A Year @ Papa Repuloter, Hungary; Maribor-Tabor & Iska Vas, Slovenia; Bleiberg, Austria; Tunceli, Turkey; etc.

August 30, 2016

Written to the sound of some Dutch tunes performed in my home country…

Living in a fantasy bubble never had so much appeal…

Saw a “glitch dot” @ glitch-dot-prone Papa Repuloter, Hungary (2 days, Aug. 29, 2016):


When you look at the lower-dose variation, you see it’s *not a glitch*, but far more likely exactly what I’ve been suspecting these isolated extreme values might be: a hot particle directly striking a monitor, in this case leading to a brief spike of + 26 µSv/hr.   Other monitors in the extended region show, in the Standard Deviation setting on EURDEP, a significant uptick precisely then.  Couple examples (graphed for longer-time further below):

Maribor-Tabor, Slovenia:


Iska Vas, Slovenia:IskaVas_Slovenia_2days_Aug29_2016

Bleiberg, Austria:Bleiberg_Austria_2days_Aug29_2016

Rainouts in crazy thunderstorms, sure, but…

A bit more perspective shows we’re likely witnessing the latest increase in the roaming fallout landscape, though…:

  • 1 year @ Maribor-Tabor, Slovania (ending Aug. 29, 2016):




  • 1 year @ Iska Vas, Slovenia: (w/ “polyline” off)


  • 1 year @ Papa Repuloter, Hungary (with the spike-values pasted in):


  • 1 year @ Bleiberg, Austria:


  • Bleiberg_Austria_3mo_Nov29_2015.gifBleiberg_Austria_3mo_Feb29_2016.gifBleiberg_Austria_3mo_May29_2016.gifBleiberg_Austria_3mo_Aug29_2016.gif
  • just 6 months @ Turi, Estonia: (Too much snow shielding interference in winter)



  • This one, 1 year @ Tunceli, Turkey screams “fallout event” for this past week:




–> interesting that there’s an uptick of Na-22 during “The April event”, as well as slight Cs-137.  Last 3 months:Helsinki_Finland_Cs137_Na22_3mo_Aug30_2016

Significance of having Na-22 apparently show up in the mix of “The April 2016 Event”?

Na22 is produced by cosmic rays which induce spallation of atmospheric argon. The measurements, however, have shown that Na22 is also produced by nuclear weapons tests.”  {in reference to test inthe 1960’s} – SOURCE: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/JZ070i018p04447/abstract

Just noting things…

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2 Responses to A Year @ Papa Repuloter, Hungary; Maribor-Tabor & Iska Vas, Slovenia; Bleiberg, Austria; Tunceli, Turkey; etc.

  1. mariaurizar says:

    Have you got last days; France records, in particular, Gravelines?
    Thank yoy.

  2. mariaurizar says:

    May have another hypothesis:
    That the 3 Fukushima coriums have reached underground water, causing steam emissions, watch:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lku6yNzEDH8, thanks to nuckelchen


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