EURDEP 9 month graphs, etc.

[Added:]  Some Dutch TV regarding the Belgian troubled nuclear reactors (from Oct. 2015):

In het onwaarschijnlijke geval van een kernramp hoeven we als burgers niet te denken dat we kunnen evacueren. “De snelwegen gaan dicht voor de hulpdiensten en we zitten als ratten in de val,” waarschuwt VVD-fractievoorzitter Gertjan Huismans uit Bergen op Zoom.  Juni 2016 (in Dutch):

——– ——– ——–rest left as-was:

Oct 13, 2016 – I was pondering the however-unlikely possibility again, namely that the March 22, 2016’s Brussels Bombings had a nuclear component, because of some oddities on radiation monitors around that day.  One of the darker scenario’s I’ve pondered is wondering if the attacks were pulled off to divert attention away from something that may have happened at a nuclear power plant nearby, such as the microcracked Tihange or Doel NPPs.   I touched upon it before in,


If there actually were a significant nuclear incident, like a meltdown with a massive radiation release, what the Terror Alert Level 4 (the highest) accomplished, is  PRECISELY what you would do in such a case:

  • Reduce NPP personnel to the essential-only core,
  • Divert air traffic away from the rising fallout cloud,
  • Recommend people to stay indoors.

As I pointed at in those blogposts, what adds to the weirdness is a peculiar fact:  some Belgian radiation monitors were turned off before the attacks, and many more shortly after, with “some disturbances”: upticks without a rain event, forced-zero values, data gaps, and such:  the very data patterns I normally associate with a nuclear fallout event

The timing is just as likely ‘mere coincidence’, but it struck me as odd.  As mentioned in (Sept. 9, 2016) Odd Data Gaps in the Belgian Radiation Data on the Day of the Brussels Bombings (March 22, 2016) , the blue lines are the time of the bombings:

  • (repetition from older posts): 4 days @ Niverlé & Mol/Achterbos, Belgium, ending March 25, 2016 00:00 UTC:


I was about to let it slide again, but when going back in time I came accross this data from Portugal, with a striking fallout pattern on March 22 and right after:


RIGGED to its rotten melting cores:  What fallout looks like on some monitors plugged into Europe’s IAEA-codesigned radiation data exchange network (EURDEP, courtesy of the European Commission): minor upticks, isolated spikes, and curiously lower-than-average values and especially data gaps…

And what added to the wondering was this: when I pulled some wind data (locations of Portugese monitor and Tihange, Belgium added to below-shown Nullschool screenshot), it just so turns out that the Portugese monitor would have been in “the fallout cloud’s path”, leaving hints of that “downwind”…

Just before, here’s the wind @ 500 hPa on March 21, 2016 @ 10:00pm (0900 UTC).


(Not a perfect strike, as seen when the (officially also “this never happened”) radioactive cloud that escaped from the Zaporizhia NPP in Eastern Ukraine set off monitors in Latvia in late 2014…, but… nevertheless strikingly odd… especially given two nuclear power plants (NPPs) were evacuated upwind…

Anyhow, the pondered scenario and origin is speculated, but the data is real.  Maybe I’ll revisit that weirdness again some other time.

For now, just more DATA.

9 months @ Penhas Douradas, Portugal: (y-axis not same on all 3!)


-> Likely snow shielding events in February (?), and that very striking fallout pattern with data gaps in the March 20-27 week.


–> overall increase in late April, with classic fallout pattern (erratic swings: both higher ánd lower values & some data omitted) in early May and July.


–> use the 200 nSv/hr line as a reference in the past 6 months to better note the significantly rising background radiation.

Some other monitors also show patterns suggesting a radioactive cloud passed over that infamous week in March as well, such as this one fron Ankara Cankaya, Turkey, already shared awhile back, which indicates that whatever-it-was for this fallout event likely began March 18 or before, with peaking in the March 20-29 period, depending on location:


So, there is already good reason that the March 22 Brussels Bombings and this coinciding fallout pattern are nothing more than ‘mere coincidence’.  But maybe there’s more to it.

Sometimes the pattern is very slight, just as a value just a tiny notch lower than average, as seen here in the next example, below.   Sorry for the repetition (I just showed 6 months of this same monitor in the previous post; here the y-axis shown to show more detail, and for 9 months:)

  • 9 months @ Wasseiges, Belgium (roughly between Brussels and Tihange):

wasseiges_belgium_3mo_april13_2016-> note the brief lower-than-average data point.

wasseiges_belgium_3mo_july13_2016–> The “April Event” and its aftermath…

wasseiges_belgium_3mo_oct13_2016–> As seen in the blogpost from the other day (Oct 11, 2016: Blip… Blip… Blip…), a new fallout event this week is apparent.

Also striking here is the obvious upward trend in background radiation… (blue line added for reference)

  • 9 months @ Ponferrada, Spain:



ponferrada_spain_3mo_oct13_2016–> Highest uptick in 9 months here too…

  • 9 months @ Budakeszi, Hungary:

Above: past two days;  Below: past 9 months



budakeszi_hungary_3mo_oct13_2016Obviously ‘something’ is happening again…

  • Just off the coast of NW France @ the island of Alderney, UK:

alderney_uk_3mo_april13_2016 alderney_uk_3mo_july13_2016 alderney_uk_3mo_oct13_2016–> Just saw the highest uptick in 9 months, ánd (how typical of the well-written software that hides data when it maters most…:) immediately followed by a data gap…

To show that we’re almost certainly seeing a continent-wide (or hemispheric?) radioactive fallout event, here’s yet another one of those lower-than-average sprinkled dots patterns:

  • 3 months @ Homberg (Efze) , Germany:

homberg_efze_germany_3mo_oct13_2016——– ——— ———-

Probably a lot more going on, but that’s it for today’s *documenting* Europe’s radiological monitoring scene…  For what it’s worth.

——– ——— ———-

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