Background Radiation Keeps Rising. Example from ISTOK, Russian Federation (EURDEP, 18 month graph)

MY DISCLAIMER – Crestone, Colorado , USA — Sept 8, 2016

The “Planetary Red Alert” situation I used to exclaim, with fallout conditions similar to the aftermath of a nuclear war in much of the Northern Hemisphere is likely to continue into the forseeable future…  Actually, as I understand it, there is no end in sight just yet.  Fallout from the nuclear catastrophe at the Fukushima-Daiichi complex in Japan, where triple nuclear core meltdowns and a large amount of spent fuel was vaporized in super-hot zirconium infernos in spring 2011 is slowly making its way down from the upper troposphere to the surface.   The finest dust can take over 3 years to settle, so what I read into the data would actually be perfectly in accordance with the models that “experts” now seem to pretend they never saw.  Meanwhile, the situation has possibly spiraled further out of control with underground hydrovolcanic explosions as the full-scale “China Syndrome”, actively fissioning, is continuing its way down deeper into the Earth’s mantle, with burst still sending unknown quantities of artificial radiotoxins into the Pacific Ocean and the upper troposphere.

Oh, darn.  Didn’t realize the mic was on.  Oops.  Never mind all of that.

Starting out in early June 2015…

Online Radiation Monitors -> EURDEP -> Advanced Public Map, THEIR DISCLAIMER

Plenty of data gaps, but 0.120 µSv/hr as a daily average is not surpassed in the first 3 months of these 18 months…


That changes in Summer 2015, when 0.140 becomes the new “ceiling”…


… until the tail end of the Autumn 2015 disturbaces… when 0.150 µSv/hr as a daily average is reached (in winter, no less, which usually seen depressed values due to snow pack’s ground shielding!)


–> Note the early January gap (when Ruthenium-103 was detected in Norway), and the early March gap (When Cesium-137 spiked in Finland, explained away with a localized “waste package leak in the garage…” – uh-huh… Still not buying it.)

The end of April is a data gap, followed by the fallout waves (when Cobalt-60 was detected in Norway), with new highs reaching 0.160 µSv/hr (daily average) in May 2016…


… And onward to 0.170 µSv/hr daily average in Summer 2016, with major swings and sprinkled with the occasional omitted day…


The consequences will eventually catch up. 

The perception management schemes are already failing to fool everyone. 

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6 Responses to Background Radiation Keeps Rising. Example from ISTOK, Russian Federation (EURDEP, 18 month graph)

  1. Theglide says:

    Good one!

  2. Steve Callaghan says:

    Well done MVB, and thanks for carrying on
    -the lightest particles come down over year three!

    Our goose is well and truly cooked,

    Nemo me impune lacessit.

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