—- ” The End ” —-



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8 Responses to —- ” The End ” —-

  1. Clifford Kessler says:

    The end?

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  3. Lysa Tweedt says:

    I think you’ve done an amazing job uncovering the truth of what I suspected from the beginning. Thank you for all of your hard work, countless hours, and most of all, honesty. Your blog will be truly missed, it’s the first thing I go to every day.

    • MVB says:

      Thank you, Lysa. Much appreciated. And you’re welcome.

      This round of “being done”, I won’t disappear past content, though. I’ll leave it up. Never know if some folks want to do some “catching up”. ;-)

      (PS: The static images hyperlink to some past blog posts.)

  4. MVB says:

    Obviously this Quitting Round didn’t last very long… ;-/

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