A Pinch of Iodine-131, some weeks and months of EURDEP Data, a Nullschool wind map. Simmer. Stir… Let it steam. Ponder the impossible.

Mid-August already…

A nuclear witches’ brew, just to freak out those with feeble paradigms.  hehe

Starting out with some week data, and then looking at some recent Iodine-131 upticks in Switzerland and on Cyprus, with a Nullschool-wind map to see if the impossible is still possible after all…

Unfortnately, this isn’t all that uncommon: the blatant omission of data points that would most likely show the peak values of an uptick, example from St-Amand-En-Puisaye, France:


In other areas of France, where the upticks barely moved outside their normal fluctuation, the peaks weren’t data-gapped away:


Same a little more north @ Nadrin, Belgium:


Although apparently ‘whatever it is’ managed to send this one @ Saint-Vith, Belgium to the infamous all-zero-values zone:


A (minor) pattern resembling fallout conditions (with lower than normal values) @ Aberporth, UK at the end of Aug. 14th:


Nothing major.  Just more additions to many months of fallout waves and ripples of some spewing nuclear plant that blew up / melted down many months ago… or some sinking sun digging an extension to the rabbit hole one tends to tumble down when looking into nuclear cover-ups…  In any case, don’t worry about.  Can’t be much…  “:-)”

(If my sarcasm is lost on you, see Aug. 7, 2016, “We’ve Been Dosed…” and the preceding half decade of blog posts for clues.)

Could the last few days @ Nicosia, Cyprus offer a clue again as well?  Here’s the past 6 months:


*** @ The beginning of March, The Finnish told the world a bizarre story about a package of leaking waste in their building’s garage causing the highest Cesium-137 detection in Helsinki since the Chernobyl accident in spring 1986…  That data across Europe suggested there must have been more to it was left entirely ignored. 

This is to be ignored too, as it suggests that (at least one of ) the leaking source(s) is(/are) actively fissioning (Half-life of I-131 is only 8 days):



With a y-axis that makes more sense, ánd all ‘validated’, here’s also Cs-137 and I-131 data from the CERN, Switzerland monitor, past 9 months:


–> Half the air samples at this location include validated measurements of traces of Iodine-131 in the past 2 months (as accessed on Aug. 15 – early August data may still be added).    Don’t you find that peculiar?  Upticks in Cs-137 can more easily be dismissed, as various nuclear accidents and bomb tests have added it to soils and vegetation everywhere.  A dust storm or forest fire can resuspend that.  But I-131, with its very short half-life is recent…

The significant upticks in I-131 at both Cyprus & Switzerland between July 4 and July 11, 2016 (see graphs above) indicate this is not just a local event (like a refueling or minor venting).    These two monitors are 1600 miles (2500 km) apart.   If looking at wind data for July 9, a day with the highest peak in I-131 @ Cyprus, and part of the major uptick period @ CERN…

Then we see that there isn’t much surface wind…


But when you go up, a pattern begins to emerge that shows both were getting air delivered from the same jet-stream related air stream arriving from over the Atlantic.  CERN is marked here, and Cyprus is still very visible in the eastern Mediterranean:




And then @ 250 hPa (jet stream height), you see it clearly:


@ ENEnews, some observers are of the opinion the upticks must be coming from somewhere in Europe or the Middle East:


No offense intended, but… I get cynical from ponderings like that.  Use of depleted Uranium would not give rise to upticks of Iodine-131, for starters.  And how hard is it to check some wind data before coming up with “a theory”?

And nevermind, I guess…, that the massive disturbances in April-May contained Tellurium-132, Cesium-134 and Iodine-131 as well, all indicating an active fissioning source.   Major nuclear above-ground bombing or one or more véry significant reactor meltdown accidents, those are your options.   (Not sure but… I think “someone might have noticed the flash…”, so a major nuclear accident is almost certainly what’s being covered-up here.  Me thinketh…)

And then… here I go again…  unless… unless it’s not coming from a new location…


-> A major nuclear accident in EUrope is not impossible, for sure, but there’s a couple issues:  upticks have struck very far-apart regions with only fallout-delivery-by-jet stream being able to explain that, suggesting the source may be far upwind from Europe, like the US or further.   Furthermore, the US monitors get data-gapped out everywhere, including in Alaska, not downwind from US nuclear power plants.   It seems to point at a massive spewing source in Asia.  That’s my opinion.  And especially the fact that Cobalt-60 was detected during the same few weeks (in May in Norway) is so extremely unusual that I’m still more inclined to think that the source actually could be Fukushima-Daiichi’s still-fissioning cores underneath the site, in full-on “China Syndrome.”

I don’t know, though.

Lots of bits and pieces like that have been documented on this blog like nowhere else.  For a recent example, see (July 22, 2016), “Fukushima-Daiichi having FISSION Flare-Ups? Saudi Arabia Test a Nuclear Bomb? A Major Nuclear Meltdown Cover-Up Somewhere? Which one is it???”

OK… Let’s see…

North Pole view, below, same July 9, 2016 dy, and tracing the 250 hPa jet stream height wind lines upwind from CERN & Nicosia…  I marked Fukushima-Daiichi on there as well, just for orientation.   “:-)”


I used to point at Fukushima as the likely source for all kinds of weirdness, but now I’m only just saying: ‘Yeah… It’s still a possibility…’

Unless, of course, you’re a top expert & authority, like Shunichi Tanaka, chairman of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority, who claimed that the molten cores underground going recritical is “physically impossible“.  I resolutely dismissed that (as a total amateur with no credentials -hehe) as bullshit (See Nov. 20, 2015, “Debunking the ‘Impossibility’ of Ongoing Criticalities at Fukushima-Daiichi“).

In the world of actual evidence, however…  There’s additional indications that something’s going on…   Check out Maija (http://majiasblog.blogspot.com/), who’s been watching the Fukushima web cams: it’s been steaming a bunch on site

I’m sticking to it until evidence points me elsewhere:  Something véry serious happened, I think it’s so serious it’s actually freaking out the experts.  They don’t want to admit how bad it is.  Impressively, “the nuclear mafia” apparently got the entire global mainstream media on board to not delve into this.  Freak’n surreal watching a cover-up that perhaps only a few thousand people are aware of…  yet which may affect millions in the decades to come…


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —

Want a more upbeat take, here’s a recent PR-release from TEPCO, via NHK, followed by some realism: RadChick interviewing Chris Busby about why electronics don’t function in such highly radioactive environments, and a few more clips:

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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One Response to A Pinch of Iodine-131, some weeks and months of EURDEP Data, a Nullschool wind map. Simmer. Stir… Let it steam. Ponder the impossible.

  1. MVB says:

    An anonimous comment from someone in Tokyo:

    Here is one of the most important evidence that Fukushima is still fissioning.
    Please look at Xe-133 distribution at JPX38 (Takasaki,Japan)

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