Mind the Gap (+ 1 yr @ Ankara Cankaya, Turkey; ETC.)

 ;-)  Almost funny:

Anyhow… – Sept 4, 2016

Radiation Data

The past month, besides spikes, disturbances and unusual upticks of some specific radioisotopes also saw widespread data gaps.  (click ‘Home’ and keep scrolling for many examples).  Another example:

6 months @ Domodossola, Italy:


Some examples shared in previous posts (note the end dates are the day I pulled the data, so they don’t match with the above one):





As you can see, in some places the omission of data began earlier, with the onset of disturbances generally visible starting around mid-April.  !-> See also the (Aug 7, 2016) post “We’ve been dosed” and other ones linked from there.

But on longer time-scales, you see patterns that point at the autumn 2015 disturbances (which were véry pronounced, widespread, also accompanied by many spikes, data gaps, ánd radioisotope-specific detections (Oct 2015) that, again, included Cobalt-60, as well as indicators of recent fission…), and if you keep expanding, you can’t miss the trend:  seemingy innocent upticks are slowly but steadily reaching higher values, there’s more data gaps and crazy spikes (or isolated extreme values), there’s also more examples of strangely low values, apparently either a consequence of how certain ionizing radiation affects monitoring equipment, or of data processing tricks that aim to hide upticks.  If you go beyond 2011, you’ll find that what’s being done post-Fukushima is not new.  Major accidents and various significant releases (Daya Bay, China; San Onofre, California, ETC.) have clearly been covered up.  Deception through omission is apparently simply how the nuclear industry operates. 

Looking at just a few monitors, you’ll never figure out where what might be happening.  They basically “got it covered”.  The public system is obviously designed to hide relevant data when it matters most.  The bits and pieces that do slip through the rigging nets create a rather chaotic picture that requires a near-obsession to begin to see through it.  The nuclear pollution situation is planetary.  The consequences, from immune deficiency afflictions, heart disease, various types of cancers & leukemia, as well as birth defects can takes decades or generations to show up.  And they can be as simple as flu-like symptoms and lethargy during fallout upticks.

A look at the 3 US EPA Radnet monitors in Alaska shows a data gap @ Juneau, and more data gap than anything else at Anchorage and Fairbanks (Period August 20 – Sept 3, 2016):


My interest in data crunching comes in waves (like fallout seems to come in waves).  I’m approaching a period again of not paying as much attention to the EURDEP monitors as I have lately.  It looks like we’re now at the tail end of what I called “The April Event”, which I suspect was a major flare-up of fissioning underground @ the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe Site, with related releases before and after.  Some reasons for why I think so where touched upon earlier in the (July 22, 2016) post, Fukushima-Daiichi having FISSION Flare-Ups? Saudi Arabia Test a Nuclear Bomb? A Major Nuclear Meltdown Cover-Up Somewhere? Which one is it???

This disaster is véry far from over.  The only thing TEPCO and cohorts seem to have somewhat of a handle on is the public perception management machine, which has managed to deceive most of the people most of the time, so far.

1 year @ Ankara Cankaya, Turkey:


-> note the uptick just now at the beginning of Spetember 2016.  The April upticks, very pronounced on some Turkey monitors isn’t visible here, yet a major disturbance, with its typical omitted part (data gap) was apparent in late November 2015, as well as late March 2016.

Anyhow… probably a few more, and then updating my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive, and then another break (although without the static and saying “I’m done”, as obviously that never seemed to hold for very long anyhow… ;-)

Here’s a mega-data-gap from late winter into spring 2016 @ a monitor in SouthEastern France:

6 months @ 44.3N, 4.7 E, France:SouthEastFrance_TN0KRS805MA_26_SIT_GM_France_4mo_June4_2016SouthEastFrance_TN0KRS805MA_26_SIT_GM_France_3mo_Sept4_2016

At Aberporth, UK, you can see a gradual increase in the past 3 weeks, compared to the preceding couple months.  Also note the data gaps in February & April:

9 months @ Aberporth, UK:

Aberporth_UK_3mo_March4_2016 Aberporth_UK_3mo_June4_2016 Aberporth_UK_3mo_Sept4_2016I take you are “getting the picture” by now, if you’ve been following this blog for the past year or so.

The dusting with trace amounts of health-hazardous radiotoxins is likely to continue and get worse every now and then, for the years ahead.

And as Sept 4 comes to a close, I spot a glitch dot of + 42 µSv/hr @ Luxembourg’s capitol, following a data gap:


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