Odd Data Gaps in the Belgian Radiation Data on the Day of the Brussels Bombings (March 22, 2016)

!-> For a less data & more speculative conspiratorial take, see the added-later post, Oct. 26, 2016‘s A Mix of Fact & Fiction: EURDEP graphed radiation data, Daesh, the Brussels Bombings, LDH, ETC.

“Unrelated” [added], from Sputnik, Sept 8, 2016:

(Feels ‘inviting’ to go gather your own on-site samples for radioisotope analysis, doesn’t it?)

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Day stats Sept 9, 2016, 12:30pm MT

Colorado (USA) — Sept 9, 2016

The below was published at 3:20 am Pacific Standard Time, which is before noon in Western Europe.  Now that is evening there, a glimpse at the effect on Blog Stats for Belgium, France and The Netherlands specifically.  Just prior to hitting ‘Publish’, they had 0, 1 and 3 views respectively.  10 hours later that remains the case, with this blogpost.  I’m sure that will change, but it’s an increasingly interesting effect: blog traffic tends to drop (often to zero) for the specific country I focus on.  Rest of post left unchanged:

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I was wondering  […something “outside the box”, let’s say…], and had a look back  @ (March 22, 2016) Dark Morning in Belgium

No conclusion here.   Just…  Something strange about it…

I thought there were only a very few, but turns out there were several more.   Some data gaps started late on March 21, 2016…:


_-> “forced zero values” are one of the ways fallout can show up, I’ve found; and its been documented a-plenty that data gaps most likely correspond with upticks or spikes (as the official public data exchanges are rigged to hide data when it matters most)



(Monitors Lillo 1 & 2 are very close to the DOEL NNP outside the city of Antwerp.)

While most other data gaps started on the morning of March 22, 2016:




… some begin or end their data gap with what looks like the onramp to what might have been a spike or dip or at least some kind of radiological ‘disturbance’, which clearly the fake watch dogs prefer to conceil from public view:



Below are two graphs combined, showing 4 days from 2 x 2 days pasted together, annotations added. Note the zero value at the end of a data gap in one, and the uptick followed by a data gap in the other. The blue lines are 7:58 am and 9:11 am:


Something odd about it… given they evacuated the nuclear power plant sites too…

You used to be able to check the monitors all around the periphery of the NPP sites via EURDEP too, but nowadays it’s only directly from the Belgian FANC (whose interface is among the worst: no ability to adjust the y-axis, no period longer than 5 days per graphing, slow,…).  The old data from near the NPPs is also no longer accessible via EURDEP.  It’s a trend…  Anyhow, trying to see if I could get some data from right there on site…


(this screenshot of monitors around the Doel NPP actually dates back to June 5, 2011, Background radiation in Park City, Doel, Tokyo & Hell).  The values still generally fluctuate very low between 0.08 and 0.09 µSv/hr.

I picked a monitor and looked at 20 days (5 at a time) for these past few weeks.  The only thing that stands out is the data gaps, starting on August 24, 2016, and in the next 4 screenshots leading to Sept 9, 2016:


Then I had a peek at the data right by the Doel NPP on this same monitor for March 22, 2016…

Interesting… a data gap ends on March 22 @ 11 GMT (so noon on-site), when much lower than normal values show, explained as “a technical problem” (under ‘opmerking’ (remarks), “technisch probleem”)


The problem persisted for several days, after which normal values returned:


Attempts to see when the “technical problem” began were fruitless, as the “Data ophalen” (getting the data) kept blinking without ever coming up with data.


So, I suppose something else may have occured, in addition to the terrorist bombings in the Brussels airport and subway…  The evacuation of the nuclear power plants was explained by “terror threat level 4,”  which comes with lots of extreme measures, but… perhaps there’s a twist to this thing…

Taking it any further would be pure speculation (lots of possibilities), so in this ‘purely data’ blog posts, I’ll leave at this:  “Hm… that’s odd.”

Search for “Brussels bombing” for other related blog posts that go out on more speculative limbs.

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