Massive Cs-137 Spike in Finland, I-131 Uptick on Cyprus, Widespread Data Gaps and Spikes… (EURDEP_1month_Aug18_2016)

Media silence about recurring radioactive clouds blowing around the planet continues…

The ‘fallout signatures’ on monitors, however, indicate we’re in the midst of an ongoing radiological emergency.  And yet so-called authorities, obviously in cahoots with the nuclear cartel, are remaining as silent as “the press” (whatever that still means…)

A selection of data from Europe (ending at time of checking, Aug. 18, 2016):

Ionizing radiation can do funny things to the electronics of gamma monitors…


The Helsinki, Finland Cesium-137 graph I posted here (at time of posting) had an error in it (3-month graph began with April rather than May).  Here, below, is the corrected one, and the 3 months before it as well, to show that massive “highest since Chernobyl Cesium-137 spike”, that was quickly declared to be just from a local leaking waste package in the garage of the monitoring building.  That the rest of Europe showed widespread disturbances, spikes, data gaps, as well as upticks in Cs-137 as well was entirely ignored by the media.  How will they explain this lastest Cs-137 spike?   Makes the April 24 and May disturbances-related-uptick in Cs-137 look benign at this location:

Cesium-137, 6 months @ Helsinki, Finland:





As mentioned in previous posts, it appears the radioactive cloud might also contain Iodine-131, an indicator of recent fission:


Data processing shifted again at the JRC’s in Northern Italy, bringing an end, for now, to negative activity rates (which is absurd and suggests data processing tricks), after a data gap around the time of the I-131 detections elsewhere…:


Lots of unusual spikes today (August 18, 2016):


Note: Not all data has been validated by the authorities that supplied the data to the EURDEP.  Also read the European Commission’s Orwellian disclaimer @, after which you can verify all the above for yourself.

Drop me a line if you know if this just more Fukushima re-criticalities nastiness coming down, whether or not it’s coming from the same nuclear power plant that blew up this spring (mystery-oh-mystery, not to be touched upon by any mainstream media outlet…), or if the leaking low level waste packages in Helsinki’s STUK garage are multiplying and taking planes and being dropped near monitors…  [sarc.]   Or something…

No, seriously:  Where is this radioactive fallout coming from?

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To be continued in future blog posts.

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4 Responses to Massive Cs-137 Spike in Finland, I-131 Uptick on Cyprus, Widespread Data Gaps and Spikes… (EURDEP_1month_Aug18_2016)

  1. thefoolonthehill says:

    Hi Michaël.

    I see a cluster of 2-days ‘standard deviation’ blue/green dots around Gösgen NPP in Switzerland, and then this story came up on Google;

    Sunday night steam leak – 14th, just when many areas gamma spiked.
    I wonder if they’ve had to SCRAM and/or been venting?
    They say ‘the plant component had to be disconnected and cooled’ – sounds ‘scrammy’ to me.

    Also from this story, Beznau NPP Block 2 ‘went offline’ on last Friday and the reactor pressure vessel cover is being replaced (that don’t sound good either!), but the story makes that sound planned.

    I don’t know if a Gösgen emission would explain the Nicosia I-131 detection – low altitude winds are quite weak and the time doesn’t quite match if the press release is accurate, so not sure about these fresh nuclides.
    Also the highly unusual and fairly worrying JRC Alpha & Beta signals looks like they started on the 10th with being data gapped into the memory hole – will keep looking for clues.

    I’m slightly happier today, now that the Plymouth monitor has come back online and is looking normal – for what it’s worth.

    The Fool.

  2. MVB says:

    Yeah, saw that Standard Deviation – past 1 or 2 days green-blue area too. Would need to be at least as bad as Zaporizhia in late Nov 2014 to cause that much of a signal on gamma monitors, I think. Interestingly, the wind is blowing from Swizerland directly to Finland. If that Cs-137 spike is from a venting 2,000 km upwind… Um… Technically that would be at least an INES-3.

  3. MVB says:

    I doubt the source is Swiss. Highly doubt it. I’m more inclined they’re pulling on of those “let’s launch some local nuclear stories just in case people with Geiger Counters or monitor watchers ask questions.” You see that in the US when the bulk of the incoming radioactivity is clearly coming from across the Pacific with the jet stream. ENEnews will bring up Hanford. Or Indian Point leaking. Etc. ANyhow

    Reason I doubt it’s Swiss, is because it seems to just a temporary detail in an ever-moving slow-motion radiation horror flick, with the patterns becoming only clear over many months, not days. For instance, you see upticks even in Ireland, not anywhere downwind. What all the locations have in common, again, though, is that they’re at the tail end of a jetstream fan-out. That Jet stream is NOT blowing directly over Fukushima as is often the case, and the signatures in the US are not as striking where I would expect them this time.

    Somewhere on the US East Coast? So few monitors… hard to figure out. But it’s ongoing. The Cs-137 spike in Finland is to be watched. That highly unusual unless something big happened. Don’t be surprised if they skip a sampling. This one only had Cs-137 in it. Other isotopes arrive timed differently due to mass and various other factors.

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