Spike @ Velsen, The Netherlands, etc.

Radiation data from a few selected monitors feeding into EURDEP.

August 24, 2016

Another example, this time from France, of data being omitted precisely when there is almost certainly a spike, going “too high to be disclosed to the public”, I suppose. 2-day data, 2 graphs combined:


–> you can see how @ Chartres, France the first uptick is very slight, especially in comparisson to the next uptick, and how @ Le Mans, France we might see a similar magnitude difference… but there’s nothing to be seen for 3 hours… the very hours that coincide with the peaks up the latest upticks elsewhere…

One Dutch monitor on the coast gives an idea of how high the omitted peak values may reach from the latest round of fallout blowing around, as every now and then spikes do make it through the rigging nets:

1 month @ Velsen, The Netherlands


A closer look at the past 2 days and with a y-axis to show more detail, shows that this spike is clearly part of an uptick, so not just an isolated high value:


  • Here’s the past YEAR @ Velsen (M), The Netherlands:


–> When things started to get weird in autumn 2015, this monitor apparently had one of those shifts that I call a “data processing shift” at the end of October.Velsen_Nederland_3mo_Feb24_2016Velsen_Nederland_3mo_May24_2016–> The disturbance in early March (coinciding with the Helsinki garage waste decoy story), followed by a data gap.  The upticks seen in many places at the end of April aren’t visible here, but then when the next wave (or bulk) of the fallout of the April event hit in  May we see what I call a “baseline shift”.   I think these all just tricks to obscure the evidence pointing at what’s going on…  Or do you think it’s purely coincidental that right around that week all monitors in Western North America went “fallout blind”?

But every now and then something doesn’t get caught in the fallout-obscuring filters:


  • 6 months @ Glenanne, Northern Ireland:


–> Uptick in early March, data gap for the April event.

And forced-zero values right now:


  • 6 months @ Tunceli, Turkey:


–> doesn’t show much detail, except it just had a data gap in a period that’s seeing oddly lower-than-usual values, and just now an isolated low value:


Yeah… what actually IS going on?… that a very apparent major nuclear disaster isn’t even considered newsworthy in Europe anymore…? 

Please clue me in, and show how wrong I am, ’cause as far as I know Tellurium-132, Cobalt-60, Iodine-131, Cesium-134 & Cesium-137 don’t actually grow on trees.  They ONLY show up in outside air in measureable concentrations as a result of manmade nuclear fission, either from an above-ground nuclear bomb test, or a nuclear reactor in meltdown (or in some kind of unprecedented absolutely out-of-control “China Syndrome”…).  Just a little venting doesn’t explain what was detected in April and May at various locations in Europe.  You don’t end up with such unusually high Te-132 concentration measured in Northern Germany on April 26, 2016, without something haveing gone extremely wrong somewhere.   Where was this?

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