Standard Deviousness

Some more EURDEP radiation graphs. It’s was late afternoon in Europe, Friday August 19, 2016 when I pulled the graphs… Strung ’em together later in the day.

A quick look on EURDEP’s public Advanced Map, Setting: 1 day, T-Gamma, Standard Deviation shows abnormalities in the Northern UK, ongoing upticks in the Alps region, and few other ones, documented here, below:


Germany is not gone.  Only gone from Standard Deviation view, just like Russia.  Often that just means there’s only one data point (a long 1-day average is an excellent trick (from the bag of tricks apparently used by deceptive nuclearist assholes who’ve coopted the monitoring networks) to hide spikes).  Not something Germany resorts to very often…

Take a deep breath, Dutchmen.  That’s fallout for ya!  “;-)”  Old village, fresh modern air @ Ouddorp, the Netherlands:


Unusual?  I don’t know… Seems a bit unusual looking at the past half year @ Leiden, The Netherlands…, doesn’t it?:


Hol, Norway:


Vinje, Norway:


The Irish coast wasn’t affected as much (or maybe it was, because there’s some mini-data gaps…).  Here’s some UK graphs that showed a ‘Standard Deviation’ color-change:

West Freugh, UK:


Machrhanish, UK:


It seems that monitors at higher elevation are often more easily affected by the high-flying radioactive air that takes its sweet time to sparkle-up the surface of our beautiful planet with fallen angel dust…  Combined with mountains tending to have more radon too, a natural uptick and an unnatural one may be hard to differentiate here.

half year @ Rojen Peak, Bulgaria:


Here’s a funny one from near Istanbul, Turkey…    “Funny” only because very early March stands out so distinctly with its relatively highly unusual uptick.  That was the time  -“how coincidentally” – of the “Highest Cesium-137 measurement @ Helsinki, Finland since Chernobyl 1986”, expalined away with a “leaking garage waste package” storyline…  I pointed out some holes in the story in my post, April 22, 2016: Was Helsinki’s Cs-137 “Localized Garage Waste Leak” A Decoy For Hemisphere-Wide Fallout Upticks? […]”, but not one media outlet questioned the official explanation.  This monitor must have had “empathy for the Helsinki monitor”, or something… [sarc.]:



Given the latest Cs-137 spike at Helsinki (see previous posts – click home and keep scrolling), maybe they’re telepathically connected?   This Turkish monitor just FEELS some monitors in Finland.  Forget about science and wind patterns and such.  Right?   [sarc.)

Look, this isn’t actually funny.  There’s dozens of new nuclear power plants under construction.  They get permitted under the guise of nuclear energy somehow having a relatively good safety record.  They’re not safe.  They’re not clean.  They’re not even climate-neutral.  But that safety record is highly manipulated.  Most fallout monitors turn themselves off when the fallout levels get too extreme, it seems.  I’ve found plenty of examples of that throughout the past few years.  Most major radiological releases apparently are getting covered-up.  Even an obviously massive one, with Tellurium-132 reaching 10,000% the highest level reached post-Fukushima in 2011, measured, validated, accompanied with extreme spikes and data gaps all over… didn’t make it into ONE mainstream media outlet.  Some validated data, like the Ruthenium-103 spike in Norway in early January 2016, accompanied by widespread upticks, is being disappeared.  The highly suspicious interruptions in radioisotope-specific air sampling, the fact that Cobalt-60 detections in May did not show up on the map.  And so on.  In short: the very agencies in charge of environmental oversight are apparently aligned with the moneyed interests of the nuclear industry…

Too crisp of a picture I’m drawing?

Here’s a blurry one from last week near the Great Sand Dunes National Park, Southern Colorado (“my backyard”):


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