Radioactive Storm Approaches Irish Coast

Winds coming from across the Atlantic Ocean are delivering highly unusual radioactivity to Europe.  It’s been going on for awhile.  The more significant events seem to come in waves.  When that happens, as is the case again, official radiation monitors turn themselves off here and there, and sometimes for entire countries (usually showing as data gaps when the data flow is restored), while many other monitors show spikes outside the normal natural variability.  Cesium-137 just spiked in Finland, second-highest since 2011?  Looks like it… Iodine-131 shows odd upticks simultaneously in Switzerland and on Cyprus, indicating the source is an actively fissioning one.   Areas with low surface winds, which are also in a zone with slower jet-stream winds are seeing the most abnormalities.

When you look at the last month at Cork Airport, on the southwestern coast of Ireland, and then look at wind data from nullschool, you would be hard-pressed to explain that it’s coming from a spewing source somewhere in Europe.

This past month:


The peak at the onset of Aug 17, on Nullschool wind map.   When you look at near-surface wind @,50.62,1024/loc=-8.500,51.800 , then you get the idea maybe it came from mainland Europe.  But this is also when Switzerland and Cyprus detected I-131 upticks, and just about when Helsinki is to be struck with a whiff off radioCesium.  Surface winds are all over the place.

Yet when you go up… Here’s 250 hPA (jet stream height -ish): @,50.62,1024/loc=-8.500,51.800  –> You see clearly that all these locations with data gaps, spikes, etc are delivered air, apparently radioactive air, from a jetstream band that arrives to the European scene from much further away…: Screenshot of that one:


Last time when there was a highly unusual uptick-disturbance @ Cork Airport, Ireland was just the other month in that notoriously fallout-rich month of early May 2016.  What I call the spiky “April 2016 event”, in some places seemingly starting as early as March, but overall peaking around April 24-27th (well documented – just click home and keep scrolling for more data from that period), is a data gap here @ Cork Airport as well.

And the fallout that followed in May… (data gapped in some places), we KNOW (from Cyprus, Czech, Norwegian, FInnish and other data that) it contained Cs-137, Cs-134, I-131, Te-132, Be-7, Na-22 and -drumroll- a véry unusual amount of Co-60.   So that’s the “fallout signature” such a radioactive cloud leaves on a gamma monitor on the rainy coast of Ireland (note May 8, and in the next 3-month-line, note Aug 17th):



Why the headline?   Well…  I though it sounded funny.  ;-)

And it’s very windy nearby:


I figured I can take liberty with my headlines by now.  Véry few people seem to give a damn anyhow.  So:  This is my tongue-in-cheek shot at off the charts ‘alarmist “make the preppers run for their fallout shelter”. – hehe

At the same time, though.  Let’s say Tihange or Doel NPP (in Belgium) or so melts down.  Wouldn’t you want to know if you live nearby?  Wouldn’t you expect the government to AT LEAST tell you to avoid rainy weather, shower after having been outside and change clothes, don’t drink rainwater, cover your leafy green veggies in the garden, and see them do extra tests on milk products, and so forth?     Well… something of the scale of warranting such warning and testing HAPPENED this spring.  And NOTHING even made it into the mainstream news.  Except for RT claiming Fukushima is having absolutely uncontrollably still fission reactions underground.  Yet no one lifted an eyebrow?  Nothing?


I mean… sorry, folks, but…  this is majorly fucked up.

Then I look outside and I’m like… Okay: whatever.  ;-)


No. It’s not funny.


Some people (20?) in Japan are paying attention to what some of us are documenting @   And @ Invent Solitude (Japan) @    Google Translate sucks for Japanese -> English, so I have a hard time figuring out what is actually being said there, aside from unusual radiation upticks, also in Japan. (?)

Anyhow.  The shit storm continues…

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2 Responses to Radioactive Storm Approaches Irish Coast

  1. Robert Snefjella says:

    Here in Central Ontario, Canada, and in a rather wild location (closest small cities over 100 k. away), we had had an extended period of dry hot weather, broken a few days ago by a real deluge. After that very heavy rainfall over a period of two days, there was a strange, rather freakish, unusual metallic odour in the air, somewhat reminiscent of the smell of some pesticides that I have briefly smelled in driving past a farm where active spraying of poisons was taking place. Traces of that smell still lingers now a week or so later.

    It just happened on that ‘smelly aftermath’ of the deluge day, that someone from three hours drive away came here. She too had been in an area where a dry spell was broken by the same heavy rains. And guess what? She too after the rain had smelled a very odd smell in the again rural area she was in. Think it’s time to invest in some radiation-detecting equipment.

    What have they done to the rain?

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