Wir haben es nicht gewusst…

(Offensichtlich nicht. Die Monitore schalten sich ab, wenn etwas nicht in Ordnung ist…)

Some more additions to the latest rounds of European radiation data, this one with a selection of German monitors and one Slovakian.:

Perhaps some day some bureaucrats may have to explain their rigged data processing software, though…

  • 6 months fron Nürnberg, Germany, with the by-now-notorious much-lower-than-normal values as a fallout indicator, followed by a massive data gap:


“Yeah, how could you know?  There’s nothing to be seen…

Or why be concerned about seemingly lower radiation levels???”

In some places the gaps were shorter:

  • 6 months @ Brannenburg, Germany:


Some monitors reduced the data-gathering times, but it all does further document that ‘something’ was up…:

  • 6 months @ Bad Hindelang Ot Bad Oberdorf, Germany:


It’s pretty obvious that the data gaps are hiding highly unusual disturbances:

  • 6 months @ Weigerdorf, Germany:



In other lovely news, some of the Slovakian monitors have returned from the dead:

  • 6 months @ Prievidza, Slovakia:


The radiation monitoring networks are rigged to hide the data when it matters most.

…which means that any attempt to correlate fallout exposure to cancers and other illnesses will fail to give an accurate picture, and is thus likely to “show no significant correlation” … which in turn means that more attribution will be ascribed to “other factors” … which ultimately means that the actual negative health effects of nuclear fallout are being “underestimated” (covered-up)… which means the nuclear industry is not held responsible for what might otherwise be millions of cases…  which boils down to reaping múch bigger profits.   Or in short: they’re making a killing.  Also literally.  And they’re only comitted to one thing:  That you don’t find out.  ***

Now you know.

*** Just my opinion.  Don’t take my word for it.  Also read my disclaimer.

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4 Responses to Wir haben es nicht gewusst…

  1. tk says:

    Just a one-letter spelling correction in the title:
    “Wir haben es nicht gewusst…” es

    Thank you Michaël for doing this great work.

    Thomas from “ger-money”.

  2. thefoolonthehill says:

    Hi Michael.

    Been continuing with my exploration of pre-Fuku EURDEP graphs this evening, in an attempt to better understand what ‘normal’ used to look like, and thus maybe to better spot ‘unusual’ now.
    Interesting to see various types of disturbance in many locations, but not the widespread fallout patterns of the post 3/11 world.
    Two monitors I found worth taking a look at side-by-side are Chania & Souda on the Greek island of Crete.
    The stations are very close together and clicking through the two graphs one month at a time (when they are both operational) from December 2007 onwards was educational as to how EURDEP data looked before anything possibly worth hiding was flying about.
    Spikes, data gapping, high & low glitch dots and odd-looking data going on even back then.
    The island appears to have very low Radon levels, which removes that variable from the landscape, but there is a big Greek/US/NATO naval base at Souda Bay which supports nuclear weaponry & some of the vessels which anchor there will be nuclear powered (not sure if they handle refuelling/reactor maintenance – there’s a drydock, so maybe) so there is the potential for occasional core venting or other nuke pollution I guess which could theoretically be picked-up by the local monitors – in fact, I wondered if that’s basically what the monitors are there to keep a nose on.
    Other than that, I spent 3 months on Crete in 2002, and the air on the island was noticably very nice to breathe (I’m asthmatic & very sensitive to industrial & traffic pollution) – clean, fresh sea air, so there’s likely to be little from coal power station emissions or other airbornes which monitors may sometimes pick up.

    I found this little exploration interesting anyway.

    Still a bit nervous with the local upwind monitor (Plymouth, where the 8 scrapped but still fuelled submarines are rusting away) being offline.
    As much as I don’t fully trust EURDEP I’ve come to value this early-warning facility, and I’m now saving pennies again for my own Geiger counter, just for that little extra insight into what’s flying around.

    The Fool.

  3. MVB says:

    thanks. correction made. Seeing the giant data gap at nuremberg made that loaded line pop up on my mind.

  4. MVB says:

    Long-term pattern spotting DOES indeed show that they’ve been hiding data for many years prior to 2011. We’re entered uncharted territory the past few years indeed. When you browse through my posts, you’ll come across some decade-long graphs too. I need to make a list of these longer ones some time. The first time I did it (well, and went through the trouble of pasting graphs together, change the png to gifs, crop, annotate, etc. – that whole time-consuming thing…) was with a 4-part series, starting with:


    WHat’s been happening since, particularly the past year (spikes at the end of July 2015 or August, depending on the monitor, then widespread disturbances and spikes in Oct-Nov, and this year, 2016, with the record spikes in Cs137, the detections of Ru-103, Te-132, Co-6-, crazy spikes (like the Salaspils, Latvia record of April-May 2016), and so on…

    We’re more than a bit “on to something”.

    The Greek monitors are a trip, aren’t they? ;-) Linmos recently too. And seen my decades @ Argos:


    Or even more striking, @ Lamia:


    I mean…

    When the consequences kick in in the next decade or longer… it’s not going to be pretty, I think.

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