Your Right To Panic Should Never Be Infringed Upon.

It is time for industry insiders to acknowledge the situation as it is and as it is unfolding, and work to IMMEDIATELY shut down ALL meltdown-capable fission reactors worldwide, as well as stop all construction of the dozens of new nuclear reactors under construction.

Sept 24, 2016

Sometimes I say that I’m inching towards speechless again, often, shortly after, followed by dozens of blog posts… A couple times I disappeared my blog.  I’ve hoovered over the “delete blog” button again recently…


Colorado Rockies:  Snow Higher Up…  Winter is Coming Again…  Seems to do that annually…

I don’t know anymore…

This blog post is likely a waste of your time, again.  I guess it’s your choice…  Anyhow…  I doubt I have more to add.  It’s almost a habit by now.  I check radiation (and various other meteo and solar science-related) monitors, sometimes I find stuff, write about it, and in some rare cases thousands of people check it out. And then I have my “whatever moments” again.  Repeat ad nauseum for years…

It may be a good excercise in futility, and perhaps it serves a purpose that only escapes me in these … degenerate times… , but it feels somewhat ridiculous to dedicate myself to the search for truth when the very globalizing culture I find myself in appears to be committed to maintaining illusions.  Decepion.  Indoctrination.  Outright lies.  Schemes.     Like ‘democracy’, ‘press freedom’, ‘safe nuclear power’, ‘just wars’, ‘sound monetary policy’,…  when in actuality, under the varying veneers, we’re living in extremely corporation-steered oligarchies, with primarily de facto propaganda outlets; the world is slowly but surely being poisoned with radioactive fallout so bad it is apparently deemed necessary, by the very elites that fucked up majorly with their nuclear gamble, to keep the masses in the dark about it; and millions of people are killed, maimed and migrating (to regions with not always the most compatible cultural landscapes…) all because of the geopolitical scheming of the richest of the richest being carried out by well-funded and armed ‘indoctrinated patriots’ of whatever stripe…

Anyhow…  My laptop charger needed replacing and thus the online world, radiation monitors and the captivating US election show included, dropped off my radar since last blog post 5 days ago…  In part as a side-effect, I’ve talked a bunch to people in person whom I don’t meet up with very often.  Depressing.  Nearly all might be considered ‘mainstream‘ by my own undefined standards, although the same criteria might define me as ‘not so much mainstream‘, if you know what I mean.

5 days ago… I was working on inserting radioisotope-specific data onto a gamma graph from Greenland.  Just for fun. Didn’t get very far, was still in Autumn 2015… taking a fresh look at some of the weird detections then…  Very incomplete: you see the major spike in mid-October @ Nuuk Sara 0159, Greenland.  Before and mostly after, especially around Oct 25, 2015, you can find widespread disturbances in Europe, including spikes, “glitch dots”, and, of course, data gaps.  But also very peculiar radioisotope-specific detections, like Zirconium-97, strangely coinciding upticks in (oherwise to be considered to be natural) Thorium-232 (examples of these two shown in below graph):


but also upticks in Cesium-137, Cesium-134, And even Iodine-131 and Cobalt-60. Curious detail: in many cases the Greenland spike comes AFTER the radioisotope-specific detections much further east.  Look again at (Oct. 28, 2015) Detected in Helsinki Finland in October 2015: Cesium-134 & 137, Actinium-225 & 227, Cobalt-60. + Detected in Hamburg, Germany: Zirconium-97.: look closely:


As you can see in the Greenland insert, the Zr-97 comes later, after the big gamma spike.  Did the air move erratically enough for this to show up that way or does it suggest something about origins?   But if these detection are related, as in ‘originating from the same spewing source’, then… well… then that would be ‘majorly odd‘ to say the least: As mentioned then, the half-life of Zr-97 is only 16.7 hours, meaning that it is nearly impossible to detect a week after the nuclear fissioning from which it arose…:


So:  like with ‘the April (2016) Event”, WTH?, right?    What if the radioactive cloud didn’t come from across the Atlantic and from across the Pacific, but from somewhere within Europe?   As an uncredentialled one-person amateur self-described nobody, I suppose I have done a lot as far as data-watching, but it remains a nearly impossible task to figure out where a radioactive cloud originated from when you find signs that there obviously is or was one…

Anyway, sorry for the repetition.  I guess this blog post will be a ramble…  Yeah… rambles… not the most flattering way to describe my research either, but… whatever. 

In regards to (Sept. 9, 2016) Odd Data Gaps in the Belgian Radiation Data on the Day of the Brussels Bombings (March 22, 2016), I’ve even wondered  one bit-out-there-but-not-impossible pondering: namely “what if?” ‘they’ , the powers-that-be, covertly (false flag-style) pulled off the Brussels Attacks in an attempt to ultimately save lives:  What if there really was a major release of radioactivity from the Doel NPP outside of Antwerp, and a Terror Level 4 would accomplish: 1) nuclear personnel being send home, away from the hot zone, 2) air flights being canceled and thus airlines flying around the thick of the hypothetical radioactive air, 3) stress levels being raised so high that if people felt unwell it could easily be blamed on “the situation”, 4) flooding the news with stories related to the attacks, away from what could otherwise ruin a key part of the economic motor of Europe.  You know what I mean?   Anyway.  Probably not thát bad, but you never know… Only mentioning the thought in case it propels someone else to dig into where exactly the key disaster response folks were prior to the attacks to see if there are traces of emergency meetings the day or night before.   Might lead no where, but since I’m already out there in the crazy land of Fukushima-recriticalities and such, might as well go all-out tin-foil-hatted every now and then, right?

Another ‘anyhow’:  I was doing something similar for a data-gapped monitor in France when I discovered the April 26, 2016 Tellurium-132 detection in Northern Germany, the first such detection since right after the onset of the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe in spring 2011.    Not only was that a smoking gun of a major nuclear release, but the fact that the measurement showed a European concentration 100 times higher than in 2011 made it all the more striking that not one mainstream outlet has bothered to report on it.  The public  data (and in that case: ‘validated’) is just as available to journalists as it is to me.  Couple weeks later there were Cobalt-60 detections in Norway.   Data gaps and spikes all over the place.   Anyhow…

I’m merely wondering “if various nuclear plants are melting down all over the place” (too many nuclear accidents, so cover it all up) or “if Fukushima went recritical ánd ís getting worse” (one nuclear accident só bad it’s freaking out even the experts, so cover up all the dire details and evidence; stick to a scripted fake narrative).  Problem is: with over 400 active reactors, mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, and obviously with heavily data-gapped data records… it certainly has been ‘worth the try’, but…  is it time to conclude yet that “they got it covered”, as I’ve stated many times, and to “let it go”, as the brainwashed “all is well”-crowds seem to suggest?  I don’t know the answer…

Have Fukushima-Daiichi’s missing cores, however deep they would have melted down by now, never really quit fissioning…?  and is the catastrophe revving up its ‘Sinking Sun’ situation in uncontrolled phases of deterioration, possibly even growing in corium size, breeder-reactor-gone-rogue style???  Just wondering ’cause:  How bad is it to warrant such an over-the-top complete media blackout?   I still think the latter, namely that the fallout clouds are still primarily arising from the Fukushima rubble (I really don’t know beyond thát), but the media silence…  I can’t say I truly understand it.

Either way, regardless of origin:  Why?   Come on: panicking ought to be embraced as part of the human experience.   Is it really panic-worthy?  LET US PANIC, then!  Jeez…  What’s wrong with these nuclearists?  Scared of a little world-economy-crashing panic?   ;-)

But seriously:  What would be the reasoning behind the complete media blackout?  An economic powerhouse, the global size of over 200 billion dollars a year, being at stake?    Just greedy assholes, basically?  That’s all???   Are they not thinking this one through very well, or what?  Unless contaminating the planet was the point from the get-go, who benefits from getting rich quick if the price is…  kinda everything possibly, if you can look past this 21st century… Would they be that shamelessly short-sighted?


  • New T-BETA-ART spike above 3 Bq/m^3 @ Wijnandsrade, The Netherlands:


It could have been the blog post’s headline.  Though: Not that it says much, ’cause Nederland is the only country with an actual ‘network’ for T-BETA-ART (likely one of the better gauges for artificial fallout, most of which comes in Beta, rather than Gamma radiation emitters…).

Europe’s T-Beta-Art monitoring “network”:


If I were to imagine the IAEA commenting…

Good job, Sweden, nobody noticed what happened.  Smooth data gap. Well done:


Applause for Spain.  The few monitors that aren’t totally useless made sure the values didn’t go higher than normal.  Nice data gaps.  Don’t worry about the lower than normal.  Lower is a good thing.  Our target audience is too distracted to understand much anymore anyway:


Turkey, Good job on the data gap, but you may want to attune the algorithm to kick in the data-gap-mode faster and longer, perhaps based on other decay energy levels than your current scheme.   You’ll get there…


Don’t worry about the glitch dots.  Only obsessed nerds get the significance of those anyhow…


Well done again, Spain, nice data gap, smooth baseline shift after the data gap.  But what the hell just before the last few days of data gap?   That looks suspicious.  Get with the program, Spain.


Czech Republic…  Still looks noticeable.  Tweek the algorithms a bit… That last fallout pattern could be a 3-day data gap, problem solved.  Okay?


Two monitors right next to each other in France’s Rhone Valley, right near a mega-dirty bomb (aka a nuclear power plant):


Un +50 µSv/hr spike, mon amis:


Like a banned pro-nuclear troll used to say, albeit not in these exact words:

“There will always be more radiation data to misinterpret.”

——- ——- ——-

To end on a less cynical note, I’ll repeat it again:

It is time for industry insiders to acknowledge the situation as it is and as it is unfolding, and work to IMMEDIATELY shut down ALL meltdown-capable fission reactors worldwide, as well as stop all construction of the dozens of new nuclear reactors under construction.

The cover-up must end.

earth— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —

Disclaimer, Etc.


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3 Responses to Your Right To Panic Should Never Be Infringed Upon.

  1. MVB says:

    I’ve seen more than 3 typos in a first re-read, so… I’ll likely comb through it in the next week or so to get rid of those. Spelling naziz, I’m not sorry. You got your priorities wrong all along anyhow.


  2. John says:

    I came across this quote by Plato and thought it appropriate to the current situation, as are many others.

    “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” Plato

  3. MVB says:

    nice addition. Thank you!

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