Beautiful Weather…*

Sept 15, 2016

“Finally some rain!”*

… looks like the first raindrops in 3 months* are finally coming down in Europe:



Those graphs show 3-months from EURDEP’s public map with gamma radiation.

  • CERN, Switzerland:  Very curious, the “old dust blowing around” upticks of Cs-137 were always accompanied by I-131 upticks these past few months.  Also striking is that the I-131 concentrations are significantly higher than those of Cs-137, so much that sometimes I-131 was detected, but Cs-137 didn’t surpass the LLD:


–> While the LLD (aka MDC, minimum highly-certain detectable concentration) was raised higher just once in the beginning of August 2015, this late August 2016 spike in Iodine-131 was the highest I-131 concentration in almost 2 years:  since the sample period Nov 3 – 10, 2014 for this monitoring location.

The week following that November 2014 spike saw widespread upticks in gamma & beta, part of a period I paid extra attention, starting with “Did Germany just get a Massive Amount of Fukushima Fallout and “No One Noticed”? (A Eurdep-Nullschool investigation of the Nov. 16, 2014 radiation Upticks…)“, (!-> also seen on the I-131/ Cs-137 monitor @ Nicosia, Cyprus, as documented in Jan. 31, 2015’s DATA of ‘Fallout Signatures’ on Radiation Monitors Suggest Fukushima Still Going Re-Critical Underground At Times. Airborne Fallout Continues To Come Down Across the Northern Hemisphere.); and also resulting in figuring out that the Zaporizhia NPP in Ukraine, contrary to official reports, actually did release a large radioactive cloud in the late Nov.-Dec. 2014 period.

What’s going on now? 

Probably nothing.*

Iodine-131, formerly* a short-lived artificial fission product that would indicate a leaking fissioning reactor core somewhere, now just… grows on trees – could be pollen -, or, even more likely: it’s probably due to unprecedented manmade global warming

More nuclear power plants could help solve that problem!* 


* My apologies for the sarcasm. 

—- —- —-

Added shortly after posting this on Sept 15, 2016:

What I assumed was just a calibration of the I-131/Cs134/Cs137 radioisotope monitors in Czech Republic (mention of these spikes was included in the ETC. of (Sept. 10, 2016) The Abyssmal Data Gap of Digne-Le-Bains, France (EURDEP, 18 months), ETC.

was followed by what is now almost 2 weeks without any new data, a bit odd for Czech Republic:


Note the significant disturbances in Turkey in the preceding gamma graph.  Or the curious coincidence of the I-131 uptick @ CERN, Switzerland just before.

On longer time periods, such as north of Prague close to where Germany and Poland meet @ Usti Nad Labem – Habrovic, Czech Republic, for I-131 & Cs-134:

3 months per line, starting on July 15, 2015:


-> The spike at the end of July, early August 2015, which can be found on many gamma monitors as well, and which I didn’t write much about.  Most of my documentation is from during and after the Autumn 2015 upticks.

Curiously this monitor ceized relaying radioisotope-specific data at the end of October 2015:


…And remained silent all the way until áfter the Helsinki Cs-137 spike (at the onset of March).  The beginning of “the April Event” is visible, and many higher-than-usual measurements were made since:



-> A long-lasting data gap started back up at the end of July 2016, to which at this monitoring location the suspected calibration is the only exception.  What if it wasn’t “just a calibration”?  What is the correlating uptick and disturbances on some monitors are further ‘suggestive evidence’ that yet another major release took place somewhere?

You know, if instead of qualifying the data as V (validated data) or NV (not validated), they added a third category (CAL, as in calibration), that would take the guessing out of it.

But I guess keeping the public guessing is part of their intention…

—- —- —-

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