Artificial Beta Uptick @ Wijnandsrade, NL (+ 6 months at monitor in Belgium & UK)

Italy and Cyprus have a few T-Beta-Art monitors as well, but The Netherlands is the only country in the world (that I know of) with a monitoring network for T-Beta-ART (which I believe means the total activity rate due to decay energies specifically tied to artificial beta radiation emitters), therefor keep in mind: a detection there says nothing about the situation elsewhere.  Detections remain just traces, but relatively speaking, “fallout conditions” may be far worse in areas without monitoring.   That being said, the 3 Bq/m^3 was surpassed twice in the south of the country:

  • 3 month graph showing both T-Beta-Art & T-Alfa-Art, ending Sept 13, 2016: @ Wijnandsrade, Nederland:


The last time The Netherlands saw (more significant!) T-Beta-Art spikes was in May-June, in the aftermath of “The April Event”, as documented in (June 8, 2016): BETA Radiation spikes from The Netherlands to Russia + Snapshots of 3-month Radiation Graphs + (EURDEP)

Note:  None of the data was ‘validated’ by the authorities that shared it with the European Radiation Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP).  Read also my disclaimer.

While in the area… 

6 months @ Shoeburyness, UK  & Wasseiges Belgium, side by side (3 months per line):


–> The likely spike-time of “The April Event” was omitted (= data gap, highlighted in red square) in both countries.  And for May: seemingly minuscule dose upticks in the UK may actually correspond with apparent ‘fallout signatures’ elsewhere.

And the past 3 months:


–> Note the uptick and gradual increase in the past few weeks.


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