“…The Stones we Cut, the Songs we Played…” [With EURDEP Truths that will die… (though many tried…)]

Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) – Oct. 26, 2016

A good friend of mine recently asked if I am “depressed“.  As in, “Dude, are you depressed?”    It made me smile.   :-D    Not more than normal, I suppose.  Perhaps even less than is called for, given how depressing some planetary developments are, which, of course, wouldn’t affect one if one were identified with… I don’t know… your spoons, your knives… ..  See, I’m fan of appropriate depression.   (Let’s face reality, regardless of its shades of way-too-dark-to-call-it-a-shade-of-grey…  Buy them guns in anxiety freak-outs.  Shoot them with friends in drunken stupors of wishful oblivion. …)

Sometimes I wish I could make my blog a lot more “depressing”.   Just as an antidote for all the corporate attempts to force people to have a some kind of predictable response & “experience”, happy fluffy stuff, with paradigm-reinforcing Sports-TV’s mounted to a bar wall and all, that…  Yeah, Thát is what I call “depressing“…

Anyhow…  NEVERMIND… all of that.  I’m not depressed at all.  Just not buying into what’s being pushed as normal right now (as if we all must become oblivious to the external world with all focus on some inner utopia…)  Sorry, I know it’s fleeting, but I love this world.   

I live a life not quite left behind…”

  • Leonard Cohen – Nevermind ( True Detective Season 2 Intro Song):

” […]

The story’s told
With facts and lies
I had a name
But never mind

Never mind
Never mind
The war was lost
The treaty signed

There’s truth that lives
And truth that dies
I don’t know which
So never mind

Your victory
Was so complete
That some among you
Thought to keep

A record of
Our little lives
The clothes we wore
Our spoons our knives

The games of luck
Our soldiers played
The stones we cut
The songs we made

Our law of peace
Which understands
A husband leads
A wife commands

And all of this
Expressions of
The Sweet Indifference
Some call Love

The High Indifference
Some call Fate
But we had Names
More intimate

Names so deep and
Names so true
They’re blood to me
They’re dust to you

There is no need
That this survive
There’s truth that lives
And truth that dies

Never mind
Never mind
I live the life
I left behind

There’s truth that lives… […]”

—- —- —-

“[…] O children

Forgive us now for what we’ve done
It started out as a bit of fun
Here, take these before we run away
The keys to the gulag

O children
Lift up your voice, lift up your voice
Rejoice, rejoice

First things first: I love dawn, that amazing time of the day when the sunshine pierces the early morning sky.  You hear the birds… só many!   …and almost nothing else.  Okay, maybe a distant chihuahua, or one of them coyotes that just can’t get enough of hunting rabbits…, but either way, that tends to fizzle out quickly.  It’s unbelievably quiet here.  It is crisp and clear.  I’m in rural remote Southern Colorado, at least 4 hours of driving to the nearest international airport, and look up to see that beautiful autumn sky from my bedroom window…


And then there’s the afternoon, running errands in Salida (almost an hour driving to the nearest “town” to the north, in the valley over, the Arkansas Valley), which this time came with kinda cool looking (perhaps air force?) air plane movements high above.*


A fourth one followed those three.  Seemed rather weird behavior for just commercial airliners, so… . I zoomed in and hence the quiz of this blog post:  Can you figure out on thát little info what type of plane that is?:



Nevermind any of that “reality”…

Meanwhile, we’re supposedly at some time referred to as “October 26, 2016″…

I’m not buying that either, but: make sure to read my DISCLAIMER

Maybe this is an addition to last night’s “Radioactive Iodine Leak Reported At Norwegian Nuclear Research Reactor”  Maybe not.  Maybe it’s “just data”..  Data… boring as hell, but entertaining for its ability to somehow make corporado zealots go crazy when it doesn’t fit their dogma. Hence the omissions and shifts…  Data….  proxy snippets of actual reality, one of the very few substances capable of causing nightmares for psychopaths, when shoved into their face with militant fervor…

Data.  It’s an art form…


Thought this spike @ Kunda, Estonia was “striking”…

meow… so I graphed the past 9 months, for evreyone’s  entertainment:

kunda_estonia_3mo_april26_2016 kunda_estonia_3mo_july26_2016 kunda_estonia_3mo_oct26_2016Nevermind…

I wish I was a better artist… .

——– ——– ——- ———- ———-

* Photos or first-hand stories of anything related to military activity will always have the wrong time stamp and likely-wrong interpretation, and if I overheard anything that is “more than is common knowledge”, it will not be shared here accurately.  It may be illegal “if I were serious”, but as a form of satirical free speech, it’s okay (right?), and thus there you go:  I claim neutrality.  As such, also, I will not reveal whatever military stuff I pick up upon. That’s not an endorsement of where the US is taking its military ambitions.  I would do the same if I lived in Antarctica, Belgium or Vladivostok, for that matter.

——– ——– ——- ———- ———-

I live among you, undisguised…

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