Endless Waves of Fallout… (More 3-month graphs EURDEP / Radnet)

Time’s flying… I’m using ‘radiation data’ to procrastinate on far more pressing things…

;-/   Saturday July 23, 2016

The upticks seen in the past few days are widespread.

Was looking at some Lithuanian data… (via the EURDEP interface @ http://eurdepweb.jrc.ec.europa.eu/EurdepMap/Disclaimer.aspx)


To see it “in context”, I graphed 3 x 3 months (9 months) for this Rimse, Lithuania monitor (most recent at end):


-> Late fall and early winter is markedly choppy and data-gapped here as well.


-> a callibration pattern just before February; the mid-February uptick found almost everywhere… a larger than usual data gap during the March period Helsinki detected the highest Cesium-137 levels since 1986, and elsewhere during this period the highest levels since 2011 were detected.  Then the mid-April weirdness with a data gap flanked by spikes…


–> the latest spike/uptick is on par with the hghest ones seen in the past 9 months (although we can’t see what the data gaps might be hiding…).

A look at the past 3 months just to the North in Latvia, @ Demene, shows the latest spike is significantly more pronounced:


This can be found a various locations, including @ Rijssen, The Netherlands:


See also previous blogposts for more of these.

Lamia, Greece is still providing interesting details since they had a major data processing shift.  The most recent (July 2016) lower-than usual values hint at Beta-emitting fallout in the air (imo):


Obviously ‘SOMETHING’ happened somewhere, or you wouldn’t see I-131 and Cs-137 upticks together:


At Jevaga, Latvia that typical lower-than-usual sprinkled dots pattern as well:


Coupled EURDEP graphs added on July 24, 2016:

The baseline is rising slowly just about everywhere.  You only see it if you graph many months.  Isolated “glitch dots” are, again, clearly part of the patterns and not to be dismissed:


A Data Gap in Southern Italy:


Upticks in Östenreich:


Data gaps around times of disturbances and peaks:




Vital1 and TheFoolOnTheHill in conversation @ ENEnews re. spike detections in ROmania @ http://enenews.com/forum-post-radiation-monitoring-data-april-30-2012-present/comment-page-86#comment-784195 and following.


Having seen “glitch dots” go much higher with the typical accompanying jet stream slow-downs, in my opinion this does not imply a local source per se.   All you need is some hot particles to directly strike a monitor to cause such high readings that stand out from mere air shine.

In my post from the other day, “Fukushima-Daiichi having FISSION Flare-Ups? Saudi Arabia Test a Nuclear Bomb? A Major Nuclear Meltdown Cover-Up Somewhere? Which one is it???“, there’s examples of high glitch dots (much higher than 20 µSv/hr) that accompanied upticks all the way from Southern to Northern Europe, as well as in North America, showing that such high strangeness is not a sign “of something local”.  It could be, but when you also see abnormalities far apart, not connected by surface winds, then the chance it’s coming from further away is larger, I think.


Here’s some ‘Britney, bitch“… before I get too cynical…  ;-)

US EPA Radnet (data not validated per se either), also via  Online Radiation Monitors, then: @ https://cdxnode64.epa.gov/radnet-public/query.do

Here in Colorado, the scene looks remarkebly tranquil:


In Alaska:  Strangely quiet inland, but data-gapped on the southern coast:



Rising levels after data gaps @ Juneau, AK:


SLC, Utah:


Very interesting data gap surrounding July 21, 2016 @ Corvalis, Oregon, as you can see its onset and offramp.  How did the spike go?  And why aren’t we (the public who paid for the monitoring network in the first place) allowed to see the data?


Radnet is frustratingly slow, so that’s it for now.

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