We’ve Been Dosed…

If you have information that could lead to the arrest of those in charge of this spring’s  nuclear accident cover-up, please get in touch with law enforcement.

If your country still fancies justice, that is.   (Good luck with that one…)  Hahaha


(Banksy Nuclear Waste Ballroom B131)

Crestone, Colorado (USA) – August 7, 2016

Each line is 3 months of publicly viewable EURDEP gamma radiation data, showing, in two lines per location, the past half year.  Annotations and copy-paste edits were made to the screenshots to show higher than usual spikes without losing the lower dose resolution.  Additional background info linked to at the end of this data series.   People who’ve followed the documentation over the past year will see much repetition.  I thought it wouldn’t hurt to bring some of this together once more.

One thing is certain (and I don’t claim certainty very easily): a very large radioactive cloud has drifted over the Northern Hemisphere this spring, and into Summer.  It has affected monitors all the way in South America.


The United States shut down nearly all its Beta Radiation monitors.  There have been measured validated detections of Tellurium-132, Cobalt-60, and upticks of Iodine-131, Cesium-134, and Cesium-137.  (See links to additional posts at end of this post)

In this blogposts I show some examples of widespread “fallout signatures” on European gamma radiation monitors.  By looking at lots of long-term records, it also become clearer that data gaps suggest ‘inconvenient data’ is being hidden on purpose, further suggesting that the official monitoring networks are rigged to hide data when it matters most.

Not one media outlet has investigated this, or reported on it.   WHERE did this happen?   How bad is it?  Should people have been evacuated?

Look closely at the details.  In no particular order:

  • Narva-Joesuu, Estonia:


  • Terneuzen, The Netherlands:


  • Maly Javornik, Slovakia:


  • Gressan, Italy:


  • Hoevenen, Belgium:
  • Hoevenen_Belgie_3mo_EndingMay7_2016Hoevenen_Belgie_3mo_EndingAUg7_2016
  • Berlin-Tegel, Germany:


  • Bilecik, Turkey:


  • Bitlis, Turkey:


  • Konya Huyuk, Yurkey:


  • Herstmonceux, United Kingdom:


  • Zlatibor, Serbia:


  • Salaspils, Latvia:


  • Ottenschlag, Austria:


  • @ 47.2 N, 0.1 W, France:



  • Rostov-On_Don, Russian Federation:


  • Hatay Iskenderun, Turkey:


For ‘some clues’ as to what artificial radionuclides were in the enormous nuclear fallout cloud this spring, consider these interestingly matching detection dates:


Other more recent related blog posts:



It may be time for me to return to the Amazon…

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25 Responses to We’ve Been Dosed…

  1. thefoolonthehill says:

    Hi Michael.

    I’ve been pondering on the pattern of waves of fallout which seem to keep dropping on onto Europe. The two little peaks on 31st July & 4th Aug seemed both very widespread while still being very coherent, like there were distinct lumps/flows of contaminated air which reached the ground in the jetstream slowdown area (from France right across to Romania last week – that was a big cloud). The way those two small spikes showed up all over the place for such a short time period before settling to the ground or blowing onwards made me think that very little air mixing had taken place – there wasn’t much rain across the areas where the peaks showed up, as far as I could see, so these peaks weren’t rainout events. It’s tough to explain what I’m thinking without rambling on (I’m tired too), but I reckon you must have been near a smoky bonfire at some point (I try to use my experience of many smoky fires and scale-up to picture how radioactive releases may behave) so maybe you can see what I’m getting at?
    If these waves were of 3/11 fallout coming down from high atmosphere or having been around the world in the jetstream multiple times I wouldn’t expect the peaks to be so discrete – I would think more of a ‘choppy’ graph would be seen. It makes me wonder if these latest two minispikes (with a couple of acute highs also within the hot zone) are a sign of quite recent ‘pulses’ of freshly released nastiness. Without reliable nuclude detectors now, it will be hard to assess if more fission products are in this latest package, and the data gapping, etc is making gamma hard to draw conclusions from, but just this ‘coherence’ of the apparent clouds blowing through makes me suspect that whatever has been spewing is still regularly burping, although probably not at the intensity of earlier this year.

    Just a thought before I try to switch off for the night.
    The Fool.

    ps. If you do do the Amazon thing again – please take it steady, man.
    I know I’ve not been down that specific road, but your spirit has been on quite a journey already, and you already stand atop a heck of a mountain in many ways – maybe just enjoy the view a little.
    I only say this since watching a few documentaries about where you’ve been – amazing & beautiful, but not without potential cost & danger.
    I hope this doesn’t sound patronising – I say this with total respect for your experiences, and only out of care.

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