6 months, 5 monitors from up north


Crestone, Colorado (USA) – August 22, 2016

EURDEP radiation data (much of which is not validated) via my page Online Radiation Monitors, and a couple hoops to jump through from there.  5 monitors:

  • MO I RANA, Norway
  • Petaejaevesi, Northern Finland
  • Kittilae, Northern Finland
  • Kuivalahti, Northern Finland
  • Kovdor, Russian Federation

3 months per line, check the time line; and often the y-axis is adjusted to show more detail.  6 months per monitor:

  • MO I RANA, Norway:


  • Petaejaevesi, Northern Finland:


–> Interesting to see a data gap that far noth during the very same period some eastern European monitors showed data gaps amidst spikes and disturbances… [Click ‘Home’ and keep scrolling for tons of additional graphed data from the same period]

  • Kittilae, Northern Finland (the gradual increase in May is from snow melt reducing ground shielding, I think):


  • Kuivalahti, Northern Finland:


Kovdor, Russian Federation – (just day-averages, but “The April event” is visisble, and the past week has been erratic):



Was looking at Finland, because interest in this ongoing mess has its upswings, during which absent areas stand out more.


blog traffic 7 dayes before Aug 22, 2016…

Announce a “radioactive storm approaching the Irish Coast“, and -poof- blog traffic from Ireland coincidentally drops to zero… Hm… Really?

Make some more fun of that “bizarre” Finnish explanation about that Cesium-137 spike in Finland that monitors all over Europe mysteriously “empathized with” and we’re back in “Are U there, Finland?“-land?  Slovakia… Yeah… wondered about it too…   I don’t know.  Seen it too often, still find it a bit far-fetched, though.  It’s all public data.  I just make it a little easier to see the longer-range patterns.  And the rest is just my opinion, which you’re welcome to take as ‘entertainment’…  So… If (big IF) it’s even a thing (blog access interference based on which country’s messed-up radiation data I write about), it might be a marginal phenomena, as Germany or Poland, for instance, don’t seem to be affected by “whatever would do that”…  For what it’s worth, it’s what got me to look at Finnish data tonite.

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One Response to 6 months, 5 monitors from up north

  1. rbrbr says:

    Hey, in Poland I sometimes get “address not found” response, propably from dns (just got it moment ago… coincidence?), but only on the first try. Same second, try again and it’s all good. Maybe once is enough for not-so-stubborn?

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