Some more Jetstream “Nuclear Era Special Effects”…

The title for this post inituially was, “Did Something Just Happen @ Chooz NPP, Far-Northern France (Surrounded by Belgium) ???”, but I changed it, ’cause I think it’s “just” another example of jetstream “nuclear era special effects”…

About to dose off… thought this was odd enough to at least mention… (before, you never know these days, the data just gets disappeared…)

It is very possible that the upticks seen in much of South-Eastern Belgium are not related to a nearby nuclear power plant.  (In fact, I think they’re related to “whatever happened” “somewhere no media dares to talk about” earlier this year…, which might actually have begun some half decade ago…  But “nevermind thát”… (See also previous post(s)).  Recent upticks are also seen in the UK and the Alps, for instance.

I just thought it was unusual to see so much of Southern Belgium “lit up” (in green) with slight abnormalities for these past 2 days:



Looks like France put that nuclear power plant there, so that in case something would go wrong, the damage to France would be minimal, as it is almost entirely surrounded by Belgium:


Abnormalities highlighted, suggestive annotations added.

So… Kinda looks like a regional uptick….    Or just coincidental?  Part of a much broader uptick phenomenon?

Looked at a few graphs… some 3-month graphs pasted together:


Obviously these are significnt upticks.

Then I wondered, “what’s the jet stream doing there right now?”  to the rescue!

Ah… there you have it:


Yet another example of a fallout zone being created by a slow-down in the jet stream…

….that just so happened to have passed over “somewhere not to be mentioned…”2016:07:23:0600Z:wind:isobaric:250hPa:orthographic=-108.70,71.71,512

“Let’s all play really dumb and pretend we’ll never figure this one out again either…”

More 3 month graphs…   Only jet-stream-delivery can explain simultaneous upticks at locations over 1,000 mils apart…:


And thus I suppose I wasted a few hours to tell you absolutely nothing new…

Except that:  It’s not over yet.  And it may not be over any time soon…

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