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Related to my June 22, 2016 blogpost, “Fukushima-Daiichi having FISSION Flare-Ups?     Saudi Arabia Test a Nuclear Bomb?    A Major Nuclear Meltdown Cover-Up Somewhere?    Which one is it???“, as well as the latest announcement of quitting this blog (— “The End” —), I received some private messages (email and others).

Here’s a couple answers:

  1. No, I’m not interested in giving interviews at this point.  Maybe some day.  Thanks, though.
  2. Commenting is turned off on all recent blog posts, because I don’t want to deal with them.  (Most are spam, insane-sounding people, or obvious pro-nuke trolls anyhow. The last two kinds are hard to tell apart.)
  3. Here’s my response to one letter, that hopefully also answers inqueries from most others (and with that you have one more blog post, this one):

Links that were shared as part of one private letter, included here:

And this very interesting video (in German):

——— ——— ———

Crestone, Colorado (USA) – July 26, 2016

Dear [—————–] ,

Thanks for your letter.

Yes, I knew of ZAMG, the Austrian meteo service.  I only mentioned them once in March 2011 ( https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/2-weeks-in-fukushima-already-20-chernobyl/ ), but did look at some of their modeling much later.

ZAMG’s documentation of massive quantities of Xenon-133 is part of the likely evidence that a true nuclear explosion might have taken place at the Fukushima-Daiichi site in the first week  of the disaster in mid-March 2011.   Example of their atmospheric dispersion modeling @ http://www.zamg.ac.at/pict/aktuell/20110321_fuku_Xenon-Simulation.gif
Xe-133 is one of the fission products of both U-235 and Pu-239, and therefore used as one of the indicators of nuclear explosions:
NIRS, the Norwegian meteo folks doing the same back then, soon after also quit (See screenshots of their last data @ https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/nilu-abandons-fukushima-forecasting-reliable-data-blackout-cited-the-return-of-zardoz/ ).

From looking at long-term EURDEP graphs the past half decade, what reached ground level, where the monitors are, must have been MUCH worse later on compared to what they measured during the early weeks.  I emailed with the CTBTO awhile back, but they are under strict secrecy restrictions, and even the bit of data they released (to Germany) was redacted.   (Example from Freiburg:  https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2015/01/21/years-of-radiation-data-eurdep-freiburg-germany/ from which this excerpt:


And now, at least for some time, I am quitting myself.

I’ve said this numerous times before, and it remains the case:  scrutinizing radiation data, just because all governments seem to have one thing in common and that is to cover-up what’s really happening, has become far too time-consuming of a “hobby”.  (Also, I need to remember who it is I’m ultimately up against:  People who are all onboard with flash-incinerating 50,000 children at the push of a button, just to show who’s boss….)    Given where they seem to be taking things lately, it’s actually very difficult to quit, but at the same time: there isn’t all that much I could add anyway.

If you have connections in the academic world, my recommendation is to expose why Cobalt-60 was omitted from key scientific literature.  It’s scandalous in its implications of what it clearly aims to cover up.

It was Ken Buesseler (of WHOI) who directed me, by email, to Georg Steinhauser, who called me by phone.  Later I found they shared my emails amongst themselves, like they were essentially a team. Steinhauser mentioned in relation to the recent fission fingerprints I’ve written about numerous times, that “his FRIENDS at the CTBTO” would surely have told him. “I just saw ’em recently.” Etc.   (At the time the idea that active fissioning might still be ongoing underneath the site was still considered “crazy talk” by most then.  Meanwhile others have stated or alluded to the same.)   And while Mr Steinhauser called my detection of 1.4 Bq/kg of Co-60 in a Japanese seaweed “spectacular”, he dismissed it as “probably from a medical dump”, and was adamant about it NOT being from Fukushima, “because of lack of radioCesium” (which I now know was a bogus argument, particularly in low concentrations.  Fukushima is practically certain exactly where the Co-60 came from!)   Anyhow.   I consider it my biggest discovery:  https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/significance-of-cobalt-60-in-fukushima-fallout/.

(Last year, in 2015, after my last lab sample data came in, I was unable to forward Steinhauser my strangely radioactive Colorado rainwater sample for more precise testing, because of a very long delay on the lab side, reportedly due to the house of the lab manager burning to the ground…    And that the lab assistant wrote me in the middle of communication that, “I’ve resigned” was a bit weird too.  But anyhow, no need to get distracted in speculation.)
The significance is its cross section and the massive neutron flux required for creating such abnormally high quantities of activation product Cobalt-60.
You can’t get that from a normal meltdown.  They don’t want to admit that, because it means one of only a few possible things:   Either the 400+ normally operated reactors CAN actually have a nuclear detonation when melting down (seems unlikely);  OR… One or more of the reactors (probably the MOX-fueled Unit 3)  wasn’t operated like a normal reactor.
In that latter case, there’s at least two more options that come to mind:  Perhaps it was set up to produce fissile material (such as U-235 or Pu-239)  for nuclear bombs, which would thus expose a Japanese secret nuclear weapons program.  (With Israeli company, Magna, doing the Fukushima-Daiichi security, which adds at least a pinch of elevated possibility of a far-ranging international plot here…) OR it was set up like a (Thorium-Plutonium?) breeder reactor for experimentation, either for possible “unlimited energy supply” attempts, OR to siphon off fissile material for nuclear bombs, OR a combination of both and perhaps other applications I don’t know about.
I’m just an amateur, no degree of any kind, but that’s what I now believe based on what I’ve learned.   Something here is véry fishy.  None of these scientists reply to my emails anymore, by the way.  (Or they never get ’em.  I don’t know.)
My impression is that the IAEA and CTBTO may at one point have been genuine, although even that is far from certain for the top levels, but that they are by now ‘infiltrated’ to the core, by de facto international criminal elements.  That would allow for nuclear bomb tests or accidental detonations to occur and remain unannounced and unreported.  Their willingness to remain silent about the gravity of Fukushima, which very well might have had an actual nuclear detonation in its first week, as well as currently-still-fissioning cores, tells me they cannot be differentiated from the darkest realms of military-industrial complex itself.  These UN-affiliated agencies are actively covering it up with utter nonsense like UNSCEAR’s 2014 Fukushima Report to the UN General Assembly, for example.
In short:  There are no oversight agencies.
It is all one big scam.  My attempt “to play oversight agency”, all by myself, albeit with the tiny bit of redacted (usually “not validated”) public data available, on a bad internet connection in the middle of nowhere in the edge of a vast Colorado wilderness…, I think most people will agree with this: it borders on the absurd.  But I tried for some time, and I did expose important things, I think.  I hope others take it further.
If the tiny bit of socialy responsible democratic fabric wasn’t unraveling as fast as it is these days, perhaps I would feel the basic minimal protection any independent journalist requires.   But the sad truth is, I have no support network, the media is remaining silent and it appears most academics are in complete denial, in cohoots for the money and safety, or somehow ‘demoralized‘ and no longer capable of independently thinking…   I am actually truly becoming ‘speechless’…  I don’t know what to say anymore.  It is unbelievable what cover-up these sociopaths are getting away with.
I don’t know if my current stop is final, or just a break, but I aim to remain silent for some time.  Some more static till an anniversary and then nothing for awhile.  If I can stick to my intention to quit blogging, that is.
Kind Regards,
Michaël Van Broekhoven
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