9 months @ Strumica, Macedonia, etc.


Generals gathered in their masses,
just like witches at black masses.
Evil minds that plot destruction,
sorcerer of death’s construction.
In the fields the bodies burning,
as the war machine keeps turning.
Death and hatred to mankind,
poisoning their brainwashed minds…Oh lord yeah!
Politicians hide themselves away…”

Ever wondered what the radiation monitoring networks would show in the aftermath of a major nuclear accident, or even if a “limited nuclear war” were raging in some region of the Northern Hemisphere?

You’re looking at it.

There would be spikes in the midst of data gaps, in some places those data gaps could last weeks or longer, come and go, amidst oddly low and even zero-values, all kinds of data processing shifts and baseline adjustments,… here and there scientists would measure very unusual concentrations of various manmade radioisotopes.   Explanations would be absent or wouldn’t cut it upon scrutiny.  And if the governments and media were still in cahoots with the nuclear industry, as is obviously the case right now, unless they told the masses, chances are you’d be like the people of Pripyat, Ukraine* on April 27, 1986: clueless you’re being dosed with nuclear fallout.

Complete media silence.  No political scandal.  No investigations. No SWAT teams storming the IAEA headquarters and arresting a couple hundred complicit folks at gunpoint.  No drone strikes against nuclear cartel strongholds.  No crimes against humanity charges to be heard of.  Nothing.

It’s late summer 2016.  Just a handfull of bloggers, some on the outskirts of civilization, and… radioactive fallout blowing around in the wind…

(* what that blogpost used to link to has been disappeared, as is the case for numerous similar stories…)

—- —- —-

The spike @ Velten, The Netherlands (see previous post) was shortly after followed by a data gap.  Also, turns out, just before the Velten spike, data gaps can be found in the region, such as @ Hoevenen, Belgium (just outside of Antwerp):


During the time of the data gap @ Velten, there’s some “glitch dots” (unusually high values, often not validated, that stand out and look like a glitch (instrument malfunction), but which might actually suggest a hot particle directly striking a monitor, due to fallout moving higher-up and some heavier particles reaching ground level (where the monitors are).  a couple such “glitch dots” appeared in Southeastern France, with the glitch dot appearing at the onset of an uptick on neighboring monitors:


As there is obviously some fallout moving over the European landscape, besides data gaps, and lower-than-usual values, there’s also baseline adjustments again.  In the example of  Muehlheim-Kaerlich, Germany, I inserted the spike that goes to around 5600 nSv/hr (5.6µSv//hr), in 3-4 data points, something I’ve come to associate as most likely just a calibration.  Calibration spike, data gaps & baseline adjustment in one month:


— —– —

Sorry for the intro.  Without further delay:

  • Here’s “always entertaining” Strumica, Macedonia, “to put all your concerns to rest”:

First showing 9 months with a “ceiling” @ 200 nSv/hr (0.2 µSv/hr), and then with the ceiling (y-axis) left open to how how high the spikes went:




And now the same 9 months, but with the y-axis left open (check each month’s y-axis):



“Nothing to see here. Move along.”

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