Alamosa, Colorado – August 16, 2016

First a sampling of US Radnet data (Aug. 1 – Aug. 16, 2016), and then some more EURDEP data, including documentation of the spike in Slovania.  And a couple snapshots of independent networks as well.

Data sources listed @ https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/radioactivity/current-radiation-levels-monitors/all/

US EPA Radnet:



Just south of there, @ Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada, via independent monitoring network http://radmon.org/:  since about August 10, the record is spiky, erratic and with a data gap:





Remember the spike in Hungary last week [See (Aug 6, 2016) + 5.4 µSv/hr Radiation Spike in Hungary].  Now that it’s past (aside from data gaps), here’s 3 months:


And here you can see how high that spike went again:


Now: the Slovanian spike, with its preceding 6 months ‘context’:


10,000 µSv/hr anyone?

When you put the past 3 months of both monitors next to eachother, you get yet another example of data gaps almost certainly hiding data when it matters most:



So how bad was it really in Slovania?

This radioactive messy mystery is obviously ONGOING…

Some more EURDEP radiation graphs…

6 months from Mustvee, Estonia:


6 months @ Barcelona, Catalonia:



6 months @ Oviedo, Spain:


Not much choice, but some independent monitors on the Iberian peninsula show unusual spikes this past month as well; example from Portugal:


Back to 3-months per monitor:

Suuk Sara, Greenland, and all the way south @ Qaqortoq, Greenland – Note here again as well: an uptick Qaqortoq followed by disturbances this past week, with some lower-than-usual values, precisely when @ Nuuk an uptick is followed by 5+ days of data gap:



Which way was the wind blowing over Greenland?  This could possibly provide a clue as to where this lastest radioactive cloud came from…

The beginning of the uptick @ Nuuk is July 9…  I picked 12:00 UTC to run a Nullschool wind map, @ 250 hPa (as the wind layers below are very quiet and there isn’t much to see):


Wind at jet stream height via Nullschool @ https://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/08/09/1200Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-142.46,107.04,512

screenshot with some annotations:


To see where the wind may have come from, I turn the globe a bit, @ https://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/08/09/1200Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-172.11,70.60,512

And mark a range within which “the spewing source” may be found…:


–> To hit the west coast of Greenland (narrow circle, top right), the air was delivered from… a rather large range of possibilities…  The possibilities include Northern Japan, (not so much Korea or China), Russia, (not India), and then you’re back in Eastern Europe…  Also unlikely to have come from some NPP in the US or Canada.

Interesting, though, when you ponder the Juneau, Alaska data gap…  Here’s the Juneau and Colorado Springs data gaps together:


For a fallout-cloud coming from across the Pacific this makes sense: it hits Juneau first, fans out and disperses while blowing over the US and Canada, to leave some upticks and data gaps (probably hiding spikes that fall outside the “no levels of concern” zone the corrupted Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) has been strickly enforcing since the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe began in spring 2011…)

So… a look at Aug. 7, 2016 wind at 250 hPa…


See… this is interesting… It does look like it came from across the Pacifix, yet in this case it looks highly unlikely to have come from Fukushima:


So, you got to turn the globe again to look at Eurasia – @ https://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/08/07/1200Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-288.71,59.70,512

and there you see the jet stream flying north of Hokaido, and two bands coming together over far-northern China.  The southern band could be picking up stuff from as the Middle East, the northern band from the UK, and everything in between includes over 200 nuclear power plants, most of them in Europe, but also possibilities in the Ukraine, Armania, Iran, etc.

If it came from China, some monitors in Japan would at least show ‘something’, right?  Like @ Hino, Tokyo, Japan ( http://park30.wakwak.com/~weather/geiger_index.html ).  Past month, pretty much northing to be seen:


Same for Taiwan: looks fine…


To wrap it up: I can’t figure it out.  

It is clear that something HUGE happened, leaving what looks like suggestive evidence of a major nuclear meltdown event somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, in the first quarter of this year (2016), followed by odd detections, data gaps, disturbances and spikes.  That much is clear.  But if it’s many incidents/accidents compounding each other, or ONE very troubled spewing source remains impossible to ascertain with an already very limited public radiation record full of omissions.  And if it were all coming from one source, figuring out WHERE exactly this massive nuclear disaster is ongoing, seems to be beyond my sleuthing capabilities, for now.

Anyhow.  I guess it is yet another one of those blog posts that maybe some day could help solve this puzzle.  A nuclear cover-up is in full swing.  We know that much.  That is massive, possibly on par with Chernobyl-1986 or Fukushima-2011 is quite possible.  Where it happened remains unclear.  That Fukushima is still fissioning, and we’re seeing increasing evidence of this, cannot be ruled out either.   Though the latest round of upticks, particularly as seen on Eastern European and some US monitors could be a seperate event from the off-the-charts April event.

See previous blog posts (just click ‘home’ and keep scrolling) for additional data, context and ponderings.

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One Response to Puzzled…

  1. thefoolonthehill says:

    Hi Michael.

    Couple of things – sorry it’s a bit long with no firm answers to anything – just some thoughts.

    My comment about the puff of fresh air in Austria the other day wasn’t very well worded (too much coffee), but you seemed to understand what I was getting at. Basically, sometimes it’s like there are distinct pockets of clean air in amongst large volumes of slightly rad-laden air, rather than clouds of intensely contaminated air surrounded by clean air. That’s probably a better way to put what I was thinking. Another phenomenon which sometimes occurs when close to a smoky bonfire – the whole area can be completely smoked-out, but suddenly one can get a few breaths of totally fresh air before the next cloud chokes one again.

    Something which occurred to me recently was that Nullschool maybe doesn’t always portray reality of air streams 100% accurately, as it’s a supercomputer projection based on a set of observations. Without doubt it’s a great system, but I can’t find anything online defining just how trustworthy their jetstream maps are or exactly what data it uses, and this will add another element of complexity into tracking these fallout events. I’m sure you will already be aware of this though, and the Met Office and other systems can be used to cross-check low altitude winds with a quite high degree of confidence.

    I realised the other day that having the ‘surface’ layer switched on (showing the mountains), when using the EURDEP map in ‘standard deviation’ mode, sometimes makes the patterns of blue/green dots make more sense.
    Often along the Alps it seems obvious that there is contamination carried in higher airstreams which skips over monitors in lower regions and is occasionally picked-up again on distant high ground or the air column drops to a lower altitude further away.

    I’ve been trying to take into account the Radon aspect a bit more consciously to discern between ‘rads from above’ and ‘rads from the rocks’. This pdf has quite a nice map of Europe with a colour scale of regional Radon levels on page 4;
    Maybe helps address another variable slightly sometimes.

    I clicked through this story again yesterday;
    It refreshed my awareness of how little data has officially been released from ‘you-know-where’ in the months since. About all we’ve been told this year is that the ice wall has ‘failed’, and they are missing 600 tons of fuel. It’s hard to understand how it was not headline news for weeks after they announced that, unless one accepts that a global cover-up is in action, which RT maybe broke for political reasons when US/Russia tensions were particularly high a few few months ago?
    Between these things and the report you mentioned recently about the unidentified ‘booms’ heard in Iwaki twice on Feb 8th this year… and the shocking RT ‘uncontrolled fission’ admission…
    I guess you’ll know where I’m going with all this.

    It is also quite probable that there are other un/misreported leaks all the time as you regularly state and research – including all those other damaged Japanese reactors & fuel pools about which we have been told pretty much nothing.
    It was interesting how this latest pulse of nasty air around the world seemed to follow a bit of an uptick in seismic activity in Japan – real hard to prove causality though.
    Japan is being constantly rumbled anyway (4.7 & 5.3 again in Namie, Fukushima 2 days ago);
    Bloody insane place to build nukes, but saying that, where isn’t?!

    Lastly, I’ve been looking back in EURDEP graphs to before 3/11 to try to get some perspective on what the pre-Fuku rad landscape was like, and there are odd looking spikes all the way which I wouldn’t put down as natural occurrences. Fuku was a very obvious global-impact catastrophe in the data, but it’s also very clear that atmospheric rad releases are business as normal for the nukers
    (insert long string of expletives here), so one can never assume that tanks of contaminated CO2 or whatever are not being quietly pumped-out under the cover of waves of fallout by opportunistic nuke operators – accountability appears to not be a thing in their industry.

    Anyway, it’s 4am and I mustn’t get cross now or I won’t be able to sleep!
    Just glad I’m not the only one who gets bothered and puzzles over this stuff.

    The Fool.

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