Ukraine brings 150 Radiation Monitors Online @ EURDEP (+ 1 year @ Limnos, Greece)

Cañon City, Colorado – Aug. 10, 2016

Ukraine’s public monitoring system(s) have been rather dismal, so far.  See my page @ Online Radiation Monitors -> Ukraine for measurements (but unfortunately not graphs) near active nuclear power plants (NPPs): those are still @, but now EURDEP just got 150 new monitors, all streaming data from Ukraine!

Access the latest via EURDEP ->


Tada!  The nuclear establishment has 150 more toys to try to deceive us with!    ;-D

Not to get too cynical, but it’s at least a nice addition “to watch unvalidated spikes and data gaps on”… “:-)”

Maybe it will be added, but for now it’s also just Gamma radiation (which always is to a large extent “ground shine” and cosmic rays, as well as Radon progeny and some cosmogenic activation products coming down.  Sticking to ‘just Gamma’ is immensely helpful to hide unnatural spikes, as they often barely differ in doses from natural ones.  It’s the ideal toy for perception management, actually, as you can literally hold a Geiger Counter up to someone’s kelp on their granite kitchen counter and make it look like the radioactive cloud that’s blowing over is nothing in comparisson.    Even when it gets realy bad.  Then they’re surely not ‘validating’ the data.  Oh wait… that’s already the case at most monitors.   (“Hm…”)   Or, always lovely to watch as well:  If need be, they can just data gap it all away anyhow.

No monitoring for Beta nor Alpha radiation here either, probably because both are better indicators for most nuclear fallout.   And the whole point of these monitoring networks is obviously not to inform the public, but to fool them.   (Most nuclear fallout emits Beta radiation at very specific energy levels that are different from most natural radioactive decay).  But don’t take my word for it.

No 1-minute or 10 -minute averages here either.  Not even day averages.  Just once a day, an hour and 5 minutes average.  SO… 22 hours and 55 minutes per day are data gapped from the get-go.  Wonderful.  That might provide excellent rigging opportunities to help the pro-nuclear crowd remain in its blissfully ignorant stupor.  [sarc. , on the first part…]

An example from just west of the Zaporizhia NPP, which let loose a significant radioactive cloud at the end of November 2014 (with spikes up to 5.05µSv/hr near the ZNPP plant, as well as similarly high spikes perfectly downwind in Latvia), which the Westinghouse-backed side of that troubled region still denied ever happened.  Perfect ‘plausible deniablility’ established from day one, for “if need be”, as nothing is ‘validated’ anyhow:


If you click ‘polyline’, the dots become more visible:


Some monitors already have data gaps, Day # 4…

Its FirstDataGap

Off to a bit too predictable of a start…  ;-/

—— ——- ——-

Wish they could be more like Linmos, Greece… at least then you can spot “the fallout patterns”…   And unintentionally freak some people out with (sorta) reporting on that… (hehe)

  • Here’s ‘one lovely year’ (in which officially nothing happened) in the “interpreting silence” and “down is up” data art series of 2015-2016:



If the trend keeps up, we’ll be in a radiation-free zone (“6 feet under”, in thick clay soil  – lol)  before summer 2017…  [sarc.]

—- —- —-

Unless you entertain less entertaining possibilities…  You could make it fun. But just in case you have a hard time with doing head- (or hand-) stand in front of your computer, here’s the last one upside down:


…artistic interpretation…

War is Peace

Slavery is Freedom

Ignorance Is Strength

Down is Up.


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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3 Responses to Ukraine brings 150 Radiation Monitors Online @ EURDEP (+ 1 year @ Limnos, Greece)

  1. thefoolonthehill says:

    Hi Michael.

    In the ‘down is up’ theme, I thought it worth mentioning that yesterday I noticed that despite getting jetstream air and having heavy rain in a quite small region of Austria, just east of Vienna, their local gamma monitors showed a nice steady reading around normal background levels.
    This struck me as unusual for recent times, so maybe for your ‘paradigm of fear’ detractors it might be worth instead reporting the rare occasions when Europe appears to receive a dose of fresh air, so they can convince themselves that nothing nuclear has ever gone pop and any evidence of fallout is imaginary.

    Just a thought ;-)
    The Fool.

    • MVB says:

      Hi ‘The Fool’ – Checked it out. Yeah, interesting indeed. One possibility is major slow-down and fan-outs upwind, particularly over the Pacific. It’s very much NOT “a direct shot” (with very jet stream few slow-downs between Asia and Europe) the past few days. It’s temporarily much more ‘dispersing’. Spring and Autumn (in the Norhern Hemisphere) seem to bring more “direct delivery”. Just as spring was highly unusual (and honestly a bit disturbing), we’ll see what october-November brings this year, to further get some insights on what may be going on. Hopefully they won’t interrupt the radioisotope-specific testing as much… The timing of some data gaps are a bit too uncanny to be coincidence, imo:

      Be well! Kind Regards,


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