she’s allowed to lead the schizoid War Party!  [cheering crowds, balloons, red-white-and-blue confetti ! …]

Did you like the show?   Good past three months?  Captivating, yes?   Fell for it to the point you went voting?  Good dog.  

In case you’re excited “a woman won”, her victory pretty much translates to this:    Empire Will Stay The Course! 

Never-Ending Wars, Economic Uncertainty, Dollar Devaluation, Market Manipulations, More Nuclear Waste & Fallout, Return to increasingly ‘Feudal’ International Political Dynamics, More Secrecy & Deception, Ever-More Sophisticated Ways to Manipulate People’s Opinions, Preferences and Feelings (or lack thereof), widening class divisions…

4th of July, 2016 – I just posted the Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights & Later Amendments, and thought I’d make a little prediction of how the US Presidential race will further unfold.

I think it will be Hillary versus Trump, and Hillary is scheduled to win.   See, in “my crazy world”, the purpose of Trump getting the nomination will be to create a captivating SHOW, with Hillary, who I’m sure will get the nomination shortly as well (just to alienate the majority of the Democratic Party who prefer Bernie Sanders), suddenly seeming to be the somehow more sane candidate.

Right-Wing Populist Fake-Christian Trump can go all out for full entertainment value.  In my view of “how things actually are”, these clowns have all been picked by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and/or other top secretive and heavily masonic-infiltrated puppeteers.  Why?  Because the purpose of these elections is not to choose the government democratically.  Its purpose is mind control, and particularly the project of demoralization and, of course,  “divide and conquer”.  The point is to get people to the point of not being interested in politics anymore, to the point that extremely immoral acts orchestrated out of government no longer get a meaningful public response.   I think that’s their goal. And so far they’ve pulled off one hell of a job!

Obama was quite the disappointment, right?  Who could be the biggest disappointment WINS.  For a disappointment, high HOPES are what counts most.   Trump can almost not disappoint people who’re aware of the history of demagogues.  He’s too much of a text book example.  A super-rich dude fighting for the working class.  Give me a break.  So, as far as I’m concerned, a vote for trump is just an anti-Hillary vote, a false anti-system vote perhaps, but not a vote of HOPE for the better, imo.

IF (big if…) if trump is ACTUALLY GENUINE… then he definitely has to lose (from the conspiratorial vein of thinking I’m entertaining for my bet), because that would validate people’s hopes, rather than torpedo them.  And he actually COULD be genuine.  Here’s a clip from 1988:

Yet, “perhaps” due to a biased mainstream media (rather often overtly pro-Hillary, I’ve noticed, also in Europe)… most of the world expects a fiasco from Trump by now anyhow.  My guess is that he wouldn’t have the maneuvering room he wished for and quickly the whole presidency would turn into something a la Berlusconi in Italy or so, at best, where he’ll set up his own FOX-like TV, with lots of pretty eye candy and spectacle, and entertain the hell out of the public.  Sorry to say, but I think the most you’re gonna get out of this billionaire is more spectacle.  And further militarization (for wars to be fought later…).  And sucking up to Israel some more.  And a scene more similar to Russia under Yeltsin, with moneyed corrupt oligarchs running the economy even more than is already the case.  Bye bye EPA and labor standards… Trump, when given carte blanche, might actually pull off to utterly destroy the United States, not unlike how the Soviet Union was destroyed.

I don’t think that’s for thís round yet.  Next one maybe.  (Trump does have potential to be the ULTIMATE disappointment, though, at least to his followers, so there is that bit of a possibility… It would be ultra-twisted…  I think FIRST getting a Hillary in (gun confiscation and all? -hehe), and thén an all-out fascist Trump reign as the final chapter in USA history, at the onramp of what by then will have spiraled out of control into a no-longer-proxy-‘WW3’… is far more likely to be the preference of the elites’ shadow government steering this dark-sinister theater of operations.  (And thén it might get REAL ugly. ;-/ )

Clinton can first further alienate the Russians & China, keep a derivatives bubble collapse at bay for a few more years, and then Trump can be given a second chance, with an even worse socio-economic mess to tackle, including restoring international relations and -by then- help them “end WW3”, which -of course- will never really end, just like WW2 never really ended.  The end result will be a true NWO, implementation of Agenda 21, a completed high tech surveillance and MK grid, digitalized money, etc.).

I think Hillary will get one term, and perhaps she won’t finish the four years, for whatever reason(s).  All hell might break lose within a few years. Perhaps even an EMP- or nuclear-type of “9/11″…   That seems to already be in the works.  I suspect they have a flow chart of options ready.  Trump’s just not the guy to ride that scripted storm, imo.   Most of the world is not very aware of how corrupt the Clintons really are, and how dangerous her foreign policy stands are, and how she’s not been a champion of civil rights, etc..  I think she has more potential to disappoint.

And thát’s why she’s now the Commander in Chief of the worlds more powerful military.

Cheers to the cast of the most sinister tragicomedy well-performed…

Maybe Trump will get an Emmy Award instead?


– — — ——— —— ———- ——- —– —- — — –


Full Spectrum Dominance

Full Steam Ahead!

– — — ——— —— ———- ——- —– —- — — –


Good luck to us all…

– — — ——— —— ———- ——- —– —- — — –

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9 Responses to “Told You So!”

  1. Robert Snefjella says:

    Hi Michael. Trump has been saying, and here the emphasis is on saying, many interesting things: He did long ago speak out against attacking Iraq, he did immediately challenge the absurd official ‘the planes knocked those buildings down’ on 9/1, he has brought up the subject of the autism ‘epidemic’. He has pointed out that the US infrastructure is falling apart, that NATO is questionable in form and function, that he can work with Russia, that Iraq was better off under Saddam Hussein, that the real jobless rate is much higher than ‘official’ pronouncements, that border security is pathetic, that the MSM are corrupt liars, and that Washington is a corrupt cesspool, swamp, sewer, whatever. He does appear to be a nationalist, not a globalist.

    Now deep cynicism about Trump may very well turn out to be the winning hunch. But at the same time, when given a choice between ‘I will obliterate Iran’ Killery, and ‘I can work with Putin’ Donald, the choice with all its uncertainties and inadequacies seems obvious to me.

    The vast global media attack on Trump indicates to me that he is probably actually not under control, somewhat independent of the PTB, and perceived as a threat to them. That'[s good news, imo.

    • MVB says:

      Put that way, I would agree with you.

      Yet… one of Trump main points that he keeps on hammering is “rebuild the military”. Which is quite the statement for a military budget that already dwarfs that of the rest of the world (See @ https://www.nationalpriorities.org/campaigns/us-military-spending-vs-world/ ). And, ironically, the military society-within-society that he wants to give a big boost is already the most “socialist” of all: primarily unproductive government jobs (with a lot of talent and goodwill being misdirected, imo), with free health care and an education. All it takes is being willing to go murder people you’ve never even met, at the sound of an order…

      Trump would significantly increase the military budget. At the same time he wants to reduce taxes. More spending, less income guarantees kicking the can forward to a breaking point down the road. Military over-spending in a time of economic uncertainty and various challenges is exactly how the USSR was ruined. And what do you think all the stuff the military contractors make eventually gets used for? More war.

      Same on Iran. Where does Hillary’s stance come from? From sucking up to Israel. That’s obvious in the context she’s made threats.


      Look into Trumps allegiance with Israel. If he gets pressured to attack Iran, you can expect “an Israeli lapdog response” just the same.

      All the rest is populist rhetoric. It’s a show. It IS possible Trump will win, and it would be just as rigged as if Hillary wins. It would mean their plan to turn the US into some kind of gloves-off USSR (completely controlled media, silencing dissidents and all, a “concrete curtain” wall to make escape nearly impossible, etc.) is shifting into gear FASTER. I can’t rule it out… But I would find it AT LEAST as disturbing as a Hillary win.

  2. Yep – it’s pretty much pick your psychopathic destroyer. Here’s the one thing Trump (despite being just another psychopath) has going for him: he hates the government, and more succinctly, the people in the government. It’s always interfered with his business schemes.

    To a normal psychopath, the presidency offers a universe of opportunities to enrich one’s self and amass control. That is, if you already have an entrenched machine in the government ready for you to flip the switch when you move into the White House. Bush/Bush/Cheney and Clinton/Obama/Clinton have (had) that machine in place. Trump doesn’t. He would try to run the U.S. like he runs his companies: by dictating policy. Everyone (and I mean everyone) in the existing government will fight him and attempt to control *him* in response.

    In a bizarre way, that might actually work to the little people’s benefit. Monied psychopaths like Soros and big corps (like the nuke cabal) set up think-tank fronts to provide ‘expertise’ to otherwise ignorant politicians. They drink the Kool-Aid because the smart guys are (supposedly) smart. Well, Trump has his ego. He always has someone trying to sell something to him: ideas, investments, foreign wives, etc. What Trump will do (that I don’t believe the previous crop of psychos have done) is call people on their bullshit ‘expertise’ if he thinks they’re selling him a bill of goods or trying to use him. In fact, that ‘using him’ part is interesting: it absolutely infuriates him.

    Now take that and Trump’s age: he really doesn’t have any ‘legacy’ worth building or leaving in Washington. He’s an outsider, and will leave an outsider. No ‘machine’ to grow and feed. So people trying to influence him really don’t have much leverage. There’s few favors they can offer him that he’s interested in (my guess).

    So, in my tin-foil hat world, I imagine the one good thing about Trump is he will act on his own impulses (which is troublesome in itself) but he will not be anyone’s puppet. Moreso, if he even thinks he is being manipulated, then all hell will break lose. He acts like he’s pals with someone like Soros, but he privately despises him. Everyone that made massive donations to the Clinton Foundation? Garbage to him and despicable in his eyes. There is no ‘apologizing’ for that, not in the next four years. So energy (nuke), pharma, finance, defense, foreign governments (especially the Saudis/Israel) – they are all on his shit list from day one. He doesn’t need their money like the Clintons needed ‘donors’ and I don’t think he cares about getting any richer. He has zero reason to suck up to any of them.

    So the silver lining in the clouds (or at least my tin-foil hat) is that if Trump wins, the legions of bribers and influence peddlers that have been sucking up to the Clinton machine get burnt and they’re money was wasted. That’s billions in bribes. Way too late for them to ‘make up’ for that now to Trump, even though I’m sure they are all trying to do that right now. Trump won’t care and won’t ‘owe’ them anything for their desperation donation waaaay too late in the game.

    So whatever craziness Trump would try to pull as president is going to face some pretty stiff resistance from the entrenched power cabals in the U.S. government. I don’t think he would get much of anything done as president – it would be a four-year-long war with people that resent the fact that he got elected at all. Kind of like Jesse Ventura in Minnesota – he didn’t get anything done, but he did make the crooked political machine grind to a halt for four years. That’s the one benefit of a Trump presidency: four years is a long time to pull the plug on well-oiled political machines. They start to get rusty, break down and are discarded. There’ s plenty of replacement psychopaths that will be building their machines from scratch, but it would be nice to have a damn break from the existing ones. America won’t be fixed by Trump and will never be great again, but if a couple of political machines are destroyed by his election, well… I’ll take what I can get.

    On the other hand, if Hillary gets elected, then I’m buying lots of guns and digging a bomb shelter.

    • MVB says:

      I’m beginning to wonder if the entire show is a trap, and nearly everyone is stepping into it. Trump could win, and it would be rigged just the same. The groundwork has been laid that the Dems won’t play the “rigged!” card, as they’ve ridiculed the possibility.

      I think Haraatz correctly points towards this may be heading, but with an American twist: http://www.haaretz.com/world-news/u-s-election-2016/1.749153?utm_source=trendemon&utm_medium=content&utm_campaign=flow

      The shirts won’t be brown. They’ll be red-white-and-blue.

      I think we have to look on a multi-decade time scale and take the current architecture of global finance into consideration to see how a Trump win could actually be the elite’s ultimate pick. Kissinger, who has praised Hillary’s job, is not endorsing her, you know? There’s a very interesting chess move coming…

      I was hoping for the lowest voter turnout in history, but it looks like people are buying into the show. Too bad.

      • “…The shirts won’t be brown. They’ll be red-white-and-blue…”

        I agree, Michael – we’ve already seen plenty of hints of that already.

        When I was a kid, people were still demonizing Germans. Not Nazis, but ‘evil’ Germans – all of them, I guess, because they all must have been Nazis. Germans were as bad as the ‘evil’ Soviets, but were successfully whipped and chained by the righteous U.S. (never mind that the Russians paid a far bigger price in WWII than the Americans ever did). The idea that the German *people* were somehow more capable of evil than Americans is the biggest exceptionalism lie we have eve been fed. The lesson we should have learned is that we’re all human, and will all act collectively just like the Germans when the wheels come off the statist’s bus. Nationalism is just a doubling-down on the statists when they’ve already failed you the first time.

        Now the current situation in the U.S. today isn’t *exactly* like the situation at the time of the Weimar Republic’s fall, but it’s alarmingly similar. And a despondent American population, just like their German predecessors, will turn to the orange-haired Kek (or the War Harpie) for whatever salvation they’re shilling today. This never turns out good.

        I won’t participate in the charade known as voting, but if I did, I would go for the orange-haired Kek just for the lulz. Kind of like a condemned man choosing his last meal – it isn’t going to change the outcome one bit, but it makes the final hours a little less unpleasant. The end of the U.S. Empire, anyways. I’m sure we’ll still be scratching around looking for food or whatever.

  3. Robert Snefjella says:

    Most people ‘running’ for election/selection in federal politics are party people, and thus actors, and thus ‘political theatre’. They perform scripts that are handed to them. The forthright is taboo; the independent minded are anathema.

    Mass media is now scripted – yes always was so to large extent – and journalism in MSM is extinct. ‘Journalistic theatre’, with ham actors and boring dishonest scripts presented with great gusto, is evolution’s present accomplishment.

    So along comes Trump, doing the forbidden: being forthright about some issues. For that alone, I have to give him credit, and who knows where this leads? Someone the other day described to me a current controversy in some circles over whether the words he, she, his and hers are now hurtful, dangerous, inappropriate. As in “he/she took the dog (it) for a walk” is now offensive to some, given hormone replacement therapy in conjunction with bodily parts surgically altered. I offered that perhaps the solution was the sentence “it took it for a walk”, which garnered a laugh-like sound. The point is that Trump has been remarkably successful because of or despite offending a lot of people by not playing safe with many of his comments.

    A key question in my mind is whether Trump. should he win, will have the wherewithal to be clever in who he appoints to various positions. Kennedy surrounded himself with enemies.

    Another key question is whether Trump is capable of sensible adjustments, of learning. He seems like a quick study, but is also infamous for being bullheaded.

    Again, in reference to Kennedy, his capacity to learn and adjust was quite remarkable, but not enough to avoid a coup and public execution.

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